Introduction: The Next Level of Your Microsoft 365 Journey

You've experienced the engaging world of the Collab365 community. You've participated in conversations, learned from peers, and you're actively involved. But there's a whole other level to this experience – the Collab365 Platinum Membership. Here's why upgrading to Platinum might be your best decision yet.

More Than Just Community: A Full-Scale Learning Platform

As a community member, you've enjoyed being part of lively discussions and peer learning. The Platinum Membership enhances this experience by offering a comprehensive learning platform. Not just dialogues, but expert-led workshops, meticulously crafted challenges, vast video libraries, and more.

Your Access to The Complete Collab365 Catalogue

Upgrading to the Platinum Membership unlocks our complete back catalogue, plus any new training we deliver while your Membership is active. This includes:

  • Workshops: Our half-day workshops, led by world-renowned experts, are a treasure trove of knowledge. From in-depth topics to interactive Q&As, these sessions bring you face-to-face with the best in the field.
  • Challenges: Want to test your skills? Our challenges not only help you apply your knowledge but also earn certifications. Pass our challenges, earn an industry-recognised certificate, and get added to our Wall of Fame.
  • Courses & Ebooks: Get unlimited access to our growing library of 318 Training Videos and 108 Ebooks. Learn at your own pace, revisit content whenever you wish, and always stay ahead of the curve.
Experiencing the BLUE Method

Our unique learning approach, the BLUE Method (Build it, Learn it, Use it, Enhance it), is designed to ensure you don't just learn but can apply your knowledge effectively. Theory is great, but practical application is what we aim for. This hands-on approach is something that makes our Platinum Membership a standout.

Community Events & Live Workshops

The Platinum Membership also grants you access to our live workshops and community events. Engage real-time with our experts and gain insights that are often missing in pre-recorded content.

Conclusion: Your Collab365 Experience, Amplified

Upgrading to the Collab365 Platinum Membership doesn't take away from your community experience; it amplifies it. It brings you resources, expert-led training, certifications, and a promise of continuous growth in your Microsoft 365 journey. It's time to take the next step. Upgrade to the Collab365 Platinum Plan today.