Improve & Automate Employee Onboarding with the Power Platform

Use Microsoft 365 services to make a streamlined, effective and welcoming onboarding experience

highlights of this 4-5 Hour WORkshop:
  • KEEP EVERYONE ON TASK AND IN THE KNOW:  Learn how you can create and assign tasks for Operations, Human Resources, Hiring Managers, IT, and of course, your new hire.
  • AUTOMATE MANY STEPS: Automatically assign licenses and M365 Groups and tasks to remove what was once slow going and error prone.
  • CREATE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION: Send a personalised welcome mail and guide your new employee through their first day without it being a manual overhead.
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  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you don't love everything you learn in this workshop, we will refund your payment.
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Onboarding Was Even Error Prone bEFORE we started working from anywhere

An onboarding process helps keep everyone on track and provides visibility into tasks for HR, Operations, IT, and hiring managers. New employees also need to know where to start!

A solid process flow will show new starters you're organized and start them down the right path. 

In this fantastic workshop, a solution will be built with reference lists so that email verbiage, tasks and task assignments can be updated without having to edit the underlying software (flows)

With MCT Kelly Edingers' guidance, you'll get hands using SharePoint Online, Power Automate, Azure AD, and Outlook.

Here's what you will learn ...

How to build Flows that support the onboarding process

How to keep different departments and people informed on key steps

How to hold staff data and update it automatically in SharePoint

How to use action processes for the right people

reasons to WATCH

  • You will learn how to link software to replace manual steps.
  • How flow can be a real workhorse and perform quite complex tasks for you.
  • You'll replace manual steps with automation but retain the 'human' feel of onboarding
  • You'll be able to ask Kelly questions at the workshop if attending live

This workshop will be hosted by Kelly Edinger (MCT)

"Our staff onboarding is PERFECT! (...said no one ever!) If my past self had the chance to watch this workshop, I would have jumped at it" 

More often than not, past experience has shown me that new people joining who are not given the essential information - not only for day 1 but also the early weeks to come.

Why? Because the team or person responsible got too busy. 

I've listened to Kelly talk about solutions before and she always delivers in a way that I can get to grips with. 

I'm not a developer but I do have a brain that understands cloud service terms, ideas around streamlining process and can make sense of using the software that's at hand.

For me, the idea of plugging together my user data, with 'human like' yet automated interactions to create an onboarding solution sounds fantastic. 

Kelly's solution will solve a LOT of that headache.  So for me is a must watch

The Topics You Will Cover

What steps would you want in an onboarding process?

How can you serve the needs of new people AND existing teams without manual overload.

Time based actions

Keep people informed only at the right time so you dont create an automated process people begin to ignore 

How To Interact with Your User Data Store

Azure AD often holds the keys to the door for onboarding. New people need accounts. These accounts can be triggers and responses to all sorts of automatic actions

Automatically trigger and chase actions

Create actions and chasers that are designed to get people where then need to be at the correct time e.g. targeting compliance or information gathering tasks

Reduce manual overhead and simplify support

Use reference lists so your flows dont need to change when a team name changes 

Key skills to support a person beyond day 1

Using the skills you will learn, you'll be able to think about and design for future processes. Perhaps even into annual activities for existing employees like compliance

Meet your Workshop Host...

Kelly has spoken at previous Collab365 events and contributor to the monthly Academy Q&A sessions. 


She's an experienced consultant passionate about helping organizations make the most of their technology investments by putting people and process first. This workshop really taps into her ability to create strategies for improving user experience, maximizing ROI, streamlining and automating processes, whilst keeping data secure.

Kelly Edinger (Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT)

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