Build A Custom Learning Management System (LMS) With The Power Platform

Unlock New Career Opportunities and Master In-Demand Skills in Our Comprehensive 2-Part 9-hour Workshop recording. Connor takes you step-by-step through the entire build of an LMS system!


Key highlights in this training:

  • MASTER THE POWER PLATFORM: Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Power Apps and Dataverse – a skillset that's highly sought-after in the IT industry
  • REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Learn how to build a custom LMS from scratch. An experience that will provide you with a tangible example of what you can achieve with the Power Platform
  • Career Advancement: The skills you'll learn in this workshop can open doors to new opportunities in your career, making you a more attractive candidate for promotions or new job roles.

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I'm only two thirds of the way through but am blown away by the thoroughness of this app. I showed it to my team and we will be implementing it instead of paying $50K+ for an external system. Thank you for sharing it, and, Connor, you are a great presenter. So many hidden gems that I've searched endlessly for on the interweb 🙂

Monica Lindin ‧ SharePoint | PowerApps | UX/UI Designer

Watch the video to see what's Covered in this Workshop Series:

Connor Deasey (Collab365)

 Build vs buy 

An LMS is so much more than a Simple list of courses and an attendee

When you consider the Power Platform, you may think it's only suitable for quite simple applications. When you buy off the shelf software (and pay a LOT for it) you do so because you believe you have more complex  requirements that mean you need something 'more'. But what if all it takes is a little experimentation and some easy to gain new skills?

This workshop will prove that you don't need to reach for the finance team immediately when you want to solve a business problem.

Using our BLUE model (Build it, learn it, Use it, Enhance it), you'll quickly create a cost effective prototype, gain new skills in the Power Platform, be able to take your solution for a test drive in your own time and help make a decision on whether its something you want to enhance further. This 5 hour investment will pay you back in spades with what you'll learn from the experience. 

Here's what you will learn ...

How to create an intuitive idea using a Canvas which ties to the Dataverse

How to link Courses and lessons with User Progress to provide a fully working learning path

How to create a Netflix like experience using video and materials stored in other MS services (Stream)

How to approach building a solution like this. What planning is needed and how to iterate on the core ideas

Why UI is worth spending time on and some key building blocks to learn

How to connect the Dataverse to a Canvas App. Why you might do this and what the implications are

This workshop will be hosted by:

Connor Deasey

Here's What You Will Build!

Netflix Inspired Home Screen

A familiar interface that we are all used to... Easily navigate to your course content, presented in a beautiful Netflix inspired home screen with dynamic categories that suits any learning environment.

All Courses With Search

Navigate and search through all of your available courses giving real-time filtering based on your search criteria. The perfect way to give your users access to everything they want to learn.

Course Outline

Explore each course in detail, showing course length, difficulty and lesson outline, providing everything a user would need to know about a course before enrolling!

Lesson Content

Dynamic lesson screens that immediately adapt to the style of lesson, including text and video based contextual content. Users will also be able to see in real-time their current progress against the course they are taking.

User Progress

Instant access to individual users course progression. Never forget to complete a course and track your progress as you mark lessons as completed.

Course & Lesson Creation

LMS Administrators have the ability to create new courses with associated lessons directly in the app without the need to tamper with the data tables manually, making this the one stop solution for learning management.

At Collab365, we believe that learning is far more successful and enjoyable if you 'learn by doing'. During this training you will learn by building a functional Solution.

"Netflix for Learning...what's not to like!" 

When Connor outlined this workshop to me, I got genuinely excited. For me, the Dataverse has always seemed expensive but knowing that I could crack quite a complex use case and not spend a fortune appealed. 

The other aspect of this workshop that intrigued me is Connors focus on user experience and interaction. I know that if I were at this workshop, I would pick up dozens of tips that just pour out of his brain that can help me build not only a highly capable app, but also one that looks great. 

The workshop wont be one where you sit and passively watch though, it will be interactive and focus on your learning as much as the content. 

Read more ...

The workshop will walk you through the build process. As much as possible keeping the team present together. If there is a need to stop and dwell on a topic, Connor plans to do that but making sure to keep the pace up so progress remains on track.

What this means is that as an attendee, the learning experience will be richer than a watch along workshop. You'll be encouraged to get hands on. 

The product will be built in stages with you and your skills will be improved.

Unlike other workshops, there wont be a forced pace where important questions are skipped over. If more time is needed, because the Academy is our day job, Connor and the other coaches present will it with you to complete the build. 

If that has to be within a complementary part 2, we will set that up for you. We'll only do this if you need it because our goal is 100% to get everyone to the end together.


The Topics You Will Cover Over Both Days


Solution Setup

  • Understanding Data and what are the building blocks for an LMS look like
  • Initial app setup and utilizing components
  • Connecting Dataverse data tables
  • The principles behind the 'Netflix' influenced interface

Creating A Great User Interface

  • What components to use to create a great UI
  • How to utilize containers in a controlled way
  • Mixing Gallery styles to create a more unique interface
  • Creating modular and dynamic screens using variables


Dynamic User Progress

  • Begin tracking progress for individual users taking courses and lessons
  • Present beautiful lesson screens that accommodate both video and text
  • Utilizing relational tables

Providing An Intuitive User Experience

  • Understanding conditions and how we can utilize them in formulas
  • Implementing conditional actions to minimize bugs
  • Build Realtime progress bars, and course progress visualizations

Workshop Pre-Requisites


A Curious Mindset

Learning the Power Platform is about exploring, experimenting, hitting problems and solving them. Keep this in mind as you build the prototype for real world solution. You can learn the skills but we want you to approach this workshop as just the start of your learning jouney using our BLUE method


A Licenced M365 Tenant

We'll be able to help you get set up with a FREE Microsoft 365 Tenant (just search for Developer Tenant when you join to get instructions). You'll need as a minimum, access to build Power Apps and also some capacity on a Dataverse instance. If you need help working out if you are ready, just ask us.


Basic Awareness of Power Apps

You wont need to be an expert but this workshop wont focus on the rudiments of accessing and creating a simple Power App. Instead, you will work through a step-by-step plan and approach to using Power Apps with a data source called the Dataverse. You'll learn about the Dataverse too but not in-depth

Meet your Workshop Host...

After starting my career in the Microsoft 365 space as Power Apps and the Power Platform really started taking off. It became a fantastic opportunity to build a new skill set. I quickly found my love for the tech and since joining the Collab365 Team over 3 years ago - I've built countless apps and solutions to solve pressing business problems. 

As a Collab365 Coach, building solutions and sharing training content via our Academy events has become the career I never expected and I'm enthusiastic to share my processes, builds and more importantly my journey as a Power Apps developer with you!

Connor Deasey

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