What if you could own a Digital Library crammed full of tips to help you build solutions in Microsoft 365?

Well, here's some great news...

"Today is going to feel like your birthday!" 
You can have that library delivered to you digitally with lifetime access to 1000's of pages of learning. This incredible resource teaches you all the essential Microsoft 365 skills, including ... 
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power Apps
  • Microsoft Azure
  • OneNote
  • Power Automate
  • Power Bi

Pick up one of the hottest skillsets on the planet … even if you are an absolute beginner!

You won't want to stop downloading them until your device storage screams stop!!  

There's never been a better time to learn Microsoft 365, Power Platform, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams!

There's a huge opportunity right now.

Virtually every organisation is shifting their business processes and data centres to online providers like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Many choose Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) because it offers a fantastic suite of tools (inc MS Office) at a very affordable price.

There is a problem, though...

Moving to and running a business in the Cloud is complicated. A business needs skilled people to be creative, build solutions and maintain products to be successful.

On top of that, Microsoft is releasing new features and products every single month, so there's always a need to keep skills current.

The challenge for us, as Microsoft specialists, is now two-fold.

Challenge #1: What do we learn?

There are over 30 services in Microsoft 365 and many more in Azure. how do we know which ones are important enough to spend money learning, and where do we start? There's no point spending wages buying a book or a course to learning something only to find you are missing a key part and have to buy more to get where you want!

Challenge #2: How do we learn?

There's a mass of learning content on forums, video sites and conferences. One approach is to Google "Learn [insert tech]", and you will find plenty of results.

The big problem with this approach is it's not always going to deliver you authentic results; often you accidentally land on an attempt to sell you a product by offering to teach you something you need in a blog post

The other challenge is that learning alone is hard! We've got constant distractions and no one to ask when we most need help to understand what we have just read.

There's now a better way to gain all the skills you need in a supportive online community  ...

Many people find it much better to learn together in an environment that encourages collaborative learning in a fun and engaging way.

So, if you're someone that likes the idea of having a comprehensive eBook library at your fingertips and access to a community of likeminded people to talk to about M365 (on a platform that's NOT on Facebook), then this offer is ideal for you.

When you purchase the $97 eBook Bundle you will get the following:

108 eBooks:
We've created literally thousands of pages of learning for you. Some are beginner guides to help you get started, some help you take the next steps, many partner with the video sessions we also have available inside the Collab365 Academy.  

There's even a portion of the library dedicated to the more advanced development and administration problems you might want to solve!

The problem of covering all of your bases has gone, you will be gaining access to more content that you could reasonably get from a whole shelf full of books!

Collab365 Academy:
A friendly community to help you learn together.

Included for just $97, you get 6-months of access to Collab365 Academy, where you can join like-minded people to learn.

In addition, within the Academy, access to many more opportunities to learn open up, such as events, an M365 forum, chats and more coming in the future.

In case you're wondering, after 6-months, if you choose to leave the Academy,  don't worry, you'll still have lifetime access to the content on our sister site at Collab365 Events.

Collab365 eBook Bundle

Lifetime access to 1000's of pages (108 eBooks) of training content for just 97$!

It works out at less than 90 cents per eBook!! 

With the eBook Bundle, you can learn the strategies, tips and tricks written by the World's best MVP's, MCT's and even Microsoft themselves! Even if you're a complete beginner, there's an eBook to get you started in Power Apps, Power automate, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams and more. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

We know that just giving you 108 eBooks (for $97) is already unbelievable value! But, we also know that you have far more chance of learning if we make it available within a community that gives you the opportunity to learn with others and ask questions! When you purchase the eBook bundle, you are given immediate access to our brand new Collab365 Academy!

Lifetime access to 108 eBooks 

When you purchase you will be granted access to all of the eBooks for lifetime via the Academy or our Collab365 Events site (if you decide not to stay).

Collab365 Academy Access for 6 months!

You will also be one of the first to be given access to the Collab365 Academy, our new community-based learning environment.  

Get a head start with an entry level section

There's a such a huge variety of content, it may be hard to know where go first. To help, we've put a set of Guides and Tips together so you have quick access to a great foundation in M365.

Learn with others ... it's more fun!

We believe that learning something new is much better when done together. The Collab365 Academy is built with community front and centre.  

Wondering what's in the eBook Bundle?

Click below to browse all 108 eBooks (including those pictured) in this bundle. It works out at around 90 cents per eBook! Thats crazy value!!

View All 318 Sessions

Don't forget! Along with lifetime access to all of the eBooks, we're also giving you 6-months access to the Collab365 Academy!


Want A Sneak Peek Into The eBooks bundle?

Example eBook: Beginners Guide to Power Apps

Here's a full FREE eBook to give you a feel for the content you'll receive (You also get another 107!)
This eBook is based upon Collab365 lessons delivered by some of the leading Power Apps experts in the world.

Power Apps Beginner Ebook

What is the Collab365 Academy?

The Academy is our brand new training community for people who want to start learning Microsoft 365 technologies like Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint and Office 365.

We've already integrated all of our Summits videos, Ebooks, Workshops into the Academy and will soon be launching brand new Playbooks, Training Courses and Solution Accelerators.

In addition to the content, the Academy also boasts social features such as a post feed, commenting, liking, member profiles, search, events and much more.

You can think of the Academy as a Facebook or LinkedIn group without an overzealous algorithm controlling what you see. It's also wholly Ad Free!

Microsoft Made $15.9 Billion In Their Business & Productivity Division (Q2 2022). With A Growth Of 19%, There's Never Been A Better Time To Learn Microsoft 365!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Firstly, like thousands of others, we're confident you will love this content! However, if you decide it's not for you, let us know and we will refund your money within 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get an invoice?

As soon as you make your purchase, you will be emailed a receipt. If you'd also like a formal invoice, please send your request to [email protected]

Can I get refund?

We're absolutely positive you will love your purchase, however, if not contact us within 3 days of your purchase and we will issue a refund.

How long do I get access for?

You get access to the purchased items for a lifetime. You can access them on the Collab365 Academy as well.

Do I get the access to any resources such as slides?

If you're purchasing a bundle that includes videos then absolutely! If the presenter has shared them, we will share them with you along side the recording.

Can I share the content I buy?

No, only the person who purchases will be able to watch the videos and will receive the ebooks. We ask that you do not share them.

Where can I see what's included?

If you scroll back up this page you will see a section that explains exactly what you get.

Mark Jones, Collab365

Why are we offering so much content for such a low price?

Great Question!

When you look at what you get for $97, you're probably thinking:

"There's a catch."
"The content must be rubbish."

Firstly, there's no catch or trick. You get lifetime access to all of the eBooks and also 6-months access to the Collab365 Academy. This is content that thousands have of people have paid hundreds of dollars for.

The content is also fantastic and is authored by MVPs, Trainers and even Microsoft themselves in many cases.

So why not charge more?

At Collab365, we strongly believe in showcasing what we are about and how we can help. The best way to do that is to offer you some of our best content at a no-brainer price. So if you like what you see, then perhaps one day, when you have a training need, you might look us up!

Can't wait to show you all of the content you get inside the Collab365 Academy!

Mark Jones