How to Build a helpdesk ticketing system with the Power Platform

Save money on 3rd party helpdesks by learning to build your own with simple to use Microsoft 365 services

highlights of this 4-5 Hour WORkshop:
  • USER FORMS TO CATCH REQUESTS:  Learn how you can create and integrate Forms to catch Help requests. Pick up new tips for using AI integration.
  • SHAREPOINT LISTS TO STORE DATA CHEAPLY:  How to leverage the functionality of lists to replace parts of the software process normally hosted in expensive tools like Zendesk. 
  • KNIT TOGETHER PROCESSES WITH POWER AUTOMATE:  A lot of off the shelf products cost so much because they have rules engines and complex coding built in. Learn where you can replace this with Power Automate and save $$$'s. 
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How you can Build a Helpdesk Ticketing System using SharePoint Lists, Forms, and Power automate

A Helpdesk ticketing system is common across almost all businesses. Whether it's support, fault diagnosis or customer support, having a flexible process that can give the customer a place to go and make sure answers are give in a timely fashion is important. 

In this fantastic workshop, you will learn how to build your own help desk ticketing system using core Microsoft 365 and Power Platform technologies.

With MCT Stacy Deere' guidance, you'll get hands on with and build your skills in SharePoint Lists, Power Automate, and Microsoft Forms.

Here's what you will learn ...

Automate and schedule Flows that support the customer and your staff

Keep different departments and people informed on key steps and stages in your process

Creating Lists to hold data and how to interact with those lists using Forms and Power automate

How to use Microsoft Forms to build a great looking User Interface to the TIcketing system.

reasons to WATCH

  • You will learn how the different ways you can use Forms and SharePoint to work together
  • How flow can be a real workhorse and perform quite complex tasks for you.
  • You'll learn how to build your own Helpdesk ticketing solution using tools that are accessible to most.

This workshop will be hosted by Stacy Deere (MVP)

"When I think of solutions like Zendesk...I just think big $$$'s" 

In this workshop, the core premise is going to be breaking down the DNA of a solution like Zendesk. One that you might buy off the shelf and spend month on month (potentially spend quite a lot as well) on features you dont always need ...

Read More ...

Stacy wont be building a like for like replacement but instead will focus on the core processes needed to give you inspiration on how to go on and re-creating the core processes for a Help Desk Solution using Forms, Power Automate and using Lists as a central data store. 

Nothing needs to be overly complex and all the tools we need are there at the basic level Microsoft 365 licence. Why not! [experiment along with Stacy] would be my thinking. 

The beauty as well is that you are not going to be paying monthly for support if you take this pathway. You'll know how everything works and be able to tailor to your business. Also, being the Power Platform, the opportunity to build on the core, extend and improve it in the future is awesome and there are your fingertips. 

The Topics You Will Cover

What a Good Helpdesk Solution Needs in Terms of Processes

Stacy will help you look at the core processes and roles needed to construct a solution yourself. You'll walk along with her as she talks through her mindset and approach when crafting this as a Citizen Developer. 

Microsoft Forms as your user interface

Learning about the cheaper and quicker opportunities to create UI where complex controls and portability are not needed, you'll also experience Forms features you may not know about like Quizzes, Themes and AI integration

SharePoint Lists as your Data Store

Cost reduction is important so you'll learn how to use SharePoint lists as a low cost 'core' for your data. You'll hear about :

  • App Launcher vs Site Level Creation
  • Different Methods of Creating New Lists
  • Creating Columns (Metadata)
  • Creating Views
  • Updating Content in Lists

Integrating your solution with  Power Automate

With Power Automate being your 'Process Engine', Stacy will share with you the great opportunities on offer to glue together people and data in the right order at the right time.

On top of that, you'll pick up new skills with

  • Power Automate Best Practices
  • Working with Templates
  • Integrating and working with SharePoint Lists
  • Form to List Mapping and working with Data.

Meet your Workshop Host...

Stacy Deere is the Owner of Focal Point Solutions LLC, a Cincinnati, OH based company that provides SharePoint Solutions for the Enterprise in the mid-to-large market. Previously, Stacy led a rapidly growing SharePoint practice where she engaged in a wide range of consulting projects across various industries. With nearly 18 years of experience in the IT Industry, Stacy has mainly focused on Collaboration Solutions such as IBM’s Lotus Notes\Domino and Microsoft’s Messaging and Collaboration Solutions including deployments and SharePoint upgrades.

Stacy is a SharePoint MVP and has spoken with Collab365 in the past as well as speaking at various SharePoint Saturday's, ITUnity, SPTechCon, SharePoint Fest, SharePoint Engage, and User Group events. She also co-authored two books called SharePoint 2013 and 2010 Using Managed Metadata.

Stacy Deere (MVP)

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