Unlock the Power of Microsoft 365 to Propel Your Small Business Forward

This in-depth workshop is your key to unlocking the potential of Microsoft 365 for your small business. Learn how to seamlessly integrate various tools to streamline operations, automate repetitive tasks, and foster collaboration. Become adept at leveraging Microsoft 365 to not only enhance productivity but also scale your business efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Matt Weston MVP

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What you'll learn:

  • Learn how to fine-tune your Microsoft 365 license to align perfectly with your small business needs, ensuring you invest only in the features that truly empower your operations and growth.
  • Uncover the power of Microsoft 365 in fostering seamless collaboration among your team, partners, and customers. Discover tools that make communication more efficient, teamwork more cohesive, and customer relationships stronger – essential ingredients for small business growth.
  • Master the art of harnessing Microsoft 365’s robust services to bring enterprise-level IT capabilities to your small business. Elevate your technological footing without the enterprise budget, and give your team the tools they need to excel.
  • Learn how to strategically choose and deploy the right Microsoft 365 tools for specific tasks within your small business. Prevent bottlenecks and ensure a smooth scaling process by aligning your tools with your growth objectives.
  • Discover how Microsoft 365 serves as an all-in-one toolkit for your small business, offering a range of versatile tools and services that can tackle everything from communication and collaboration to data management and security.
  • Gain insights on how to move from just setting up Microsoft 365 to fully utilizing its powerful features to drive your small business forward. Learn to unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 and make it an integral part of your business's growth strategy.


In Part 1,  Matt Weston MVP will walk through his Microsoft 365 Maturity Road Map and how to go through the 3 phases; Preparation, Consolidation, and Exploitation leaving you in a place where you can start to make educated choices about you Microsoft 365 purchase and also target the right services to the right problems.. 

Part 2 gives you inspiration and actionable demos to help use those foundations and turn them comprehensive solutions to meet your business scale and needs - quickly.

Part 1.1 – Preparation - Licences and Main Options

How to set up a framework for success

  • Create your 'Maturity Roadmap' for Microsoft365

Licensing and getting started with Microsoft 365

  • Debunking licensing Myths
  • How to choose your licence
  • Understanding the differences between licences and what add-ons are available
  • Review of 3 common Licence scenarios and what the best approach might be.

How to sign up to Microsoft 365

  • Step by step guide discussing the main decision points and options

Tips for Completing your Configuration

  • Domain Assignment
  • DNS Records

Part 1.2 – Consolidation - Learning about what we've got!

Exploring Microsoft 365 Productivity tools and the main considerations when using them, covering the following areas:

  • Creation and Collaboration
  • Cloud Storage
  • Communication
  • External Collaboration
  • Task Management
  • The Power Platform and Automation
  • Other Business Tools
  • Tools for the small business
  • Basic tools to implement within M365

With summary of each of the following products:

  • Office Pro Plus
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Sway
  • One Note
  • OneDrive
  • OneDrive for Business
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer
  • Planner
  • To Do
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Power Virtual Agent
  • Microsoft Booings
  • FindTime
  • Viva Insights

Part 1.3 –  Exploitation Phase - Start Implementing the basics.

Focusing on the Sales area of a company working through and example of how you might use M365 to build your sales board, covering:

  • How to choose the right tools for your sales team (e.g. Excel vs Lists) 
  • Step by step demonstration building the Sales tooling
  • Creation of Lists and how to use the different views and layouts to help manage your sales process.
  • How to have all that functionality within Microsoft Teams showing in the Sales Team area where the data is most useful.

Part 2.1 – Managing Documents and Sharing

  • Understanding the decision points to make educated and sensible choices about the services you use (e.g SharePoint vs Excel)
  • The structures of SharePoint, Libraries, Lists, and Sites
  • Sharing and Management of Files
  • Demonstrations of each aspect

Part 2.2 – Using Teams For Communication

  • Setting up project Teams effectively
  • Key features of Teams to help with your business, including Chat, Meetings and External Collaboration
  • Setting up Webinars

Part 2.3 – Document Automation

  • Using Templates
  • Key Benefits of Document Libraries and how to integrate with Planner
  • Automatically create items from metadata using your library structures

Part 2.4 – Holiday Management

  • Which Microsoft 365 services can you use quickly and easily
  • The key building blocks of a Holiday Management system you build and maintain with low effort and cost

Part 2.5 – Social Media Management

  • How to use the Microsoft 365 toolset to create repeatable, efficient processes that save manual effort

This training includes:

  • 8 hours of training
  • Access to the Collab365 Academy
  • Workshop Resources
  • Watch on Desktop or Mobile

Thoughts from the Collab365 Team:

I was definitely firmly in the camp of "Microsoft is expensive to get decent productivity from" and "I need an enterprise licence to do that" when I had originally considered using Microsoft 365 to solve business problems I noticed ... then Matt came along and it literally blew my mind how much I was missing out ...  

Up to that point, I'd been looking at solving problems with Excel spreadsheets, felt really clever with learning how to use Vlookup and pivot tables but honestly up to that point had realistically been scratching around for small wins. I wasn't even aware how that level of productivity gain could pale into insignificance against the potential within M365 - and with no greater skillset than the one I already had.

Read more ...

15 minutes in, after Matt had blown the myths wide open around licencing and taught me how to think about that purchase in a different way ... I was hooked and keen to learn more ...

We walked through some of the opportunities at our fingertips to build a better business and how we could use common services to make our day-to-day work lives slicker and free up more available time.

Reading the feedback in the chat as we went, it was reassuring to know I wasn't alone feeling like this. It genuinely is a must see workshop for anyone beginning or wanting to exploit Microsoft 365 as if it were their own private productivity helper.  


Unlock the Potential of Microsoft 365: Transform Your Business with Expert Insights and Real-World Solutions

Discover the secrets of Microsoft 365 licensing in this must-attend workshop, where you'll learn how to maximize your investment without overspending. Tailor your purchase to perfectly align with your business needs, and uncover the surprising flexibility of Microsoft 365.

Join us to explore the most effective Microsoft 365 services for solving your specific business challenges. Gain invaluable insights from expert Matt, who will guide you through a range of solutions to enhance collaboration, streamline document storage in the cloud, and leverage task and action management tools. You'll learn how to dramatically boost productivity and cut waste through smart automation.

But it's not all theory! In Part 2, dive into real-world applications as Matt reveals how he tackled two major hurdles in his own business using the Power Platform. These detailed case studies will demonstrate the power of Microsoft 365's no-code tools, showcasing a holiday management app and a tool for boosting social media engagement.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform how you use Microsoft 365 to address common business problems, improve collaboration and agility, and drive tangible results. Sign up now and be part of this game-changing experience!

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We're thrilled to have you explore our content! Like many of our happy customers, we're sure you'll find great value in what we offer. If, for any reason, you're not completely satisfied with a stand-alone purchase, please reach out within 30 days. We're more than happy to process a refund for you.

As for our Platinum Plan, we invite you to take advantage of our Collab365 Academy with a full-access, 7-day trial. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience all that we have to offer. Please note, due to the nature of this comprehensive trial, we are unable to provide refunds for plan purchases.

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