Mastering Microsoft Power Platform: Create Your Own Employee Directory

Unlock New Career Opportunities and Master In-Demand Skills in Our Comprehensive  Workshop recording. Mark takes you step-by-step through the entire build of an Employee Directory!

mark stokes
4.5 HOURS 

Key highlights in this training:

  • MASTER THE POWER PLATFORM: Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Power Apps and Dataverse – a skillset that's highly sought-after in the IT industry
  • REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Learn how to build a custom Employee Directory from scratch. An experience that will provide you with a tangible example of what you can achieve with the Power Platform
  • Career Advancement: The skills you'll learn in this workshop can open doors to new opportunities in your career, making you a more attractive candidate for promotions or new job roles.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a lot from Mark Stokes and his expertise. His sharing was extensive regarding the Topic and I was encouraged to think beyond 'simple' as he introduced many features and elements for the build and use of a Staff Directory, using the Power Platform, to deliver more than I expected. I appreciated his knowledge and sharing, very much. It was inspirational, especially when your work is important to those who need you to be motivated and impactful using the capabilities of the tools with which you work."

Sheila Maria Tagallie ‧ Power Platform Developer

How To Architect And Build An Extendable Staff Portal Using 6 Different Microsoft 365 Services

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from a staff management expert!

Mark is revealing the behind-the-scenes blueprint for building an enterprise-level staff directory solution. You'll see first-hand how he weaves together Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, and Power BI to create a robust system that connects disparate data sources into one powerful application.

Staff Directory People Picker

This workshop pulls back the curtain on Mark's proven techniques for gathering requirements, planning sprints, architecting databases, and constructing UIs optimized for web and mobile. Learn how to choose the right Microsoft 365 building blocks for each task. Discover tricks for streamlining development and maintenance.

Gain invaluable real-world insights that will expand your Power Platform skills and ability to deliver high-value solutions. Unleash your potential to become a staff management innovator!


Building canvas apps in Power Apps and connecting them to data sources.

How to plan and architect an application before building it - including gathering requirements, prioritizing features, and designing the workflow.

Using variables, collections and logic to control app behaviour.

Embedding apps in Teams and building solutions to work around licensing.

Connecting to data in Power BI to build simple reports and visualizations.

Adding filters, galleries, forms and other controls to apps.

Using an agile approach with sprints and standups to incrementally build and deliver features.

Techniques for naming components and controls in a clear way to help future maintenance.

Options for storing application data like SharePoint lists, Dataverse tables, SQL databases.

Using Power Automate flows to move data between systems and augment data.

This workshop was presented by Mark Stokes

When you've watched this Workshop training, you will be able to say...

"I have a good overview of Microsoft's Power Platform technologies and how they work together. This includes Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Dataverse."

"I have learned a process and techniques for planning, architecting and building a real-world application from start to finish."

"I have seen and understood examples of gathering requirements, designing wireframes, planning sprints, naming conventions etc. before starting development."

"I know how to model and import data into Dataverse tables."

"I understand how to build a canvas app in Power Apps connecting to data sources."

"I have learned how to add common controls like galleries, forms, filters to apps."

"I can now use variables, collections and formulas to control app behavior."

"I know how to connect to data in Power BI to build reports."

"I have seen how to build a realistic example of a staff directory, built end-to-end".

You're about to get some brand new engineering and design skills:

It's common to build one-off applications to solve an immediate problem but have ambitions to build something bigger and more complex in the future. The challenge is how to level up your abilities in the right way. 

It might also be tempting to focus on a single technology and solve problems you have with the wrong technology. This workshop will help you think bigger and think wider to broaden the range of options you can open up using Microsoft 365 services.  

How to architect and  build for the real world

What techniques you can use to not only replace expensive third-party apps, but allow scope for future change

Using more M365 services effectively

Widen your experience and use the right service for the right moment. Covering Lists, Dataverse, Dataflows, Power Apps, Virtual agents and more

Adopting an Agile Mindset

How to reduce the anxiety of not knowing all of the answers, build iteratively and allow yourself to experiment whilst keeping one eye on the future demands for your app.

How you can build big solutions with small licences

Even if you dont have a Power Apps licence, all the steps in this workshop can be completed with a Teams licence. None of these are expensive premium licences.  

Micro-Services Solution Based Architecture

How to think about the features and purpose behind each part of your build. Leaving you ready to build in small pieces to create Lego like re-usable services you can re-use as building blocks for the future.

Release & Launch Techniques

The key steps to help you publish your solution successfully and retain the ability to change and improve the product without huge user disruption.

Workshop Agenda:

Learn to build a versatile Staff Directory App with Mark, which can serve as a foundation for future people-based applications. Gain skills in importing external data, creating a business Who's Who, and implementing features like skills search and career progression tools. Discover automated and interactive ways to keep people data current, using Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents.


Part 1 - Planning Flexibly
  • What the solution can replace.
  • Which Microsoft 365 services will you use.
  • The Initial Build Scope
  • Adopting an Agile Mindset
  • Solution Based Architecture


Part 2 - MVP and Beyond
  • Creating the core Service infrastructure
  • Using the right service for the right features
  • How to release and launch and allow scope for change

Meet your Workshop Host:

Mark has been working in the Microsoft world his entire career, covering most aspects of project management and implementation. From humble developer background Mark has moved through SharePoint Administration, Customisation, Application Development, Project Management, Solution Architecture, financing and business management.

Mark now has a keen focus on project and solution management, coming up with the right way to solve business problems. He is a methodical Agile operator taking an MVP led approach to application design.

He was a Microsoft MVP for 4 years in office servers and services and has multiple speaking, blogging and video community contributions under his belt, as well as long time event, community organiser and contributor to Collab365.

Mark Stokes

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