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"There aren't enough humans to build 450 million apps." 

- Source: CNBC News article about Microsoft Power Platform

There's a huge opportunity right now. 

Over the next 5-years, Microsoft predict there will be 450 million Power Platform Apps needing to be built (with no need to write code).

Businesses all over the World have a big problem ...

There aren't enough Citizen Developers to build the no-code solutions that they are going to need!

Businesses need YOU!

We already have thousands of people learning the skills they need to build a career in the Power Platform!

There's never been a better time to learn the Power Platform...

The core services that make up the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate) are exploding in popularity, right now.

A quick search on "Google Trends" illustrates how many Google searches each product has attracted (over the last 5 years) ... and we've not even started yet!
Power BI Trends

The Rise of the "Citizen Developer" ...

When Microsoft released Power Apps, they coined the term "Citizen Developer" to describe people who would build Power Platform solutions without having to write code. From the chart below, you can also see that people are searching for Citizen Developers. This is a sure sign that demand is on the increase.

The Collab365 Training Bundle can help you gain the skills you need to cash in on the global skills shortage for just $27

To develop solutions in 2022, you DON'T need to write code!

Over the last 2 years, there's been a huge emergence of no/low code tools. These tools allow you to visually drag and drop widgets to build the applications that businesses need. Microsoft are at the very forefront of the no-code revolution with the Power Platform.  
Once you have the basics down and your confidence up you will be amazed what you can build! At Collab365, we're there to support and guide you every step of the way.

You'll also become a member of the Collab365 Academy, which is Great for you, because ...

... You can learn with our Beginner's Library ...

If you're an absolute beginner, we've got your covered...


This Micro-course is fantastic at giving you the what's what of Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform. It also unlocks your 'member perks' so you can access even more content and offers.


The Collab365 Academy is packed full of eager learners who are friendly and willing to help out. It's got many of the features that Facebook has, but none of the ads.

The Training Bundle is packed full of Power Platform content, here's why you should learn it...

Power Platform is the name Microsoft uses to denote a set of 4 services that help power users build solutions on top of Office 365 without any coding skills.  

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, services, connectors and a data platform that provides a rapid development environment to build custom apps for your business needs.

Power automate

Power Automate allows you to create automated workflows between a massive selection of services to synchronise files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

Power BI

Power BI allows you to visualise data from various data sources to build reports and dashboards. Many different controls enable you to present the data to make it easy to understand.

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents lets you create chatbots that can respond to questions typed in by customers, other employees, or visitors to your website or service. BOTS can be created using a visual builder that requires no coding knowledge.

Why is the Power Platform an excellent career choice?

  • In-Demand: There's now massive demand for No-Code developers who can build solutions ranging from vacation booking to time recording apps.
  • Easy to Learn: In the Collab365 Academy, we welcome beginners. We've plenty of training material to lower you into the Power Platform as well as other complimentary services such as Teams and SharePoint.
  • It's great fun: Being able to build an application so quickly is rewarding and allows you unleash your creative side.
  • Work from home: As Power Platform solutions are all built (in the Cloud), it's really easy to work remotely and this is what many companies accommodate. 
  • Well Paid: If you search for roles requiring Power Platform skills, it's not uncommon to see roles offering over $100K.
  • No need to code: Learning to be a developer, who can code proficiently, can take years. The Power Platform has been created to support business users who have no-coding knowledge. You can build a very powerful application in days not months/years.
  • It's the future-proof: Over the next few years, we're going to see a world where many jobs disappear through automation. Having skills that are in-demand will ensure longevity in your career.

Here's a recap of

EVERYTHING You'll Get for Just $27

Collab365 Training Bundle
200+ hours of video training
We've ran 10 Virtual Summits around Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. Every single session will be added to your Academy account to supplement your learning.
($349 Value)
108 Microsoft 365 Ebooks
A library that contains 1000's of pages of learning. This incredible resource teaches you all the essential Microsoft 365 skills, including Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, OneNote, Azure and more ...
($177 Value)
Microsoft 365 Foundation Micro Course (+ get a Credly certificate)
If you'd like a primer into Teams, SharePoint, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents then this course is for you. If you pass, you also get access to our member perks space and earn an Explorer badge!
($97 Value)
Lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy (inc. learning paths)
We believe that learning should be a continuous experience. As soon as you purchase, you will be added to the Collab365 Academy to meet other members and enjoy all of the content on offer in this Challenge (and more). Once in the Academy, you can start learning immediately by following our specially curated learning paths.
($297 Value)
Unlock your Member Perks Area
We've also compiled an every growing list of offer in our "member perks" space. In this space you will find playbooks, courses and fantastic discounts. Note: To incentivise you to learn, you need to pass the Microsoft 365 Foundation Micro Course test (which takes less than 20 minutes). 
(Massive Value)
Total Value: $920

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Don't forget: you'll also get Lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy (318 training videos), and this is what our members think... 

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View All 318 Sessions

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Don't forget! Along with lifetime access to all of the training videos, we're also giving you lifetime access to the Collab365 Academy!

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Example Session: Beginners Guide to Power Apps

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This training session was delivered by one of the leading Power Apps experts in the world, Laura Rogers MVP.

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You'll also become a member of the Collab365 Academy...

The Collab365 Academy is our training community for people who want to start learning Microsoft 365 technologies like Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint and Office 365.

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Microsoft Made $15.9 Billion In Their Business & Productivity Division (Q2 2022). With A Growth Of 19%, There's Never Been A Better Time To Learn Microsoft 365!

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If you're purchasing a bundle that includes videos then absolutely! If the presenter has shared them, we will share them with you along side the recording.

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Why are we offering so much content for such a low price?

Great Question!

When you look at what you get for $27, you're probably thinking:

"There's a catch."
"The content must be rubbish."

Firstly, there's no catch or trick. You get lifetime access to all of the training videos and ebooks in the Collab365 Academy. This is content that thousands have of people have paid hundreds of dollars for.

The content is also fantastic and is presented by MVPs, Trainers and even Microsoft themselves in many cases.

So why not charge more?

At Collab365, we strongly believe in showcasing what we are about and how we can help. The best way to do that is to offer you some of our best content at a no-brainer price. So if you like what you see, then perhaps one day, when you have a training need, you might look us up!

Can't wait to show you all of the content you get inside the Collab365 Academy!

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