Mastering Power Automate: Advanced Techniques for Robust & Responsive Flows

Dive into the intricacies of Power Automate Flows in this Masterclass, which offers expert guidance on building scalable and highly responsive Flows that perform swiftly. Enhance your proficiency in managing JSON & XML, amplifying performance through concurrency, and incorporating Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents. The course also dives deep into efficiently leveraging child flows, packaging using solutions, and crafting error checks to ensure uninterrupted operation.

paul stork mvp

Key highlights in this training:

  • Mastery of JSON & XML, providing the foundation for effective and precise data communication within Flows.
  • Techniques for boosting performance using concurrency and methods for integrating with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents seamlessly.
  • Efficiently design and call child Flows, package them using Solutions, and implement error-checking mechanisms for resilient operations.
  • Expert insights from Paul Stork, a Microsoft MVP with over 35 years of IT experience and a proven track record in Power Automate.

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"Learn how to build Advanced Flows the right way" 

In my opinion, Power Automate is one of the most essential services in the Power Platform. In my developer days, I've lost count of the times I've had to write code that sends data from 1 service to another.

Power Automate takes this job away from developers and puts it into the hands of Power Users saving an organisation countless hours and, in many cases, huge savings.

As always, there is a downside, though 😀  

Although Power Automate allows you to do the job of a developer by simply adding boxes onto a screen, it does suffer from some of the same challenges.

You still need to understand how to handle data formats such as XML and JSON. You also need to know how to create Flows that don't take hours to run and are easy to troubleshoot.

To go to that next level, you need to learn from a Pro that's been there and has the battle scars to prove it.

What You’ll learn from this Masterclass:

This Masterclass is full of advanced techniques for building scalable, fast-performing, responsive and robust Power Automate Flows. If you can spare the time, the payback you will get for your $27 will be huge.

Working with JSON & XML

Flows use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to communicate internally and externally. Understanding JSON notation can help you use dynamic content more effectively and accurately pass data in and out of a Flow. Some data sources also use eXtensible Markup Language (XML) when returning information. Knowing how to work with XML and convert it to JSON is critical if you want to become an advanced Flow builder.

Using Concurrency to Improve Performance

When your Flows need to deal with many items in one execution, you must ensure they run as fast as possible. Why? Processing data in a Flow usually involves loops, leading to real performance problems. We’ll look at what you need to do to enable concurrent processing of loops to improve the performance of your Flows dramatically!

Integrating with Power Apps or Power Virtual Agents

Power Automate can be used by both Power Apps and Power Virtual Agent bots to extend their data processing capabilities. We’ll look at examples of how you can integrate a Power Automate Flow into a Power App or a Power Virtual Agent bot.

Calling Child flows effectively

Some of the steps in your Flows may be needed across many Flows. Just as with a programming language, it's an excellent approach to follow the D.R.Y. principle (Don't Repeat Yourself). Luckily for us, it's possible to split a part of a flow into a separate child flow that can be called independently. This Masterclass section will teach us how to create and invoke child Flows from a parent Flow.

Using Solutions and Connection References

Solutions are something you need to understand to become Power Automate Pro. They provide a way to package Apps, Flows, Bots, and dependent resources together to move them from one environment to another. We’ll look at how to use Solutions to package up your Flows and make the connections they use changeable using Connection References

Implementing Error Checking / Correction

Power Automate Flows have been designed to execute without human intervention, which is great because they run in the Cloud without you needing to do anything. However, the downside is that diagnosing faults or troubleshooting problems is hard. For this reason, you must build error handling into your Flows so they can continue running if an unexpected event or error happens.

Masterclass Agenda:

This Masterclass covers:


Part 1
  • Working with JSON & XML
  • Integrating with Power Apps or Power Virtual Agents
  • Using Solutions and Connection References


Part 2
  • Using Concurrency to Improve Performance
  • Structuring and Calling Child flows effectively
  • Implementing Error Checking, Correction and Handling

Meet your Masterclass Host...

Paul has spoken at many of our Collab365 events and is a fantastic speaker as well as the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting.

He has been working in the information technology industry for over 35 years, and has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the last 15 consecutive years. He's authored several books and is a frequent contributor to the Microsoft forums.

Paul Stork, Microsoft MVP

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