Transform Your Workplace With Microsoft Viva!

Elevate remote and hybrid work dynamics by optimizing the employee experience with Microsoft Viva. In this comprehensive workshop led by Microsoft's Senior Product Manager, Mark Kashman, delve into Viva's capabilities that transcend mere reminders—boosting engagement, streamlining communication, and enhancing workflow. From crafting a custom adoption strategy to integrating with Microsoft Syntex and leveraging Adaptive Cards in Teams, you'll leave equipped with a tailored Viva deployment plan. Don't just adapt to the new work norm—thrive in it with Microsoft Viva.

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Key highlights in this training:

  • BY MICROSOFT: This is a golden opportunity to learn and ask questions from Microsoft themselves.
  • OVERVIEW: Mark Kashman, a Leading voice in shaping the Viva roadmap, will teach you about Viva capabilities and how to set it up for success!
  • EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Open new opportinities by learning how Viva can be expanded by use of standard developer patterns and practices and services like Microsoft Syntex.

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"I hadn't realised how many things Viva can do for me and the team"

Fraser Beadle COO

Microsoft Viva isn't just a tool to remind staff about actions they mentioned in emails. Or tell them to take a break once in a while. It can do that, but when I went to the Viva Explorers meetup in the UK, it opened my eyes to a whole load more things if can help with. 

  • Viva Connections : Seems to create links between documents, policies and people. So we can find what they need way more easily and collaborate on content.
  • Viva Insights: Shows patterns and trends about how we work. MOST important for me and the team though, it's got inbuild guardrails against invading our privacy.
  • Viva Topics: Seemed really cool (but still emerging as a tool). Mapping links between documents and artefacts we store. Using not just titles, but keywords and AI to join the dots for me. A big benefit looks to be unearthing legacy content and linking to topics I need right now. Pretty cool really.

What You’ll learn from this Workshop:

Remote and hybrid work can be sustainable and resilient when the employee experience is prioritized. Join this workshop to learn how Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform built on the foundation of Microsoft Teams, can enhance engagement, communication, and workflow in your organization. Through activities and exercises, you'll have the opportunity to build your own Microsoft Viva value case and deployment roadmap, including how to integrate it with developer patterns and practices and services like Microsoft Syntex. Don't miss this opportunity to lead your organization in their employee experience journey and unlock the full potential of Microsoft Viva.

The Capabilities of Viva

How it goes WAY beyond just an employee reminder service and helps support engagement, communication and actual workflow using the different services on offer

How To Approach Adoption

New Services and platforms can be met with resistance and concern at first. Especially ones that claim to support employees by gathering data. Find out how to position and communicate about Viva so the value can be unlocked and not hidden from

How to Set Up Viva To Support Success

Learn when and how to deploy Viva in your organisation so you can leverage the right benefits at the right time

Developer Connectivity

Learn about entry points using MS Graph and how Viva has a natural alliance with Microsoft Syntex

What Is around the corner?

Learn directly from Mark what is on the rodmap for release and how this can enhance the capabliities you use even further

What Can You Customise

Each part of Viva can be tailored to meet your needs and organisational preferences. Find out how.

How Adaptive Cards Support the Experience

Having the right information in the flow of work is important. Adaptive cards form a fundamental piece of this setup. Find out how and when you can use them in your Teams environment

Gain Insight With Dashboards

Leverage manager level permissions to see trends and how your employee experience is shaping up

Workshop Agenda:

This Workshop will be held over 3 hours and covers:


Part 1 - Get To Know Viva and How You can Use It
  • Meet Microsoft Viva - overview, use cases and roadmap
  • Ecosystem and deployment
  • 3 example use cases for employers: Connections, Insights, and Learning
  • Open Q&A


Part 2 - Expand The Potential Of Viva
  • Developer opportunities
  • Integration with Syntex and Teams
  • Feedback/stories
  • Open Q&A

Meet your Masterclass Host...

Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft

Mark is a senior product manager at Microsoft focused primarily on Microsoft Lists and SharePoint in Microsoft 365. He has worked at MSFT since 2000.

He started working with SharePoint building a digital asset management (DAM) solution built on top of SharePoint 2007 (IMM, the Interactive Media Manager) before moving to the SharePoint team.

Mark co-hosts The Intrazone podcast ( – a show about the SharePoint intelligent intranet.

He lives in the Sammamish, WA area and enjoys kayaking, soccer, hiking, Dad’ness, and quiet-bird-chirping moments for reading and writing books – when not playing that darned addictive Bejeweled. Twitter/@MKashman

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