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Jessica Jolly, Coach

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Study Duration

2 Hours

What you'll gain my completing this Challenge:

  • Skills to efficiently handle empty values and optimize data for better performance.
  • Techniques to create custom date tables and leverage time intelligence functions.
  • Confidence to build robust, scalable data models that deliver actionable insights.
  • Deep understanding of star schemas and their importance in Power BI data modeling.
  • Hands-on experience creating and managing relationships between dimension and fact tables.
  • Mastery of data types and the ability to ensure data integrity and accuracy in your models.

Note: This Challenge is included with the Power BI Success Path.

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Are you ready to elevate your Power BI skills and bridge the gap between basic understanding and expert proficiency? Welcome to the "Power BI Data Modeling Pathfinder" Challenge, designed to transform your approach to data analytics and reporting.

What is it?

This comprehensive course, led by Microsoft Certified Trainer Jessica Jolly, delves deep into the intricacies of Power BI data modeling. From the foundational concepts of star schemas and dimension tables to advanced techniques for optimizing data types and handling null values, this course covers it all. You'll learn through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and step-by-step guidance, ensuring you gain practical skills that can be immediately applied.

Who is it for?

Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the essentials of data modeling or a seasoned professional seeking to refine your skills, this course is for you. Ideal for data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and anyone responsible for creating reports and dashboards in Power BI, this training will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to tackle complex data scenarios.

Why is it needed?

In today’s data-driven world, having accurate and efficient data models is crucial for making informed business decisions. Poorly designed data models can lead to slow performance, misleading reports, and inaccurate insights. This course addresses these challenges head-on, teaching you how to build robust, scalable models that enhance the reliability and speed of your Power BI reports. By mastering these skills, you’ll not only improve your technical capabilities but also increase your value as a data professional.

Join us in this transformative learning journey and become a Power BI data modeling expert, ready to make a significant impact in your organization!

Challenge Learning Modules:

Introduction to Power BI Data Modeling

Start your journey into Power BI data modeling with an overview of its importance and benefits. Understand the foundational concepts that will set the stage for your learning.

  • Overview of data modeling concepts
  • Importance of data models in Power BI
  • Course structure and learning outcomes

Creating Your First Relationship

Learn the basics of establishing relationships between tables in Power BI. This foundational skill is crucial for building robust data models.

  • Step-by-step guide to creating relationships
  • Best practices for maintaining data integrity
  • Troubleshooting common relationship issues

Understanding the Star Schema

Dive into the star schema, the ideal data model for Power BI. Understand its components and why it's preferred for data modeling.

  • Detailed explanation of star schema structure
  • Role of dimension and fact tables
  • Benefits of using a star schema

Exploring Dimension and Fact Tables

Get to know the different types of tables used in Power BI data modeling. Learn how dimension and fact tables work together to organize your data.

  • Definitions and examples of dimension tables
  • Understanding fact tables and their uses
  • Connecting dimension and fact tables in your model

Data Types and Their Importance

Understand the critical role of data types in ensuring accurate and performant data models. Learn how to set and manage data types effectively.

  • Identifying and setting correct data types
  • Impact of data types on model performance
  • Transforming data types in Power Query

Profiling Your Data

Learn how to profile your data to identify issues and clean it for better model accuracy and performance.

  • Techniques for data profiling in Power Query
  • Understanding column quality and distribution
  • Using data profiling tools effectively

Handling Null and Empty Values

Discover strategies to manage null and empty values in your data. Ensure your data models are accurate and reliable.

  • Identifying null and empty values
  • Techniques for replacing or handling missing data
  • Best practices for maintaining data integrity

Deep Dive into Relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of the various types of relationships in Power BI, including one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many.

  • Creating and managing different types of relationships
  • Importance of relationship directionality
  • Using bridge tables to resolve many-to-many relationships

Creating and Managing Relationships

Learn advanced techniques for creating and managing relationships in Power BI. Optimize your data model for better performance and accuracy.

  • Advanced relationship creation techniques
  • Managing relationship directionality and filters
  • Troubleshooting and resolving relationship issues

Tweaking Your Data Model

Optimize your data model for better performance and easier navigation. Learn tips and tricks to enhance your data model.

  • Techniques for data model optimization
  • Using hierarchies and display folders
  • Best practices for data model maintenance

Creating a Date Table

Discover the importance of date tables in Power BI and learn how to create and utilize them for time-based analysis.

  • Building a date table from scratch
  • Leveraging time intelligence functions in DAX
  • Customizing date tables for specific business needs

Importance of Date Tables

Understand why date tables are crucial for accurate time-based analysis in Power BI. Learn how they enhance your data model.

  • Benefits of using date tables in data models
  • Implementing date tables for time intelligence
  • Ensuring accuracy in time-based calculations

Introduction to DAX

Get introduced to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and its powerful capabilities. Learn basic concepts and functions.

  • Basic concepts and syntax of DAX
  • Writing simple DAX measures and columns
  • Overview of advanced DAX functions

Basic DAX Calculations

Learn how to perform basic calculations using DAX. Enhance your data models with powerful calculations and metrics.

  • Creating basic DAX measures
  • Using DAX functions for common calculations
  • Best practices for writing efficient DAX code

Optimizing Your Data Model

Learn how to tweak and optimize your data model for better performance and easier navigation. Ensure your models run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Techniques for optimizing data models
  • Reducing model size and improving performance
  • Best practices for efficient data modeling

Using Display Folders

Organize your data model by using display folders. Learn how to create and manage display folders for better navigation.

  • Creating display folders for organization
  • Managing and customizing display folders
  • Enhancing model usability with display folders

Documenting Your Data Model

Understand the importance of documentation in your data model. Learn techniques to document and organize your model for better collaboration.

  • Techniques for documenting your data model
  • Using descriptions and annotations effectively
  • Preparing your model for collaboration and maintenance

Using Natural Language Processing (Q&A)

Explore the natural language processing capabilities in Power BI. Learn how to prepare your model for Q&A features.

  • Setting up Q&A in Power BI
  • Adding synonyms and managing language settings
  • Enhancing user experience with natural language queries

Creating Hierarchies in Your Data

Learn how to create hierarchies in your data model for better organization and analysis. Simplify complex data structures.

  • Building hierarchies from existing fields
  • Managing and customizing hierarchies
  • Benefits of using hierarchies in reports and visuals

Handling High Cardinality Columns

Discover strategies for managing high cardinality columns in your data model. Optimize your model for better performance.

  • Identifying high cardinality columns
  • Techniques for reducing cardinality
  • Best practices for handling high cardinality data

Building and Managing Bridge Tables

Learn how to build and manage bridge tables to handle complex relationships. Ensure accuracy and clarity in your data model.

  • Creating bridge tables for many-to-many relationships
  • Managing and optimizing bridge tables
  • Troubleshooting common issues with bridge tables

Final Project and Assessment

Apply all the knowledge gained in the course to a final project. Demonstrate your mastery of Power BI data modeling.

  • Real-world data modeling project
  • Peer review and feedback sessions
  • Final assessment and certification

By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Power BI data modeling, equipped with the skills and confidence to build powerful, efficient, and accurate data models.

What is a Collab365 Challenge?

Blue Certified Solution

In many cases, our Challenges are built so that you can "learn by doing". To achieve this we follow our B.L.U.E. Framework. Learn why BLUE is a superior way to learn. Here's a summary of the 4 phases.

step 1


Learners conceptualise and start creating the app during the ‘Build It’ phase. They tap into the Power Platform’s capabilities to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface while meeting the task’s business requirements. This hands-on experience, right from the start, deepens their understanding of the platform and its functionalities.

step 2


As they move into the ‘Learn It’ stage, learners realise the platform’s intricacies, discovering functionalities they were previously unaware of. This phase provides an immediate feedback loop, allowing learners to correct misconceptions, deepen their understanding, and improve their skills.

step 3


In the ‘Use It’ phase, learners experience their creations from a user’s perspective. They test the app, identifying any flaws or usability issues. This hands-on testing and usage phase provides invaluable insights into user experience, an essential aspect of any app development process.

step 4


Finally, during the ‘Enhance It’ stage, learners refine their app based on the feedback and insights gained during testing. This iterative process simulates a real-world development cycle, reinforcing the importance of continual learning and improvement in the technology industry.

LATONYA BLOUNT | Collaboration analyst

"Now I get to show off my skills at work!"

I needed to understand Power Apps formulas and have an idea of the why's and order. The coach explained it clearly and put it in terms that made it easy to understand and now I get to show off my skills at work. Not only that, if asked I can explain why I did something instead of saying, "This is what I found online and this should work.", without being able to explain the why it would work.

The pace of the course was great. I was able to complete it between leaving work and before my next call.

The detailed explanations and the short challenges along the way for me to try first before being shown how to successfully complete were fantastic. It was a moment to show that I understood and was comfortable enough with what I had learned.

Earn an industry-recognised certification.

Collab365 Certification Issued in Credly

Upon successfully completing this training, you will be awarded a prestigious Collab365 certification, issued through Credly, the leader in digital credentials. This certification serves as a testament to your newly acquired skills and your dedication to professional growth.

The Value of a Credly Certification:

  • Global Recognition: Your Credly badge is a globally acknowledged symbol of your Power BI expertise, enhancing your professional stature on platforms like LinkedIn and beyond.
  • Digital and Shareable: Easily share your achievements across social media and professional networks, increasing your visibility to potential employers and peers.
  • Verified Skills: Each badge carries detailed, verifiable information about the skills you've mastered, adding credibility and trust to your professional profile.

Achieving a Credly certification through our Challenges and Success Paths not only marks your mastery of valuable skills but also significantly elevates your professional presence in the digital world.

What do I need to take the challenge?

No Previous skills necessary

We've built the Challenge for anyone to follow along with, so you don't need any previous skills. Knowing a bit about Excel or being a bit 'technically minded' is really helpful but we'll give you what you need along the way.

A Windows PC or Virtual Machine

To follow along with this Challenge, you will need a Windows PC or a virtual machine running Windows. This is because Power BI Desktop won't install on a Mac or Linux machine. 

Access To Power BI Desktop

To get the most out of the Challenge, you'll want to practice using Power BI Desktop. You can do this either by joining the Microsoft 365 Developer Program, giving you access to all the Microsoft 365 services . Or, you can use your own Microsoft 365 Tenant. 

This training includes:

  • 2 hours of study
  • Power BI Workbook Download
  • Source Data File Download
  • Watch on Desktop or Mobile

Meet your Trainer:

Jessica Jolly, Collab365 Coach

Jessica Jolly is A Microsoft Certified Trainer with an MCSE in Data Analytics.

Passionate about the topic with a practice focused on Power BI specifically, and the Power Platform more generally.

Before starting my own business, ALT-Enter, LLC, I worked for Unilever, a global consumer products company, for 27 years, in a variety of roles.

Because of my many years of corporate work experience, I focus my training on teaching business analysts the practical uses of the features and functionality in Microsoft Office applications, with a special focus on Power BI, Excel, Power Pivot (Excel 2016), and the Power Query Editor.

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We're thrilled to have you explore our content! Like many of our happy customers, we're sure you'll find great value in what we offer. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with a stand-alone purchase, please reach out within 30 days. We're more than happy to process a refund for you.

As for our Platinum Plan, we invite you to take advantage of our Collab365 Academy with a full-access, 7-day trial. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience all that we have to offer. Please note, due to the nature of this comprehensive trial, we are unable to provide refunds for plan purchases.

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