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build your power apps the "right way" from day one

the 5-hour Masterclass that Teaches you how to architect Power Apps Like the Pros

Learn how to build scalable, responsive and Offline Power Apps
highlights of this masterclass:
  • ADVANCED TOPICS: Paul will cover advanced topics such as  large data, performance, troubleshooting, responsive apps, offline apps and integration with other services.
  • 5-HOUR MASTERCLASS: This Masterclass will be presented live in Microsoft Teams.
  • LIVE Q&A: At various points in the Masterclass, you will be given the opportunity to ask Paul questions  
  • COLLAB365 ACADEMY: You get lifetime access in the Academy to enjoy ebooks, playbooks, training videos and courses (3300+ members).
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If this isn't the best Masterclass you've done in your life, we will refund your payment.
The Masterclass starts at 2pm UTC on 19th October
Advanced Power Apps Workshop
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"Build your Power Apps correctly from day 1 so you don't suffer from 'technical debt'" 

When I am not creating pages like this, I work as a developer, and in the "coding world", there's a concept we call "technical debt", which wikipedia defines as:

"the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy (limited) solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer."

Put simply, if you don't build your app correctly from day 1, it will be much more expensive to fix it down the line.

You may not realise it, but Technical Debt also applies to No-Code tools like Power Apps. For example, if you don't build your app to work in offline scenarios and then it's tough to add that functionality. Or, if you develop your app to only work on a mobile and then a year down the line, the business request it also works on Tablet, it's incredibly time-consuming.

Paul Stork is one of the most prominent experts in the Power Platform field. For just $7 and 5 hours, the techniques he will teach could save you from a "red face" and a considerable rework of your Power Apps.  

What You’ll learn from this Masterclass:

This Masterclass is full of advanced techniques for building scalable, fast-performing, responsive and robust Power Apps that your end-users will love. If you can spare 5-hours live (or via the recordings), the payback you will get for your $7 will be huge.

Working with Dates and Times

Dates and times are usually tiresome to deal with when building an app. Of course, end-users want to work with local times, but in many cases, they have to stored as UTC dates and times. We'll examine how to convert between timezones, adjust daylight savings time, and manage date-only values that include a time.

Build Responsive Power Apps

If your Power App needs to work on multiple screen sizes such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile, the last thing you want to do is create 3 Apps or have it look horrid on 2 of the 3. During this part of the Masterclass, we will demonstrate several techniques that make creating 1 Responsive App for many screen sizes easy.

Managing Large Data Sources

Transferring large quantities of data between a data source and an app is inefficient and hurts performance. Power Apps supports delegation to control how much data is transferred between the app and the data source. We’ll share several workarounds that let you work with massive data sets without many delegation warnings.

Build Offline Power Apps

Many businesses have staff who take flights, operate "on the road", or work in poor internet connection areas. To keep your "offline" end-users happy, you must plan for offline scenarios from day 1. Unfortunately, retrofitting "offline" capabilities (into your App) is usually expensive and time-consuming, so it's always best to design with it in mind. We will explore how to build apps that can still work offline and re-sync when connected back to the Internet.

Leverage Flows to Process Data

Power Apps is a declarative language, & Power Automate is procedural, so there are times when it is better to process data using a Power Automate flow than doing it in Power Apps. This part of the Masterclass will examine several real-world cases where it's easier and more effective to use Power Automate than attempting it in Power Apps.

Troubleshooting Performance

Our newly published Power App would be bug-free and perform at sub-second speeds in an ideal world. However, bugs generally can't be avoided, and building a fast app is possible, but it needs to be designed and built with that goal in mind. So we'll explore the tools and techniques you can use to troubleshoot issues and improve performance in your Power Apps.

Masterclass Agenda:

This Masterclass will be held over 5 hours and cover:


Part 1
  • Working with Dates and Times and Time Zones
  • Managing Large Data Sources and working with Delegation
  • Leveraging a Power Automate Flow to Process Data


Part 2
  • Building Responsive and Offline Apps so they work anywhere
  • Troubleshooting and Improving Performance of your Apps

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Meet your Masterclass Host...

Paul has spoken at many of our Collab365 events and is a fantastic speaker as well as the Owner/Principal Architect at Don't Pa..Panic Consulting.


He has been working in the information technology industry for over 30 years, and has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the last 10 consecutive years. He's authored several books and is a frequent contributor to the Microsoft forums.

Paul Stork, Microsoft MVP

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