Advanced Power BI Masterclass: How to Master DAX!

DAX is like a magic wand you can use to talk to your information. Take your first step towards mastery with this workshop

highlights of this 5 Hour WORkshop:
  • LEARN TO MAKE NEW INFORMATION FROM THE DATA YOU ALREADY HAVE:  You'll learn one of the MOST important skills for a BI specialist. If you are serious about a career in Power BI, learning to use DAX is essential
  • LEARN HOW TO USE FORMULAS: You'll learn how to quickly find out things you want to know about your information, like how many, how much, how often using DAX along with its inbuilt formulas
  • GET VERY HANDS ON: Make sure you have Power BI desktop installed before this workshop. Expect to download sample data. You'll be practicing with Jessicas' help
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  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you don't love everything you learn in this workshop, we will refund your payment.
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What DAX IS and why it's an essential skill to know for a Power BI Pro

The first question everyone asks when we tell them they need to learn DAX is "What is DAX?" then "Why do I need to learn it?"

Our Answer: Think of getting one of those food boxes to your door.  You get ingredients prepared neatly in the right quantities and measures, you get a recipe to follow. Ingredients go together to make the dish that was designed for you.   

BUT what if you don’t like some of the things in the box? Or what if you want to make something else? You'll need to change the ingredients you have been given. You can cut them, cook them, or add other things. That’s like what DAX does. It helps you change the data or "ingredients" that you have been given.

We can use DAX to make new data that tells a better story (or back to the analogy, a new "dish"). So if you are going to be serious about a career in Power BI that goes beyond being a pure visual or report designer, you'll need DAX.  

Here's what you will learn ...

What the filter and row context is. You'll hear this a lot as you learn. 

How to filter a whole table, or just a selection of columns to reveal different themes and trends

How to use a core function -  calculate - to dynamically filter your existing data into new tables you can use

How to replace one filter with another, ignore and intersect your data using filters

reasons to WATCH

  • DAX is an absolutely essential skill to master in your Power BI learning journey.
  • Practice and more practice is the way to embed the learning in this area. This workshop is very hands on. 
  • You'll be supported by a passionate MCT and encouraged to work along and try out the excercises
  • You'll be able to ask Jessica questions at the workshop if attending live and clarify on the concepts where you need more support

This workshop will be hosted by Jessica Jolly (MCT)

The Topics You Will Cover

What is DAX?

Using some every day analogies, you'll learn about the crucial role DAX will play in your development as a Power BI Pro

Practice | Practice | Practice

You'll be experimenting and learning with Jessica using LOTS of practice in these areas:

  • Filters to replace other filters
  • Filters to ignore other filters
  • Filters intersecting other filters 

What Skills are Needed

Even the name "DAX" (Data Analysis Expression") is a bit daunting, but you'll learn how easy it is to form complex DAX formula using real examples. With practice and Jessica's support, you'll have a grasp in no time. 

How to Optimise

Some filters are inefficient and some approaches are optimized. Learn about the differences and how to filter over a whole table or just selected columns

Context Transition

Changing the way a filter works on the fly sounds daunting but you will learn about Filtering with a context transition

Where to head next in your career path

Experimenting and learning in this workshop will show you how you will cope with the more complex data interactions needed when working with Power BI. It will be a great way to decide if this path is for you - and to ask an expert where to head next

Is This Workshop Right For You?

Would you answer YES to any to these questions?

Chances are, you thought Power BI might be simple but then tried to perform a task you routinely do in Excel using Pivot tables and found it hard. 

Power BI works in a totally different manner to Excel and requires a subtle shift in approach. 

This workshop will help you change mindset and break down your DAX barriers.

  • Do you know the basics of Power BI but understand that drag and dropping fields can only take you so far? 
  • Have you dabbled with Formulas like Calculate but want a much deeper understanding of what's going on with the data? 
  • Are you looking for techniques to combine information you already have in new ways to reveal insight?
  • Do you find the idea of 'formula' daunting or get lost in learning that tries to teach you how to use DAX? (They assume we already know SO MUCH!)
  • Are you finding that basic measures are not enough but realise that making what you need from DAX can be confusing and time consuming?
  • Do you learn better by practicing on small examples, getting the support you need and moving forward in small steps towards a goal?

"I'm at a stage in my Power BI learning where this Workshop makes so much sense as a next step ..." 

I've spent time learning the basics of Power BI -  like importing data, building a model, visualising and publishing reports.

I feel now that I have reached the limit of what I can do with my data 'out of the box' and need to be able to transform it in new ways to reveal insights. Ive got some really basic skills in this area, but I know I need the next level. 

Thats why I believe this workshop is a natural next step ...

Read more ...

DAX and formulas allow me to not just refine and clean my data, they allow filtering, combinations and limitations to be put in placeto make meaningful NEW tables that I can then visualise or analyse.  

The skills I need to do this take practice. I'm also likely to have questions because this is a more complex area that I have delved into so far.

Thats why I will be watching this workshop because I believe with the right support (that Jessica can offer), I'll be able to get to the next level on my own Power BI learning journey more quickly than just using Microsoft learn based content alone.

Meet your Workshop Host...

Jessica Jolly (MCT)

Jessica Jolly is A Microsoft Certified Trainer with an MCSE in Data Analytics.

Passionate about the topic with a practice focused on Power BI specifically, and the Power Platform more generally. 

Before starting my own business, ALT-Enter, LLC, I worked for Unilever, a global consumer products company, for 27 years, in a variety of roles.

Because of my many years of corporate work experience, I focus my training on teaching business analysts the practical uses of the features and functionality in Microsoft Office applications, with a special focus on Power BI, Excel, Power Pivot (Excel 2016), and the Power Query Editor. 

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