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Seize Your Future: Master Microsoft 365 App Development with Power Apps Success Path

Welcome to a transformative journey like no other—the Power Apps Success Path. This is where ambition meets expertise, leading you to professional certification and mastery in Microsoft 365 app development. It’s not just a learning program; it's your gateway to unparalleled career advancement.

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Why the Power Apps Success Path is Your Key to Success:

3 Challenges
  • Learn, Apply, Succeed: Dive deep into Power Apps through our dynamic blend of real-world challenges and targeted learning modules, designed for immediate application and long-lasting understanding.
  • Transform Your Skills into Market Assets: Embark on a journey that goes beyond certification. The Power Apps Success Path molds you into a tech innovator, ready to solve complex challenges with no-code solutions, making you an indispensable asset in the tech industry.
  • Accelerate Your Career Growth: With the Power Apps Success Path, you're not just earning a certification; you're securing a future filled with opportunity and recognition in the tech industry.
  • Achieve Prestigious Certification: Upon completion, the Power Apps Professional Certification will not only be a testament to your newfound expertise but also a beacon for career opportunities worldwide.
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Master No-Code Development with Our Expertly Curated Power Apps Program

3 Challenges
Unlock Your Potential: Dive into 3 transformative Challenges.
Comprehensive Learning: Benefit from 52 targeted Lessons spread across these Challenges, designed to fast-track your expertise.
From Novice to Pro: Discover how to harness the power of Power Apps, leading you to the esteemed Power Apps Professional Certification.
Open to Everyone: Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to polish your skills, our program is tailored for learners at all levels.

Power Apps StepUp Challenge: Advanced App Development Skills

The StepUp Challenge is your fast track to gaining confidence and advanced skills in Power Apps development. 

Step 2: Power Apps StepUp Challenge

Learn to evolve basic apps into dynamic, multi-screen solutions, significantly elevating your ability to create impactful applications within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Connor Deasey, Trainer
Connor Deasey
Collab365 Coach

Earn Your Power Apps Professional Certification with Collab365 Academy

Your certification awaits!

Prepare to be recognized as a Power Apps Pro. Our program is tailored for learners at all levels, providing a structured path to mastering Power Apps and unlocking its full potential in app development for Microsoft 365.

Power Apps Certification Program

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"With every session, you're not just absorbing information, but actively solidifying your newfound knowledge"

wayne wallace

Embarking on the Power Apps Success Path journey has been nothing short of amazing. This self-paced, hands-on training is the gateway to a journey of unprecedented success. The carefully crafted guidance provided through the Collab365 academy's BLUE method (Build It. Learn It. Use It. Enhance It) has been a game-changer. Starting with the JumpStart Challenge, followed by the Setup Challenge, and culminating in the PathFinder Challenge, each step is an eye-opener.

The ability to pause, rewind, and replay the videos at your own pace is a true gift. This is YOUR learning journey, after all. With every session, you're not just absorbing information, but actively solidifying your newfound knowledge with quizzes. The Power Apps Success Path is the compass you need, ensuring you're always headed in the right direction, no matter where your journey takes you!