Build a Rock-Solid Microsoft Teams Governance & Adoption Plan in 4 Hours

This workshop distils real-world strategies to maximize Microsoft Teams value in your organization. Learn how to design a rock-solid governance plan, drive user adoption, plug security gaps and prevent data leakage. You'll get actionable takeaways to ensure success with Teams, whether you're just starting or improving an existing deployment.

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Key highlights from this traning:

  • LEARN BEST PRACTICES: Gain insights into real-world strategies and recommendations for maximizing governance, driving adoption, and improving security around Microsoft Teams.
  • APPLY IMMEDIATELY: Walk away with practical knowledge you can apply right away to enhance Teams usage and reduce risks in your organization.
  • STAY COMPLIANT: Understand how to leverage Microsoft Purview tools to meet data retention/deletion requirements and avoid non-compliance fines or reputational damage.

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What You’ll learn from this workshop 

This workshop will unlock concrete strategies, practices and tools to help you avoid those "ticking time-bombs" that can be created by undertaking a Teams rollout at break-neck speed.


For security, identify sensitive information types, use Azure Information Protection for classification and encryption, and implement data loss prevention policies.

Use sensitivity labels to set privacy, external sharing, and conditional access policies for Teams.

Promote executive sponsorship and ongoing success stories to gain buy-in and communicate value.

Utilize tools like Compliance Manager, Content Explorer, and Activity Explorer to assess current state of sensitive data.

For compliance, determine data lifecycle requirements and implement retention policies, disposition reviews, and integration with sensitivity labels.

Define a clear governance strategy with input from stakeholders to set policies and procedures for Team usage. This provides a foundation for short and long-term success.

Adoption requires understanding change impact through personas and scenarios, communicating "what's in it for me," and continually enhancing training and support.

Allow guest access with controls like access reviews, restrictions, and expiration. Educate team owners on responsibilities.

Consider minimal team owner requirements for redundancy, security, and distributing workload. Have a process for handling ownerless teams.

Consistent naming conventions and templates using provisioning tools help manage Team creation and prevent duplication.

This workshop was presented by Jasper Oosterveld MVP 

Question: Has Microsoft Teams Sprawled Out Of Control In Your Organisation?

Microsoft have experienced explosive growth with their collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams. This growth has no doubt been accelerated by covid-19 and the need for us to work at home, remotely.

We've worked really hard to support the needs of the business and for that we should be commended!

BUT ...

Read more ...

Because we've all worked under incredible pressure to roll out Teams at record speeds, we may have laid down a few 'tactical decisions', 'gotchas' or 'ticking time-bombs' that we need to address before they come back to bite us!

This Teams Workshop has been designed for two sets of people:

  • Those who have already implemented Teams and now need to retrofit some "best practices" to get it back under control!
  • Those planning or currently rolling out Teams and need to know how to implement governance, compliance and adoption strategies from day 1.

Would this Workshop benefit me?

If you can answer "YES!!!" to any of the questions below, you will get a lot of value by attending the Workshop! We've designed the Workshop to give you the tools, strategies and frameworks so that your Teams implementation can be well organised, secure, compliant and most of all, be adored by your employees!

  • Are your staff frustrated because you have too many Teams & Channels and no-one can find anything? [Yes / No]
  • Are you worried that guests (external users) can access sensitive documents that they shouldn't be able to? [Yes / No]
  • Are you worried that staff using Teams will cause data to leak outside of your organization? [Yes / No]
  • Do you want to start classifying and protecting your sensitive documents but don’t know how to do it or where to start? [Yes / No]
  • Do you want to ensure a successful Microsoft Teams implementation in your organization but are unsure of the steps to achieve it? [Yes / No]
  • Do you want to create a successful governance strategy for Microsoft Teams, but don’t know how to define or roll it out? [Yes / No]
  • Are you too scared to archive any Teams because you don’t know if they’re still needed or how to archive them? [Yes / No]
  • Are you frustrated because employees are creating Teams about anything and everything? [Yes / No]
  • Are you concerned that people are uploading highly sensitive documents into the wrong Teams enabling the wrong people to access them? [Yes / No]
  • Do you find it too hard to successfully manage the new updates & features from Microsoft? [Yes / No]
  • Are you perplexed because you don’t know who is using Teams the most or if it’s been a success? [Yes / No]

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, scroll down below to see what we cover in the Workshop.

When you've watched this Workshop training, you will be able to say...

"I have a better understanding of the key pillars for creating a governance strategy around Microsoft Teams."

"I learned best practices for driving adoption of Microsoft Teams through change management."

"I know how to leverage tools like Azure Information Protection and data loss prevention to improve data security."

"I understand the importance of having multiple team owners and a process for handling ownerless teams."

"I have ideas for implementing naming conventions and templates to manage Team creation in my organization."

"I can make more informed decisions about enabling guest access and external sharing capabilities."

"I gained insights into using sensitivity labels to configure privacy, sharing, and conditional access policies."

"I appreciate the value of executive sponsorship and sharing success stories for gaining buy-in."

"I know how to use compliance Manager and understand options like retention policies and reviews to meet data lifecycle compliance requirements.".

Here's What You'll Gain

At the end of this workshop you will will be able to ...

Governance Skills

Create your own successful Governance strategy for your Microsoft Teams roll-out and implementation.

Adoption Skills

Create and execute an adoption & change management strategy to guarantee a successful, and long term, usage of Microsoft Teams.

Compliance Skills

Use the out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 tools & services to secure and manage your data while using Microsoft Teams.

Workshop Agenda:

In this workshop, Jasper Oosterveld MVP will teach you how to achieve the following.


Part 1: Create and maintain a governance strategy

A governance strategy is crucial for the successful long term usage of Microsoft Teams in any organization

You will learn:

  • What is a governance strategy?
  • Why a governance strategy is important and what problems it will solve
  • What topics are part of a governance strategy? For example: Templates, naming policy, expiration policy, guest access, teams policies etc


Part 2: Create an adoption & change management strategy

An adoption & change management strategy is crucial for a successful roll-out and long term usage of Microsoft Teams

You will learn:

  • What is adoption & change management?
  • Why is an adoption & change management strategy important?
  • What topics are part of an adoption & change management strategy? For example: Awareness, communication, success criteria, audiences, training & measurement


Part 3: Create a compliance strategy inline with regulations

Having a robust compliance strategy that covers Microsoft Teams usage is crucial to protect against fines, data leaks and legal proceedings

You will learn:

  • What is compliance?
  • How you can be compliant while working with Microsoft Teams?
  • What topics are relevant? For example: Information protection (sensitivity label & DLP) and Information Governance (Retention labels & policy)

Meet your Workshop Host...

Jasper Oosterveld is a Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant from InSpark within the Netherlands.

On a daily basis, he works with customers to implement the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365. Jasper focuses on collaboration, communication, security, adoption and governance.

Jasper loves to share his expertise and love for Microsoft products with everyone who is willing to listen

Jasper Oosterveld MVP,  InSpark 

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