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If you're looking to upskill your team, then we're happy to show you around the Collab365 Academy and answer your questions.

  • Full Catalogue: Train your workforce with over 450+ hours of bespoke Microsoft 365 and Power Platform training. 
  • Get certified: Earn industry-recognised Credly badges by completing our Success Paths!
  • Success Paths: Let us guide you to master Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps.
  • Community: Our Collab365 Academy boasts a community of 10,000 learners from all over the World!
  • Active Coaching: Unlike other training platforms, our Coaches are on-hand in the Academy to help you transition your teams skills.

Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Master the Power Platform & Integrate it into Microsoft 365 Apps

Dive deep into each Microsoft application with courses tailored to provide comprehensive knowledge. We continuously add new modules and courses, ensuring our academy stays ahead of Microsoft's frequent updates.

Trusted Globally & Backed by the Best

Learn With A Proven Partner!

In just two years, we've navigated challenges and earned trust. We're proud to have associations with well known brands and over 10,000 learners in our Collab365 Learning Academy. Our content often features exclusive insights directly from Microsoft.

Robust Support, Vibrant Community & Team Collaboration

Never Feel Stuck. We're Here To Guide!

Our coaches are just a click away, available at scheduled times to address your queries. Engage in a spam-free, productive community. 

Transparent Licensing, Affordable Pricing & Risk-Free Trials

Flexible Plans Tailored For Teams Of All Sizes!

Whether you need a few licenses or many, we've got you covered. Opt for our annual plans or inquire about monthly options. Experience our offerings first-hand with a 7-Day Free Trial. License transfers are hassle-free.

Globally Recognized Certification & Authentic Credibility

Earn Certifications That Make A Difference!

Our certifications are recognized and respected globally. Complete evaluations and flaunt your mastery. Stay updated with certification renewals.

Customized Learning & Seamless Integration

Training That Resonates with Your Business Needs!

Got a unique requirement? We're all ears. While our content is vast, we're open to tailoring it for you. Onboarding large teams is smooth, and bespoke consultancy is just a conversation away.

Tech Compatibility & Wide-reaching Requirements

Stay Tech-Savvy, No Matter Where You Are!

From setting up a Microsoft 365 Tenant to integrating with third-party applications, we guide you through it all. Our training caters to teams worldwide, including remote ones.

Tangible Outcomes & Measurable ROI

Invest In Training That Delivers Real Business Value!

While we're new, our mission is to demonstrate concrete ROI through effective training. We welcome feedback, testimonials, and success stories that underline time and cost savings.

Upgrade your skills in our friendly learning community

Why the Collab365 Academy is the Right Choice for Your Organization

  • Scalable Learning: From small teams to large departments, our training modules adapt to fit your needs.
  • Customizable Training Path: Tailor the training curriculum based on your organization's goals.
  • Simplified Team Management: With the Platinum Team Plan, handle team subscriptions and track progress with ease.
  • Maximized ROI: Why pour funds into expensive consultancy when our academy can make your team self-reliant, ensuring a boosted return on your tech investments?

Challenges For Business Scenarios: Equip Your Team With Actionable Skills Tailored For Business.

Workshops: Comprehensive Half-Day Sessions Focusing On Maximizing Productivity With Microsoft 365.

Power BI Mastery: Make Data-Driven Decisions With Our Extensive Power BI Training Module.

Resource Library: Gain Access To 108 Microsoft 365 Ebooks, 318 Session Recordings, And More, Ensuring Continuous Learning.

The All-In-One Team Training Package

Why spend exorbitantly on consultants or bespoke software? With our training, your team can leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365 and Power Platform, ensuring a significant return on your investment.

3 Success Path's that get your team exactly where they need to be

Power BI Success Path

Power BI Success Path

Empower your team with the "Power BI Success Path" - the ultimate self-paced journey to Power BI mastery, crafted meticulously by experts like Jon Manderville. In just a few dedicated hours, journey through four in-depth challenges that culminate in not just knowledge, but five prestigious certifications.

From building your first dashboard to mastering data manipulation with DAX, this program promises not only skill development but also the badges and accolades to showcase it. Join the Success Path today, and transform your team from beginners to certified Power BI professionals, confidently creating and sharing insightful reports!

Power Apps Success Path

Power Apps Success Path

Elevate your team's potential with our "Power Apps Success Path" - a comprehensive, self-paced journey to mastering Power Apps. This program, meticulously crafted by experts, encompasses hands-on challenges, real-world applications, and a rewarding certification process, ensuring your team gains both confidence and competence.

Through engaging modules and practical exercises, your team will be equipped to innovate and excel in Power Apps. Invest in transformative training and watch your team soar to new professional heights!

Power Automate Success Path

Power Automate Success Path

Our Power Automate Success Path offers a self-paced, immersive learning experience for anyone eager to master the art of workflow automation using Microsoft 365's Power Automate. This program is designed to provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through our series of comprehensive challenges and concise modules, you will learn Power Automate efficiently, paving the way to transform your career. Upon successful completion of all challenges, you'll earn the coveted Power Automate Academy Professional Certification.

Upskill your team with Industry-Recognised Certifications!

All of your Challenges reward you with a Credly Certification. These are brilliant to show off you new skills on your portfolio and social profiles.

Onboard Your Team Today!

Onboard your team:

If you'd like all of your team to access everything in the Academy, then our Platinum Team Plan is ideal!

$261 / person / year

Manage your team with ease:
  • Each team member is given a Platinum Plan so can access everything a Platinum Member can access on an individual plan. 
  • We offer a discount of 10% per user when you purchase a Yearly Team Plan for more than 1 user.
  • As the Team Owner, you unlock extra team management features to manage your Team Subscription. 
  • If someone leaves your org then it's easy to change their seat to another team member.

Member's Opinion

Don't take our word for it, see what our members think of their experiences in the Academy.

We've also seen a lot of members gaining recognition outside the Academy by passing one of our Challenges.

Take a look at all the success stories in our Wall of Fame .  

your Team will get Lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy (318 training videos). Here's what our members think... 

Your Questions, Answered

We've tried to answer most of the questions that will be in your mind, but if not, please contact us at hello@collab365.com

Can I get an invoice?

As soon as you purchase your pass you will be emailed a receipt. If you'd also like a formal invoice, please send your request to hello@collab365.com.

Can I get refund?

We're thrilled to have you explore our content! Like many of our happy customers, we're sure you'll find great value in what we offer. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with a stand-alone purchase, please reach out within 30 days. We're more than happy to process a refund for you.

As for our Platinum Plan, we invite you to take advantage of our Collab365 Academy with a full-access, 7-day trial. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience all that we have to offer. Please note, due to the nature of this comprehensive trial, we are unable to provide refunds for plan purchases.

Can I buy a team or multi-user pass?

Absolutely, we also offer discounts for multiple purchases. To sign-up for a Teams Pass, please visit our Platinum Plan page.

Can I share the videos and ebooks?

No, only the person who purchases the pass will be able to watch the videos and will receive the ebooks. We ask that you do not share them.

Who do I contact if there's a problem?

Send us an email at hello@collab365.com and we can help. 

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course. The trial lasts for 7-Days and you can cancel anytime before that. If you choose to continue as a paid platinum member you can also cancel at any time.

How do I get my certifications?

If the training you purchase also includes a certification, then as soon as you complete, we will automatically email you so you can redeem your badge on Credly. Good luck!

What is included in the Platinum Plan?

The Platinum Plan offers a comprehensive suite of resources tailored for Microsoft 365 learners:

  • Complete access to our current library of over 200 hours of detailed Microsoft 365 training and 108 Ebooks.
  • A rich selection of over 30 half-day workshops covering essential Microsoft 365 and Power Platform concepts.
  • Membership in an active community of 10,000 learners for peer support and networking.
  • Continuous updates with all new workshops, challenges, and success paths to keep your skills sharp and current.
  • Lifetime access to all virtual summit session recordings, with insights from top industry experts.
  • As we evolve, so will our content. The Platinum Plan includes all future training that aligns with the core educational content and formats currently offered.

What is not included in the Platinum Plan?

While the Platinum Plan is extensive, there are a few exclusives that fall outside its scope:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions and personalized, coached training programs.*
  • Custom software solutions or tools that are not a part of the standard offerings within the Collab365 Academy.
  • Niche training that falls outside of the Power Platform, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams ecosystem.
  • External certifications or formal accreditation from third-party institutions.

*Please note that there may be occasional exceptions to the coached training programs. Stay tuned for special announcements or offers that may include these features.