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SharePoint, Teams & Viva! Creating a Modern Employee Experience Intranet

This 5-hour, workshop will teach you how to create a complete Intranet and employee experience platform using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Viva! 

Geoff Ables MVP

5 hours of training

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What You’ll learn from this workshop recording:

This 5-hour, workshop will teach you how to create a complete Intranet and employee experience platform using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Viva!  

How to Create a home page and departmental site using Modern SharePoint.

How to link SharePoint Teams and Team Sites to your Intranet by creating Hub Sites.

Integration of your SharePoint home with Teams using Viva Connections and other components of Viva.

Best practice governance and information architecture concepts for your Teams and Sites to keep content organized and simple.

Teams-First: What it means and how to build an intranet using Teams and Team Sites

What The Future of Viva might look like (coming soon modules!)

Are you struggling to create a SharePoint Intranet (or even just a site) that is beautiful, simple, dynamic and that keeps your users coming back?

Starting to create a modern SharePoint site can be both intimidating and challenging. From the outset, you need to make hundreds of decisions around site structure, Microsoft Lists, document libraries, security, taxonomy, and plenty more!

What's worse, the problem compounds itself when you also have to consider how to integrate your sites into Microsoft Teams, (the app in which staff spend most of their working day).

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If Teams and SharePoint aren't enough to get your head spinning, there's a new kid on the block called "Microsoft Viva". Viva offers some great features (that you will love), but the downside is it adds more complexity (and choice) to your next Intranet build.

Self-built Intranet sites can often fail due to poor design or lack of knowledge in SharePoint and how it works with the related Microsoft technologies (like Teams and Viva Connections).

This workshop will teach you how to use SharePoint, Teams and Viva together for your next Intranet. Once you implement what you learn, your staff will embrace your Intranet, which will directly benefit your organisation through increased productivity and collaboration.

We will also teach you how to get started by automating your common business processes using Power Automate.

Would this workshop benefit me?

Can you answer "yes" to any of these?

  • Do you find the thought of creating a Modern SharePoint Site intimidating ? 
  • Do you struggle to make your site beautiful, simple, dynamic and appealing to your users ?
  • Unsure how your site could integrate with Teams and Viva Connections ?

If you did answer "yes", our most popular workshop of 2021 is a "must-see".

What will the workshop teach me?

This 5-hour, LIVE Workshop is ideal for people familiar with creating Teams, accessing SharePoint sites and managing documents within Teams. If you want to take your learning to the next level by building a fantastic Intranet experience, you will love this Workshop!

The Workshop will cover:

  • Designing SharePoint sites and Connecting Hub sites
  • Managing Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Document Libraries.
  • Teams-First: What it means and how to build an intranet using Teams and Team Sites.
  • Integrating SharePoint into Teams 
  • Viva! Integrating the SharePoint home page and navigation with Teams.
  • The future of Viva - other modules coming soon.
  • Keeping it simple - governance and information architecture.
  • The basics of SharePoint and Teams security.

Sound good? Scroll down below to see more details on what Geoff will cover in the Workshop.

Workshop Agenda:

In this 5-hour Workshop, Geoff Ables MVP will teach you how to achieve the following.


Part 1: Team and Site Design
  • Creating a Team and Designing a Team Site
  • Setting up a Hub Site
  • Design and Planning Best Practices
  • What is a "Teams-First" Intranet?
  • 2

    Part 2: Document Libraries
  • Metadata - what it is and when to use it
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • Information Architecture - keeping SharePoint simple
  • 3

    Part 3: Automation
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Integrating Lists with SharePoint Sites and Teams
  • Power Automate for Beginners
  • 4

    Part 4: Dive Deeper
  • Setting up Viva Connections
  • The Viva Roadmap
  • SharePoint Security Basics
  • Working With Your SharePoint Admin
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    Meet your Workshop Host...

    Bestselling author, Microsoft MVP, MCT, and international keynote speaker, Geoff Ables is a thought leader on digital customer and employee engagement. Geoff co-authored the "Dynamics CRM 2011 Administrator Bible" and his most recent book, "The LUCK Principle," delivers fresh insight and inspiration into creating people-centric digital workplaces. Geoff is an avid motorcycle and wine enthusiast and has appeared as a guest on "The Impractical Jokers."

    Geoff Ables, Microsoft MVP

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