Power BI StepUp Challenge: Take your Power BI Learning further

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Level Up! Learn One Of The Hottest Skills On The Planet & Take A Step Closer To A Power BI Career. You'll also earn a certification on successful completion. Our certification program partner is Credly.

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At Collab365, we believe that learning is far more successful and enjoyable if you 'learn by doing'. During this training you will learn by building a functional Solution.

After you complete the StepUp Challenge, you will be able to enhance and publish ... 

...these stunning, interactive & shareable reports to every device...

Power BI Report

... once you've graduated you will be able to add this to your Skills Portfolio:

What is the Power BI StepUp Challenge?

The Power BI StepUp Challenge is comprised of a set of short lessons that take around 90-minutes in total. You'll level up your skills in Power BI and build on a great report we also developed in the JumpStart challenge (if you are just starting, do this first!

The StepUp is bite sized. Each lesson is usually less than 5 mins 


We've built the challenge to  reward you for each step you take


Normal courses have low completion rates. Most people pass our Challenge!

What do I need to have set up to take the challenge?

If you are wondering, "Can I do this challenge?" ... the answer is YES. And the setup you'll need is really easy
Beginners Welcome

 We'd strongly encourage completing our JumpStart Challenge first, however as long as you already know the basics, we'll give you what you need to build from there.

"Power BI Desktop" on your Windows PC

To follow along with the report building aspects, you will need the Power BI Desktop application. You can get it from the Microsoft Store. It's very easy to install and 100% free. You need a Windows PC.

A Microsoft 365 Tenant

You will be publishing in this challenge so you'll want access to the Power BI cloud service.  You can get it as part of a free M365 Developer Licence. There's also a very cheap paid alternative called a Microsoft Business Basics licence (around USD $5pcm). Or you can use your own Microsoft 365 Tenant. 

Are you a Mac User?

The Power BI Desktop is currently not supported on MacOS so you need a machine running Microsoft Windows. If you don't have one, you can always setup a Virtual PC in the Cloud (we're sorry, we dont teach you how to do this part so you'll need to be set up ready)

What NEW skills will you gain on this Challenge?

This StepUp Challenge is designed to be a rapid fire skills builder.  As with our previous challenges, we won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach the skills to help you level up. 

Challenge missions:

  • Grab Data From Many Sources (inc SharePoint)
  • Tips To Cleanse and Prepare Data Well 
  • Using and Linking Data From Different Places
  • Using Complex Visuals To Bring Stories To Life
  • Build Your Own New Data Using DAX
  • Encourage User Interaction with Filters
  • Using Drill Through Columns To Get At Detail
  • Publishing and Creating Browser "Apps"
  • Building Reports In The Cloud
  • Keeping Data Refreshed and Up-To Date
  • Using Row-Level Security To Expose the Right Data

Here's what previous Graduates of the JumpStart have to say (the StepUp will give you the same feeling)...

The use of a logical project was really good. Often you see examples / tutorials that just throw data onto things. By presenting this as a real world example it makes a lot of sense and helps the knowledge stick

Ian Selby

Thank you for taking the time to make any updates to the content so that it matched the current Power BI software changes. I have taken courses where the content was based on past versions so nothing to include the screenshots matched up with what I was looking at on my screen

Latonya Blount

The short video was extremely helpful. I thought I could do this in one setting, but life happens, however, I was able to pick right back up.

Wayne Wallace

All Graduates Are Awarded The StepUp Challenger Certificate

We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Being able to prove you've produced a completed PowerBI Report adds immediately credibility to your professional profile!

Can you see yourself on here?

Every single graduate is added to our "Wall of Fame" in the Academy. This is your chance to show off your new Power BI skills.

Collab365 - Wall of Fame

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an invoice?

As soon as you purchase your pass you will be emailed a receipt. If you'd also like a formal invoice, please send your request to hello@collab365.com.

Can I get a refund?

We're absolutely positive you will love all of the content included in this Challenge, however, if not contact us within 3 days of your purchase and we will issue a refund.

Can I buy a team or multi-user pass?

At the moment, only individual passes are available. Please contact us at hello@collab365.com if you'd like to discuss the purchase of more than 5 passes.

Can I share the videos and ebooks?

No, only the person who purchases the pass will be able to watch the videos and will receive the ebooks. We ask that you do not share them.

Please Note: To follow along with this Challenge, you will need a Windows PC or a virtual machine running Windows. This is because Power BI Desktop won't install on a Mac or Linux machine. We are unable to offer advice on setting up a virtual machine or desktop so please seek this before purchasing the StepUp Challenge.