How to get started with Microsoft 365 (even if you know nothing about it)

This workshop teaches you the amazing opportunities in Microsoft 365, quickly. It can help increase your business efficiency by showing you multiple ways to improve productivity and remove manual tasks.


Matt Weston MVP

8 hours of training

What You’ll learn from this workshop recording:

This is one of those "oh wow!!" moments when you explore what Microsoft 365 has to offer with MVP Matt Weston and discover the huge wins you are missing out on.

With Matts help, we're confident you'll generate really interesting solutions to your own business problems.

How to tailor your Microsoft 365 licence to what you need, not what you are told you must have

What you can do with the 'Virtual Swiss Army Knife' that is Microsoft 365

How to enable enterprise level IT for Everyone using the services inside M365

How to use the right tool for the right job to avoid issues during your business growth

How you can collaborate so much better with teams, partners and customers

Learn about how to move from preparing to use M365 to exploiting all it has to offer

As this workshop is now on-demand, we've watched it and have the following to say ...

I was definitely firmly in the camp of "Microsoft is expensive to get decent productivity from" and "I need an enterprise licence to do that" when I had originally considered using Microsoft 365 to solve business problems I noticed ... then Matt came along and it literally blew my mind how much I was missing out ...  

Up to that point, I'd been looking at solving problems with Excel spreadsheets, felt really clever with learning how to use Vlookup and pivot tables but honestly up to that point had realistically been scratching around for small wins. I wasn't even aware how that level of productivity gain could pale into insignificance against the potential within M365 - and with no greater skillset than the one I already had.

Read more ...

15 minutes in, after Matt had blown the myths wide open around licencing and taught me how to think about that purchase in a different way ... I was hooked and keen to learn more ...

We walked through some of the opportunities at our fingertips to build a better business and how we could use common services to make our day-to-day work lives slicker and free up more available time.

Reading the feedback in the chat as we went, it was reassuring to know I wasn't alone feeling like this. It genuinely is a must see workshop for anyone beginning or wanting to exploit Microsoft 365 as if it were their own private productivity helper.  

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Workshop Agenda:

In this recording which is combines 2 full live workshops, Matt Weston MVP will teach you how to achieve the following.


Microsoft 365 Licencing myths blown wide open

You'll about Matt's roadmap to exploiting M365 in the best way from the beginning. 

More importantly, you'll learn how to think about your licence purchase and how you've been doing it wrong so far. 


The best services to use for your business scenarios

You'll learn about some of the existing opportunities you might be missing out on and some newly released gems that will help you on your journey to mastering the Microsoft 365 services you can use. 

Matt will also zoom in on the best options for common areas you will want to focus on and why (using M365)

  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Storage
  • Communication 
  • Task and action Management
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • and more ...


How to build solutions to 2 Real world business problems

In the latter part of the workshop, Matt will open the doors wide and share with you how he solved 2 huge pain points for his business using the Power Platform. 

These arent just cursory glances but in depth talks about the decisions made and the tools. He covers:

  • A Holiday Management App
  • An App to automate his social media posts and amplify his engagement

Meet your Workshop Host...

Matt has presented at all of our recent Collab365 Summits. He always over delivers for his audiences and is one of our "go to experts" when we need help.

Matt also proved his skills by building out our entire Speaker on-boarding flow for our summits using Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint.

Matt Weston, Microsoft MVP

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