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The Collab365 Power BI Data Modelling Pathfinder Challenge is designed to equip you with the essential

Harness the Power of AI to Transform Your Microsoft 365 Experience. Unlock the secrets to leveraging AI

Unlock the power of Copilot in Power Automate to create, edit, and understand Flows effortlessly, even

Transform the way you use Microsoft 365 by harnessing the power of Power Apps Copilot, your

Unlock the full potential of your team and revolutionize your digital workspace by mastering Microsoft 365

Virtual meetings are now standard operating procedure, but that doesn’t mean they must all be the

Intranet Insights 2024 will give you an unparalleled journey into the future of SharePoint intranets. Learn

Discover the untapped potential of Microsoft 365 beyond Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This workshop unveils

Excel Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts: If you’re looking for quick tips to improve your use of

The PathFinder Challenge is your chance to begin to specialise. Intuitive, dynamic components is essential for

Power Automate PathFinder Challenge: Supercharge Your Flow Builds Using AI You now have enough experience to

This StepUp Challenge is designed to be a rapid fire learning experience and build confidence and

The PathFinder Challenge is your chance to begin to specialise. Reliable, insightful data is essential for

Embark on a transformative journey through Microsoft 365 and emerge with a comprehensive understanding of its

Mark Kashman delving deep and sharing the latest, the openly accessible, the bold experiments, and the

Our Power Automate Success Path is the ultimate, self-paced, learning experience for anyone who wants to

Our Power Apps Success Path offers a unique, self-paced learning experience for those aiming to master

In today’s digital landscape, Microsoft 365 has become the backbone of countless organizations, empowering seamless collaboration

Begin your journey to discover how to safeguard your Microsoft 365 environment effectively. This workshop takes

Discover the seamless integration of Microsoft 365 tools to transform your contract management process. Learn to

Unlock the power of SharePoint and Power Apps with the definitive Data Modelling Masterclass. Dive into

Topics covered in this session (which blew so many people away with the knowledge shared) Learn

Dive into the Outlook Productivity Masterclass and transform your chaotic inbox into a productivity powerhouse. Learn

Unlock the secrets to building your own state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) with Connor Deasey’s captivating

If you are a little more open to experimenting beyond Power Automate and want to see

Enhance Your Power Apps Skills in just 90 minutes (and earn a certification). Everything you need

Are you looking to build your first (or next) Power Platform app? Our 5-day challenge and

Step into the digital future with Geoff Ables MVP in this beginner-friendly workshop. Dive deep into

This Power Automate JumpStart Challenge is designed to be quick, to the point and above all,

Are you ready to master Microsoft Teams and unleash its full potential? Join Teams Takeover and

Do you want to learn how to use Solutions to streamline your app management and deployment

Become a certified Power BI pro in no time! Join the Power BI Success Path and

Unlock the secrets of effective change management with Power Platform! Dive into this workshop with expert

Unleash your potential with our Power Apps JumpStart Challenge. In just 90 minutes, transform a manual

Dive deep into the world of Data Analysis Expressions with expert Jessica Jolly. Grasp essential DAX

Unlock the secrets to a powerful Helpdesk Ticketing System with Microsoft 365! Dive deep with expert

Elevate your onboarding process with MCT Kelly Edinger’s expert-led workshop! Dive deep into automating yet personalizing

The Power BI StepUp Challenge is designed to take you from Power BI Beginner to someone

Unlock hidden powers of Microsoft Lists in this transformative 3-hour workshop with expert Mark Kashman. Dive

Unlock the Future of Work with Microsoft Viva! Dive into this transformative workshop led by Microsoft’s

Elevate your Microsoft Teams expertise in this hands-on workshop with MVP Paul Stork. Dive deep into

Dive into ‘Mastering Microsoft Power Platform’ with expert Mark Stokes. In just 4.5 hours, unlock hands-on

Get all of our Challenges, Ebooks, Workshops, Training Sessions and access to the Collab365 Academy. This

Unearth the power of Microsoft Syntex in this 5-hourworkshop and leverage it to analyze, categorize, and

Embark on a journey to master Power BI by creating a dynamic Olympics dashboard. This challenge

Unleash the full power of MS Teams and SharePoint for project management in our hands-on workshop.

Are you looking to design Power Automate flows like a pro? Watch our 5-hour masterclass and

Want to learn how to architect Power Apps like a pro? Watch our 5-hour masterclass and

Are you looking to get the most out of Microsoft 365? Having strong SharePoint skills is

Get all of the recordings from Solutions Day 2 to learn how 6 every day, “no-code”

Are you looking to get started with Power Automate? This beginner-level workshop is perfect for you!

Master the Dataverse and Power Platform in this workshop, where you’ll tackle four common business problems

In this 4-hour Power Automate Masterclass, learn to automate business processes, save time, and master Flows,

Elevate your intranet with this 5-hour workshop on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Viva. Learn to create

Improve organizational communication and collaboration with this workshop on Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, led by Senior

Why not further cement your Power BI learning? You’ll learn how to create stunning visualizations and

Elevate your Power Apps skills in this 5-hour workshop, where you’ll learn to connect to various

Want to build amazing apps without coding? Get our MVP-presented, 4-hour masterclass and learn how to

Enhance your productivity with this 4-hour on-demand Microsoft 365 workshop, led by Tracy van der Schyff

Enhance your team’s collaboration and communication with this 5-hour, on-demand Microsoft 365 workshop led by expert

Master your Microsoft Teams tenant in this comprehensive workshop led by an experienced MVP. Learn strategies

Boost productivity with the Microsoft 365 Power Platform in this half-day, on-demand workshop. Learn to build

Struggling with Microsoft Teams management? Our on-demand Teams Administration Course offers 12 modules to help you

Watch Solutions Day on-demand to learn real-world solution-building using Power Platform, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. Industry

Want to own a Digital Library (108 Ebooks) crammed full of tips to help you build

This workshop teaches you the amazing opportunities in Microsoft 365, quickly. It can help increase your

Master Office 365, Power Platform & SharePoint & Teams With 318 (200+ Hours) Of Training Videos