If you Prefer step-by-step guidance and coach support then ...

Our Power BI Certification Program is your Golden ticket!

Our Olympic-inspired Power BI learning path offers 4 Step-by-Step Courses (featuring bite-sized lessons) and a dataset with 100 years of Olympics results. As a bonus, enjoy 21 hours of DAX training and coaching support. Earn your Power BI Pro Certification in just a weekend and have fun doing it!

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Why Power BI Is Your Ticket to Career Gold

In today's data-driven world, mastering Power BI isn't just an advantage – it's essential. Companies are desperately seeking professionals who can:

Transform complex data into clear, actionable insights
Create stunning, interactive dashboards that drive decision-making
Automate reporting processes, saving countless hours and resources
Uncover hidden trends and opportunities that boost the bottom line

With the Power BI Success Path, you'll gain these skills and more, positioning yourself as an invaluable asset in any organization.

Your Path to Power BI Mastery: 4 Challenges, 1 Champion

4 Challenges
79 Lessons across 4 Challenges
21 Training Sessions on DAX by Jessica Jolly MCT 
You will learn how to leverage Power BI and attain the Power BI Professional Certification.
Suitable for All Levels.

Create Your First Reporting Dashboard

Dive into Power BI with our JumpStart Challenge, where you'll build a dynamic reporting dashboard based on an Olympics dataset.

Power BI JumpStart Training

  • Build your first dynamic dashboard using real Olympic data
  • Master the fundamentals of data import, cleaning, and visualization
  • Earn your first Credly badge, proving your newfound skills
Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Here's what you will learn:

Introduction to Power BI and the Olympics Challenge

  • Familiarization with Power BI’s capabilities
  • Understanding the significance of Olympics data in visualization
  • Setting up essential tools and environment
  • Data Exploration and Dashboard Planning

  • Analyzing Olympic datasets
  • Planning and structuring an effective dashboard
  • Techniques for data transformation and preparation
  • Visualizing Olympics Data

  • Using various Power BI tools to create an Olympics dashboard
  • Implementing dynamic visual elements like charts, maps, and slicers
  • Best practices for data visualization
  • Dashboard Customization and Theming

  • Advanced styling techniques for an engaging dashboard
  • Theming your dashboard with Olympic colors and styles
  • Making the dashboard informative yet visually appealing
  • Publishing and Sharing Your Olympics Dashboard

  • Tips for efficiently publishing your dashboard
  • Sharing your work within the organization and with external audiences
  • Utilizing Power BI apps for easy dashboard access
  • Adopting for Mobile

  • Techniques for optimizing the dashboard for mobile devices
  • Ensuring accessibility and responsiveness across platforms
  • 2

    Advance Your Data Analysis Skills

    The Power BI StepUp Challenge offers a rapid-fire learning experience designed to boost your confidence and skills in using Power BI tools.

    Power BI StepUp Training

    • Elevate your skills with advanced data modeling and DAX formulas
    • Create complex, interactive reports that tell compelling stories
    • Earn your second Credly badge, showcasing your growing expertise
    Jon Manderville, Coach
    Jon Manderville
    Collab365 Coach

    Here's what you will learn:

    Introduction to Power BI StepUp Challenge

  • Overview of Power BI capabilities.
  • Setting up a Microsoft 365 Developer Environment.
  • Pace and structure of the learning journey.
  • Adding Data to Your Model

  • Importing data from CSV files and SharePoint lists.
  • Using Power Query for data transformation.
  • Exploring Olympic medal data as a case study.
  • Creating a Transform Process

  • Cleansing data and ensuring data integrity.
  • Naming conventions and data type selection.
  • Utilizing Power BI's built-in intelligence for geographical data.
  • Linking Tables in Your Data Model

  • Creating and managing relationships between tables.
  • Understanding cardinality and its impact on data models.
  • Practical exercises in linking Olympic data sets.
  • Experimenting with Visualizations

  • Techniques for dynamic and influential visualizations.
  • Filtering data and identifying patterns.
  • Hands-on experience with advanced visualization tools.
  • DAX and Advanced Data Analysis

  • Introduction to DAX for creating calculated columns and measures.
  • Analyzing influence factors like BMI on Olympic medalists.
  • Building complex measures using DAX expressions.
  • Publishing and Security

  • Best practices for publishing Power BI reports and apps.
  • Implementing row-level security for data protection.
  • Collaborative features and workspace management in Power BI.
  • 3

    Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data

    The Power BI Data Modelling Challenge takes you deep into the heart of Power BI's capabilities, teaching you to structure and optimize your data for maximum impact and performance.

    Power BI Data Modelling Training

    • Master advanced data modelling techniques for complex datasets
    • Design efficient, scalable data models that drive powerful insights
    • Earn your third Credly badge, certifying your Power BI modelling expertise
    Jessica Jolly
    Collab365 Coach

    Here's what you will learn:

    Introduction to Power BI Data Modeling

    Start your journey into Power BI data modeling with an overview of its importance and benefits. Understand the foundational concepts that will set the stage for your learning.

    • Overview of data modeling concepts
    • Importance of data models in Power BI
    • Course structure and learning outcomes

    Creating Your First Relationship

    Learn the basics of establishing relationships between tables in Power BI. This foundational skill is crucial for building robust data models.

    • Step-by-step guide to creating relationships
    • Best practices for maintaining data integrity
    • Troubleshooting common relationship issues

    Understanding the Star Schema

    Dive into the star schema, the ideal data model for Power BI. Understand its components and why it's preferred for data modeling.

    • Detailed explanation of star schema structure
    • Role of dimension and fact tables
    • Benefits of using a star schema

    Exploring Dimension and Fact Tables

    Get to know the different types of tables used in Power BI data modeling. Learn how dimension and fact tables work together to organize your data.

    • Definitions and examples of dimension tables
    • Understanding fact tables and their uses
    • Connecting dimension and fact tables in your model

    Data Types and Their Importance

    Understand the critical role of data types in ensuring accurate and performant data models. Learn how to set and manage data types effectively.

    • Identifying and setting correct data types
    • Impact of data types on model performance
    • Transforming data types in Power Query

    Profiling Your Data

    Learn how to profile your data to identify issues and clean it for better model accuracy and performance.

    • Techniques for data profiling in Power Query
    • Understanding column quality and distribution
    • Using data profiling tools effectively

    Handling Null and Empty Values

    Discover strategies to manage null and empty values in your data. Ensure your data models are accurate and reliable.

    • Identifying null and empty values
    • Techniques for replacing or handling missing data
    • Best practices for maintaining data integrity

    Deep Dive into Relationships

    Gain a deeper understanding of the various types of relationships in Power BI, including one-to-many, one-to-one, and many-to-many.

    • Creating and managing different types of relationships
    • Importance of relationship directionality
    • Using bridge tables to resolve many-to-many relationships

    Creating and Managing Relationships

    Learn advanced techniques for creating and managing relationships in Power BI. Optimize your data model for better performance and accuracy.

    • Advanced relationship creation techniques
    • Managing relationship directionality and filters
    • Troubleshooting and resolving relationship issues

    Tweaking Your Data Model

    Optimize your data model for better performance and easier navigation. Learn tips and tricks to enhance your data model.

    • Techniques for data model optimization
    • Using hierarchies and display folders
    • Best practices for data model maintenance

    Creating a Date Table

    Discover the importance of date tables in Power BI and learn how to create and utilize them for time-based analysis.

    • Building a date table from scratch
    • Leveraging time intelligence functions in DAX
    • Customizing date tables for specific business needs

    Importance of Date Tables

    Understand why date tables are crucial for accurate time-based analysis in Power BI. Learn how they enhance your data model.

    • Benefits of using date tables in data models
    • Implementing date tables for time intelligence
    • Ensuring accuracy in time-based calculations

    Introduction to DAX

    Get introduced to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and its powerful capabilities. Learn basic concepts and functions.

    • Basic concepts and syntax of DAX
    • Writing simple DAX measures and columns
    • Overview of advanced DAX functions

    Basic DAX Calculations

    Learn how to perform basic calculations using DAX. Enhance your data models with powerful calculations and metrics.

    • Creating basic DAX measures
    • Using DAX functions for common calculations
    • Best practices for writing efficient DAX code

    Optimizing Your Data Model

    Learn how to tweak and optimize your data model for better performance and easier navigation. Ensure your models run smoothly and efficiently.

    • Techniques for optimizing data models
    • Reducing model size and improving performance
    • Best practices for efficient data modeling

    Using Display Folders

    Organize your data model by using display folders. Learn how to create and manage display folders for better navigation.

    • Creating display folders for organization
    • Managing and customizing display folders
    • Enhancing model usability with display folders

    Documenting Your Data Model

    Understand the importance of documentation in your data model. Learn techniques to document and organize your model for better collaboration.

    • Techniques for documenting your data model
    • Using descriptions and annotations effectively
    • Preparing your model for collaboration and maintenance

    Using Natural Language Processing (Q&A)

    Explore the natural language processing capabilities in Power BI. Learn how to prepare your model for Q&A features.

    • Setting up Q&A in Power BI
    • Adding synonyms and managing language settings
    • Enhancing user experience with natural language queries

    Creating Hierarchies in Your Data

    Learn how to create hierarchies in your data model for better organization and analysis. Simplify complex data structures.

    • Building hierarchies from existing fields
    • Managing and customizing hierarchies
    • Benefits of using hierarchies in reports and visuals

    Handling High Cardinality Columns

    Discover strategies for managing high cardinality columns in your data model. Optimize your model for better performance.

    • Identifying high cardinality columns
    • Techniques for reducing cardinality
    • Best practices for handling high cardinality data

    Building and Managing Bridge Tables

    Learn how to build and manage bridge tables to handle complex relationships. Ensure accuracy and clarity in your data model.

    • Creating bridge tables for many-to-many relationships
    • Managing and optimizing bridge tables
    • Troubleshooting common issues with bridge tables

    Final Project and Assessment

    Apply all the knowledge gained in the course to a final project. Demonstrate your mastery of Power BI data modeling.

    • Real-world data modeling project
    • Peer review and feedback sessions
    • Final assessment and certification

    By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of Power BI data modeling, equipped with the skills and confidence to build powerful, efficient, and accurate data models.


    Specialize in Data Insights

    Learn how to leverage DAX to supercharge your Power BI Dashboards.

    Power BI DAX Training

    • Unlock the full potential of Power BI with advanced techniques
    • Learn to create predictive models and automate critical processes
    • Earn your final Credly badge and emerge as a true Power BI champion
    Jon Manderville, Coach
    Jon Manderville
    Collab365 Coach

    Here's what you will learn:

    Why is DAX Valuable And What Does It Do?

  • Introduction to DAX in Power BI
  • The significance of DAX in data analysis
  • Basic DAX functions and their applications
  • How To Create Totals Using DAX

  • Techniques for calculating totals and aggregates
  • Practical examples of DAX in action
  • Building complex total calculations
  • How DAX Can Filter Data For You

  • Basics of data filtering using DAX
  • Advanced filtering strategies
  • Real-world examples of data filtering
  • What DAX Filtering Is REALLY Doing

  • In-depth exploration of DAX filtering mechanics
  • Understanding DAX operations behind the scenes
  • Enhancing data analysis with advanced DAX knowledge
  • The Types Of Filters We Can Apply To Data

  • Exploring various data filters
  • Practical applications of different filters
  • Customizing data views with filters
  • How To Create a Percentage Using A Measure

  • Creating percentage-based calculations with DAX
  • Using measures to derive insights
  • Advanced DAX techniques for complex calculations
  • How You Can Change What You See Using DAX

  • Manipulating data views with DAX
  • Customizing reports and visuals using DAX
  • Hands-on practice with DAX-driven data manipulation
  • How The Power BI Report Filters and DAX Interact

  • Understanding the interaction between report filters and DAX
  • Enhancing report accuracy with DAX
  • Practical scenarios showcasing the interplay of filters and DAX
  • Complete all four challenges to claim your title as a Certified Power BI Professional!

    Your certification awaits!

    Congratulations on embarking on your journey to becoming a Power BI Pro. This industry-recognized certification demonstrates your comprehensive Power BI expertise to potential employers.

    Power BI Certification Program

    Also Included in Your Success Path: 21-Hours of In-depth DAX Training

    "This DAX training complements the four main challenges, enhancing your overall Power BI expertise"

    Jessica Jolly
    Collab365 Coach

    Want to truly master Power BI? The key is mastering DAX (Data Analysis Expressions), and we've got the perfect trainer to guide you to victory! Meet Jessica, our DAX guru and your personal coach in the intricate world of Power BI formulas. With our "Let's DAX Bit By Byte" series, you'll transform from a DAX novice to a formula-writing champion!

    Your DAX Training Package:

    • 21 Expert-Led Episodes
    • On-Demand Access
    • Regular New Content
    • Real-World Examples

    What You'll Master:

    • DAX Fundamentals
    • Advanced Concepts
    • Real-World Problem Solving
    • Performance Optimization

    Why DAX Matters:

    • Unlock hidden insights in complex data
    • Create dynamic, powerful reports
    • Automate complex calculations
    • Become the MVP of your data team

    Power Up Your Analytics:

    "With 'Let's DAX Bit By Byte', you're not just participating in the Power BI Olympics – you're training to dominate every event!"

    What Sets the Power BI Olympics Apart?

    • Learn from World-Class Coaches: Our instructors are industry veterans with years of real-world Power BI experience.
    • Hands-On, Project-Based Learning: No dry theory here. You'll be building real dashboards from day one.
    • Olympic-Sized Dataset: Work with a comprehensive Olympic dataset, learning to handle complex, real-world data scenarios.
    • Community of Champions: Join a vibrant community of data enthusiasts, sharing insights and supporting each other.
    • Recognized Certification: Earn Credly badges for each challenge, culminating in a Power BI Professional Certification.
    • Lifetime Access: Revisit the material anytime, staying sharp on the latest Power BI techniques.

    Don't Just Learn Power BI – Master It!

    Imagine walking into your next meeting with a dashboard that leaves everyone in awe. Picture yourself confidently presenting insights that drive major business decisions. Envision a future where your Power BI skills make you indispensable.

    Your Investment in Excellence 

    Full Power BI Olympics Package:

    • 4 Comprehensive Challenges
    • 79 In-Depth Lessons
    • 21 Hours of DAX Training
    • 5 Credly Badges
    • Power BI Professional Certification
    • Lifetime Access to All Materials
    Purchase this training only:
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    "Another great learning experience"

    mandy mcphail

    Another great learning experience [Power BI StepUp]! I particularly like Jon's presentation method, however, I really appreciate being able to stop and go back in the videos as that meant I could work out where I'd made a mistake or missed something.

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