How To Build a "Staff Directory" With Microsoft 365 Using Modern Engineering Practices

highlights of this WORkshop:
  • BUILD A WHO'S WHO: Combine 'People' data from multiple sources to develop your own Staff Catalogue
  • UNLOCK SELF SERVE: Help staff maintain their own data using Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents 
  • PLAN FOR CHANGE: Learn how to "build in small bites" and prepare for change so you spend time only creating the features you need.
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How to architect and Build An Extendable Staff Portal Using 6 Different Microsoft 365 Services

Mark is currently building an enterprise-grade Staff Management Solution and wants to share the core DNA of this with you. 

He'll show the build steps using a range of tools from the Microsoft 365 stack - so you can broaden your experience vs always just using the same Power Platform services


Keep data up to date with DataFlows

Automate and knit the solution together with Power Automate

Keep your data secure yet accessible using the Dataverse

Learn how to break your solution into small and re-usable elements (aka micro-services) 

Create a Staff Directory using the Dataverse and SharePoint

Allow Staff to Update and Change their data with Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents

Use 'Solutions' in the Power Platform to organise and maintain your application 

reasons to WATCH

  • You will be able to see exactly what's involved in creating a Staff Directory system.
  • Pick up plenty of actionable tips and tricks to use in your own solutions.
  • This solution will be used in a large company meaning it's a great example to get inspired by.
  • You can ask Mark questions throughout the session to understand why and how he built it.

This workshop will be hosted by Mark Stokes

"Knowing how to build something my business will want to use and that helps me decommission other expensive products ... what's not to like!" 

Reducing costs is vital to keeping on top of business and team operations.

Finding we can build our own versions of expensive third-party apps, and ultimately retire ongoing subscriptions in favour of our low-cost tech is always a happy experience.

Even better, when we know the build opens up more features, I can build...

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When I read about what Mark had lined up, for me, what stood out - over and above the core value of building a great solution - was the idea I'd also learn:

  • How to build iteratively from the ground up without it being daunting
  • How Solutions would help organise and coordinate future releases

We never need another 'point' solution (1 product, 1 purpose, zero flexibility). This workshop avoids that pitfall for me because I know with what I build, I'll be able to expand into other valuable use cases - like leave management, career progression support, and check-in/check-out capabilities on different sites. 

Engineering and Design Skills You Will Learn From This Workshop:

It's common to build one-off applications to solve an immediate problem but have ambitions to build something bigger and more complex in the future. The challenge is how to level up your abilities in the right way. 

It might also be tempting to focus on a single technology and solve problems you have with the wrong technology. This workshop will help you think bigger and think wider to broaden the range of options you can open up using Microsoft 365 services.  

How to architect and  build for the real world

What techniques you can use to not only replace expensive third-party apps, but allow scope for future change

Using more M365 services effectively

Widen your experience and use the right service for the right moment. Covering Lists, Dataverse, Dataflows, Power Apps, Virtual agents and more

Adopting an Agile Mindset

How to reduce the anxiety of not knowing all of the answers, build iteratively and allow yourself to experiment whilst keeping one eye on the future demands for your app.

How you can build big solutions with small licences

Even if you dont have a Power Apps licence, all the steps in this workshop can be completed with a Teams licence. None of these are expensive premium licences.  

Micro-Services Solution Based Architecture

How to think about the features and purpose behind each part of your build. Leaving you ready to build in small pieces to create Lego like re-usable services you can re-use as building blocks for the future.

Release & Launch Techniques

The key steps to help you publish your solution successfully and retain the ability to change and improve the product without huge user disruption.

Workshop Agenda:

Mark will show you how to build a Staff Directory Application.  It will be created in a way that it can form the basis for future "People" based applications.

You'll learn how to bring relevant people data from external sources (to protect privacy of sensitive data) into your solution space and build a Who's Who application to find relevant people in the business.

Along with your host, you will then look at what other applications we can attribute to our people, such as skills, to form the basis of a skills search, and career progression tool.

Lastly you'll be looking at methods to keep people data up to date, with automated processes and one-to-one interactions such as edit screens in a Power App and a Power Virtual Agent to interact with the user to get updates.


Part 1 - Planning Flexibly
  • What the solution can replace.
  • Which Microsoft 365 services will you use.
  • The Initial Build Scope
  • Adopting an Agile Mindset
  • Solution Based Architecture


Part 2 - MVP and Beyond
  • Creating the core Service infrastructure
  • Using the right service for the right features
  • How to release and launch and allow scope for change

Meet your Workshop Host...

Mark has been working in the Microsoft world his entire career, covering most aspects of project management and implementation. From humble developer background Mark has moved through SharePoint Administration, Customisation, Application Development, Project Management, Solution Architecture, financing and business management.

Mark now has a keen focus on project and solution management, coming up with the right way to solve business problems. He is a methodical Agile operator taking an MVP led approach to application design.

He was a Microsoft MVP for 4 years in office servers and services and has multiple speaking, blogging and video community contributions under his belt, as well as long time event, community organiser and contributor to Collab365.

Mark Stokes

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