Unleash the Power of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists and MORE!

Unlock the Full Potential of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Microsoft Lists to Boost Efficiency, Automate Processes, and Enhance Teamwork!

highlights of this WORkshop:
  • Skyrocket Productivity: Learn how to optimize Microsoft Teams and its connected apps to boost efficiency and streamline processes across your organization.
  • Enhance Collaboration: Uncover strategies for improving communication and teamwork within your organization using the full suite of Microsoft Teams features.
  • Simplify Workflows: Discover powerful no-code automation solutions using Microsoft Teams Apps, SharePoint, and Lists to replace outdated tools and techniques.
  • Secure and Organized: Master the essentials of Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint for secure file storage, syncing, and organization to minimize disruptions and protect your valuable data.
  • Customized Solutions: Gain actionable insights and real-world examples to tailor Microsoft Teams best practices to your organization's unique needs, driving innovation and success.
PRESENTERS: GEOFF ABLES MVP, Laura Patterson & aaron chatHam

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Mastering Microsoft Teams and Unleash The Power Of Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Lists And More

Join us for an exciting workshop where you'll learn how to unleash the power of Teams when combined with SharePoint, OneNote, Lists and more...

Perfect for anyone looking to optimize work processes and harness the full power of Microsoft Teams. Discover numerous tips, tricks and hidden features - even if you're an experienced Teams user. 

Here's what you will learn ...

Dive into SharePoint Team Sites and streamline your workflow through site design, version control, permissions, and content organization

Effortlessly automate processes in Teams without coding - including Approvals, Requests and Tasks

Master the essentials of Teams, from meetings and chat to document management, notifications, and etiquette for seamless collaboration

Level up your skills and the productivity of the teams you support

Maximize efficiency with Microsoft Lists whilst in the Meeting or Teams experience

Learn how to apply these concepts across any team, from leadership to operations to project management

This workshop will be hosted by:

Geoff Ables (MVP)

Laura Patterson    

Aaron Chatham    

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"The Power Of Teams" 

Microsoft Teams offers far more than just chat and meetings to an organisation. Now more then ever, it's a way to collaborate on work with your team. The tools on offer that integrate with Teams are mind-blowing in number. 

The challenge isn't "can I?" [complete a piece of work together in Teams], it's now "which tools are best?".  This workshop from Geoff helps enormously with that challenge.

Read more ...

Geoff's workshop gives you actionable examples using real world teams to demonstrate how - with supporting tools like Lists - Teams becomes the location for work and not just a place for chats.

He shows you a variety of examples to help grasp the concepts (HR teams and more). The benefit for me is looking at these examples, comparing to what I have in my organisation and choosing what fits - whilst getting inspiration for new innovations via his tips and tricks of the trade. 

Geoff can really help you and your team become truly "Teams First" and unlock the full power of Microsoft Teams.


The Topics You Will Cover

Module 1: Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint: Mastering the Basics and Unveiling New Tips

  • Explore "The Big 3" Microsoft 365 apps: Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint
  • Document storage and syncing files
  • Building a structured Microsoft Team - such as for HR
  • Ensuring desktop file are backed up
  • The value of migrating network file shares to the cloud
  • Managing notifications while minimizing disruptions
  • Module 3: Teams Apps: Streamline and Automate Processes

  • Leverage 3 core Teams apps for no-code automation
  • Utilize Planner for project and task management
  • Create and manage approvals, such as employee requisition forms
  • Set, send, and monitor updates for key tasks
  • Module 2: SharePoint Team Sites

  • Grasp the SharePoint/Teams connection
  • Design SharePoint sites and update navigation
  • Utilize the News web part
  • Manage SharePoint Document Libraries
  • Learn to manage standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Integrate your Site into your Team
  • Understand SharePoint and Teams security
  • Module 4: Microsoft Lists: Replace Excel with Powerful and Interactive Lists

  • Uncover the power of Microsoft Lists
  • Create a custom HR issue management list
  • Add custom columns and views for an interactive experience
  • Integrate your list into a Team channel
  • Understand List security with Teams
  • Discover hidden list features for enhanced interactivity
  • Meet your Workshop Host...

    Bestselling author, Microsoft MVP, MCT, and international keynote speaker, Geoff Ables is a thought leader on digital customer and employee engagement. Geoff co-authored the "Dynamics CRM 2011 Administrator Bible" and his most recent book, "The LUCK Principle," delivers fresh insight and inspiration into creating people-centric digital workplaces. Geoff is an avid motorcycle and wine enthusiast and has appeared as a guest on "The Impractical Jokers."

    Geoff Ables, Microsoft MVP

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