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Power Apps Courses and Workshops:

Power Apps, by Microsoft, transforms how we approach custom app development, making it accessible to everyone without the need for coding skills. It addresses the challenge of complex software creation, allowing for easy automation and process integration. Our Power Apps training propels beginners to advanced developers, guided by a clear Success Path and enriched with workshops on the latest strategies. Achieve world-class developer status and tackle real-world problems with innovative solutions through our comprehensive program.

Power Automate Courses and Workshops:

Power Automate simplifies workflow automation, enabling users to create automated processes across applications and services with minimal effort. This Microsoft tool solves the issue of time-consuming, manual tasks by allowing for seamless integration and automation. Our Power Automate training accelerates your journey from beginner to automation expert. With a clear learning path and practical workshops, you'll master the art of designing efficient workflows, gaining the skills to enhance productivity and operational efficiency. Join us to unlock your potential as an automation specialist, ready to implement powerful solutions in any professional setting.

Power BI Courses and Workshops:

Power BI transforms data into actionable insights, offering powerful data visualization and business intelligence capabilities. This Microsoft analytics tool addresses the challenge of making informed decisions by enabling easy access to real-time data analysis. Dive into our Power BI training to transition from novice to data expert. Our structured Success Path and interactive workshops on cutting-edge techniques equip you with the knowledge to create compelling reports and dashboards. Elevate your career as a data-driven decision-maker, capable of uncovering valuable insights that drive business success.

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At the heart of Collab365 Academy lies its foundation on Circle, a premier global community platform, offering a unique blend of camaraderie, engaging discussions, and an ad-free environment. 

 This nurturing space is designed to be your educational sanctuary as you journey towards Power Platform mastery. Here, you'll find not just a learning platform, but a welcoming home where you can grow, share, and excel in the Power Platform with like-minded individuals.

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Explore the full potential of Microsoft 365 with the Collab365 Platinum Plan, offering over 450 hours of expert training across Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint, and Teams. Tailored for learners at all levels, this plan guides you from the basics to advanced techniques with structured Success Paths, interactive workshops, and a comprehensive library that includes 450+ hours of training and 108 eBooks. Join our vibrant community of 10,000+ members to engage with global experts and stay ahead with continuous updates and new releases on the Collab365 Academy.

Here's what our members think

Cindy Vasey Compliance Program Manager at AWS

Power Platform Challenge

I took the 5-day Challenge to explore the Power Platform's full potential quickly. In addition, I loved the idea that I would build something real-world that taught me all of the significant services. The Challenge was nicely paced, with tasks to do each day, and I loved the idea that Collab365 were on hand to support me.

Steven Walther Musician/IT

Power Platform Challenge

I am forever grateful for the incredible way you have created this educational experience. I have had a few weeks to digest what I have learned and have ascertained what I need to know moving forward. I just wanted to take a moment to simply say Thank You for providing a platform for someone like myself to make a change in their career later in life but have the tools to learn and excel. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Joanne Blomert SharePoint Administrator (APEGA)

Power Platform Challenge

I’m about halfway through this week of the challenge and would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in the “Power Tools.” Group discussion each morning, build a real Power Platform solution, earn badges, and get your questions answered by the experts in the field! One of the best learning experiences I’ve had :-)

Melissa Burton Web Technologist at Harvard Business School

Power Platform Challenge

The Challenge has been a great experience, and I liked being able to work with people on a more direct level, The back and forth within the 5-Day Challenge is key to moving ahead. That's not something I've seen in other workshops.

Linda Parkinson-Hardman Adoption and Change Management Lead

Daily Digest Subscriber

I just wanted to reply to your daily email and say that this is one of the most helpful newsletters I’ve ever received. It’s given me loads of really useful hints and tips about things I would never have even thought of, but once read realised they solved some fairly fundamental problems. Thank you 😊

Chuck Gafford Enterprise Cloud Architect

Summit Attendee

All of these presenters are world-class subject matter experts (SME's) in multiple related Microsoft technologies. They all demonstrate how the Microsoft 365 technology works, why it works the way it does, and answers various question from attendees. All are outstanding communicators with some that work directly for Microsoft and others who work for Microsoft partners.

Jamie Cox Business Analyst / Trainer

Ebook Buyer

OMG. This is so timely. I love these eBooks. I have been ready to learn Power Automate for while, this is exactly what I need. Great stuff guys.

Wayne Wallace Business Analyst

Attended Advanced Power Apps Masterclass

Paul Stork was amazing! This was a great Workshop. Learned a lot.

Jan Boznik Senior Consultant

Attended Advanced Power Apps Masterclass

A great session condensed into a couple of hours, but all topics could be a whole session on their own! Very satisfied with the delivery and the depth of coverage!

Frankie Balvert Digital Solutions Co-ordinator

Advanced Power Apps Masterclass

I've taken and bought many courses, but nothing as good as Paul's. I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop yesterday and am thankful to be part of this community. The content is up-to-date, rich, clear and concise. This is so beneficial for me.

Kind regards.

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