Power Automate Success Path: Master Workflow Automation with Our Complete Certification Program

Welcome to the Power Automate Success Path: Your Gateway to Professional Certification in Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation!

Our Power Automate Success Path offers a self-paced, immersive learning experience for anyone eager to master the art of workflow automation using Microsoft 365's Power Automate. This program is designed to provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through our series of comprehensive challenges and concise modules, you will learn Power Automate efficiently, paving the way to transform your career. Upon successful completion of all challenges, you'll earn the coveted Power Automate Academy Professional Certification.

Collab365 Academy

Curated Expertise in Microsoft 365 Workflow Automation

3 Challenges
51 Lessons across 3 Challenges
You will learn how to leverage Power Automate and attain the Power Automate Professional Certification.
Suitable for All Levels.

Power Automate JumpStart Challenge: Kickstart Your Workflow Automation Journey

Dive into the world of Power Automate with our beginner-friendly JumpStart Challenge. This challenge focuses on building common flows and is perfect for novices. You'll gain vital skills and confidence in using Power Automate, without getting overwhelmed by jargon. Plus, you'll earn a Credly certification to showcase your newfound expertise on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

Build The Most Common Flows Even If You're A Novice!

This Power Automate JumpStart Challenge is designed to be quick, to the point and above all, get you new skills and confidence using Power Automate in no time. We won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach you what you need to know. You'll also earn a Credly certification.

Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Power Automate StepUp Challenge: Advance Your Skills in Business Process Streamlining

The StepUp Challenge is your deep dive into advanced Power Automate functionalities. In just 2.5 hours, you'll learn to seamlessly integrate with SharePoint, automate workflows in Teams, and manage complex automation scenarios. This challenge is essential for those looking to become proficient Power Users and optimize business operations with Microsoft 365's Power Automate.

Power Automate StepUp Challenge: Build and Customise Approval Flows

Embark on a comprehensive journey to master Microsoft 365's Power Automate and streamline your business processes. This challenge will unlock your potential to automate workflows, manage data, and integrate powerful tools, transforming you into a proficient Power User.

Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Power Automate Pathfinder Challenge: Harness AI for Next-Level Workflow Management

Propel your Power Automate skills to new heights with our Pathfinder Challenge. Over 2.5 hours, master data management, advanced flow design, and AI integration with Power Automate. This intermediate-level challenge includes learning modules on SharePoint, Microsoft Forms, and AI techniques, making it an invaluable asset for your Microsoft 365 toolkit.

Power Automate Pathfinder Challenge: Supercharge your Power Automate with AI

Embark on a journey to master Power Automate with AI. This challenge will equip you with the skills to optimize workflows, manage data efficiently, and harness the power of AI in Microsoft 365.

Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Become a Certified Power Automate Pro with Collab365 Academy

Your certification awaits!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Power Automate Pro. Our program is suitable for all levels, offering a structured learning path to harness the full potential of Power Automate for workflow automation.

Power Automate Certification Program

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"Particularly loved the pacing of the Challenges"


It goes without saying, there aren't enough hours in the day and I needed to gain some automation skills fast. In all honesty I didn't know where to start and spent way too long getting lost in Youtube. 

The Success Path was perfect because it took from A to B really fast. Particularly loved the pacing of the Challenges and really enjoyed how quickly I could improve my Power Automate knowledge! Loved it.