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3pm UTC for 5 Days

What you'll gain my completing this Challenge:

  • Access to Session Replays:
    Missed a session? Don’t worry. You are given access to replays of the session each day and until the Sunday night following the challenge to ensure you don’t miss a thing.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills:
    Throughout the challenge, you'll face various scenarios that will improve your ability to solve problems using the Power Platform, making you more adept at handling real-world business challenges.
  • Access to the Challenge Space: You will also be given access to a dedicated area within the Collab365 Academy where you can ask questions and chat with your cohort after the daily training is complete.
  • Practical Skill Development: Build a fully-functional vacation-booking app using Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint, Planner, and Teams. Gain hands-on experience and practical skills in real-world application development.
  • Interactive Sessions with Live Chat Support: Watch daily sessions at 4pm and interact with our team in real-time via live chat. Get your questions answered and share your progress with fellow learners.
  • 'Learn by Doing' Approach: Engage in a hands-on, enjoyable learning process, focusing on building functional solutions through direct engagement and problem-solving.

"Last Week, I Built A Vacation Booking App In The Power Platform And Now I'm Going To Get A Job With It!"

How COOL would it be if you could say that?

That's exactly what one of our previous Challengers, Steven Walther, can say. Steven was working as a bar manager and had no idea what the Power Platform was when he took the Challenge. His sister paid for him to join because she knew Steven would love a career in IT. Steven took the challenge and within 4 weeks, he landed a job as a trainee Microsoft 365 consultant, thanks to the skills he gained. He's now a full-time consultant building Power Platform solutions.

With a bit of hard work and belief, anything is possible!

Why Join the Power Platform Challenge?

For everyone, it's different...

  • Cash in on the Power Platform "Gold Rush": The Power Platform is set to explode in popularity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain in-demand skills.
  • Transform Your Career: If you’re in a job you hate, learn something new that could lead to a career you love for the next 10+ years.
  • Boost Team Productivity: As a team leader, re-train your team to take advantage of the huge productivity savings the Power Platform offers.

Can you answer "Yes" to any of these questions?

  • Does your company need a Vacation Booking system?
  • Do you prefer to learn with others who are solving the same problems on the same days?
  • Do you like to be held accountable for your success? (I know I do)
  • Are you a complete beginner who doesn't even know what the Power Platform is?
  • Do you enjoy to learn by building something real-world?
  • Do you enrol in free / paid online courses but never finish them?
  • Do you worry that your skills are falling behind? 
  • Do you want support from our coaches who can support you as you progress?
  • Are you convinced the Power Platform is a great skill to learn but don't know where to start?
  • Are you looking to change career and want to have something credible to add to your portfolio?

If You Answered YES To ANY Of Those Questions Then I Invite You To Join The "Power Platform Challenge" And Let's Turn You Into A Power Platform PRO!

Stephen walther | it consultant

"I am forever grateful for the incredible way you have created this educational experience."

I am forever grateful for the incredible way you have created this educational experience. I have had a few weeks to digest what I have learned and have ascertained what I need to know moving forward.

I just wanted to take a moment to simply say Thank You for providing a platform for someone like myself to make a change in their career later in life but have the tools to learn and excel. For that, I will be eternally grateful. 

When you accept the Challenge you will ...

Build A Solution Using SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, Teams, Planner & Power BI !! ...

Build a Time Recording Power App

Leverage SharePoint to store and manage leave requests and entitlements

Learn how to explore and manipulate data in SharePoint Lists to manage your staff holiday or vacation data

SharePoint Lists can be used in many different scenarios to store the data needed to power your Power Platform solutions. In this Power Platform Challenge, you will learn how to use SharePoint to manage the leave entitlement and request data that drives the solution. You'll also learn how to create re-usable 'Content-Types' to speed up future rollout.

Build a Time Recording Power App

Work with Power Automate to glue the solution together

Power Automate provides the "Connections" in the Power Platform Solution.

Nearly all solutions can benefit from Power Automate to move data around and connect systems up. The Vacation Booking System is no different as it uses Power Automate to move data around, perform checks and trigger Approvals.

Build a Time Recording Power App

Use Power Apps to view and trigger Vacation Requests

Power Apps will be used as one of the main user interfaces for your staff to manage their requests. No code needed!

We will show you how easy it is to build a Power Apps solution with no code. Once created, staff will be able to view and request vacations and see what they have left from their entitlement.

Build a Time Recording Power App

Engage Power BI To Provide Insights

Power BI provides the ability to see not only your own requests but also for management information around current trends

Power BI is a powerful visualisation tool integrated with Microsoft 365. Once implemented, it will be easy to review requests in real time, understand what's left to take and gather a view across teams.

Get Even More Experience By Using Power Virtual Agents, Planner and Teams !

Power BI provides the ability to see not only your own requests but also for management information around current trends

Power BI is a powerful visualisation tool integrated with Microsoft 365. Once implemented, it will be easy to review requests in real time, understand what's left to take and gather a view across teams.

You'll also give approvers a visual tool using Planner so they can simply drag and drop Approvals rather than replying to emails.

Finally, you'll learn how this all integrates and Pivots around Microsoft Teams as the booking 'hub'.

Challenge Learning Modules:

Challenge - Day 1

Design Your Data Model (Using SharePoint)

You'll step into the shoes of the Data Manager to create the data infrastructure for the Vacation App solution. During this day we will be creating Lists, Content Types and Site Columns.

Challenge - Day 2

Create Approval Workflows

Dive into the Power Platform world starting with Power Automate. Learn how business automation can quickly improve your productivity and efficiency whilst managing people's vacation requests with approvals.

Learn Canvas Power Apps

Consider Power Apps as the face of your vacation app. Learn how to build an intuitive application that your staff can use to book vacations and view important information about their holiday entitlements.

Challenge - Day 3

Advanced Power Automate Flows

Expand on your existing Power Automate flow to correctly format date and time expressions so that your formulas can perform calculations.

Advanced Data Control in Power Apps

Learn how to use Collections with Power Apps to bring in data related to staff Leave Entitlements, allowing you to reuse the information in multiple places.

Challenge - Day 4

Automated Notifications user Power Automate

Learn how to use the power of Power Automate in conjunction with Microsoft Teams to send out scheduled alerts and messages to the staff over Teams. 

Task Management Using Power Automate

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Planner into your Power Automate flow to automatically create and close tasks when the holiday is requested and approved.

Challenge - Day 5

Created Reports and Visualisations

Learn how to turn your Leave Entitlements and Leave Request into a beautiful Power BI Dashboard, surface and drill into staff holiday analytics and create reports.

Here's a sneak peek at what you will build:

What is a Collab365 Challenge?

Blue Certified Solution

In many cases, our Challenges are built so that you can "learn by doing". To achieve this we follow our B.L.U.E. Framework. Learn why BLUE is a superior way to learn. Here's a summary of the 4 phases.

step 1


Learners conceptualise and start creating the app during the ‘Build It’ phase. They tap into the Power Platform’s capabilities to design an intuitive and user-friendly interface while meeting the task’s business requirements. This hands-on experience, right from the start, deepens their understanding of the platform and its functionalities.

step 2


As they move into the ‘Learn It’ stage, learners realise the platform’s intricacies, discovering functionalities they were previously unaware of. This phase provides an immediate feedback loop, allowing learners to correct misconceptions, deepen their understanding, and improve their skills.

step 3


In the ‘Use It’ phase, learners experience their creations from a user’s perspective. They test the app, identifying any flaws or usability issues. This hands-on testing and usage phase provides invaluable insights into user experience, an essential aspect of any app development process.

step 4


Finally, during the ‘Enhance It’ stage, learners refine their app based on the feedback and insights gained during testing. This iterative process simulates a real-world development cycle, reinforcing the importance of continual learning and improvement in the technology industry.

eric peterson | IT Consultant at the Salvation Army

"I just earned my Credly certificate for the Power Platform!"

I just earned my Credly certificate for the Power Platform. I had to say the five-day challenge was a fantastic journey for me. I looked at each one of the Power Platform modules separately. So one of my learning goals was to see how they would work together. This challenge did just that, but not just by talking about it instead, the week was spent building a usable application and enhancing it to see how each of those interactions.

Even though the course was great. The main difference was in the approach to learning, having that daily start time with cohorts and coaches that held me accountable and engaged for the week. And by participating in those discussion groups and earning badges, I was motivated to Excel at each day's assignment.

So congratulations on building this excellent platform. I know I'll certainly be signing up for other challenges in the future.

Select your date and Book on the Challenge (it's FREE)

What's it like to take part in a Challenge?

Expect a next-generation training experience. Our challenges are fun, cleverly-paced, and provide a degree of accountability to ensure your success.

Support you can rely on...

5-Day Format

Complete the Challenge over 5 days with pre-recorded sessions at 4pm UTC, accompanied by live chat support from the Collab365 Team.

Collab365 Coaching

Our Collab365 Coaches are on hand and will help you through the Challenge. You can ask them questions in the Academy and request support when needed.

Peer Support

Connect with other Challengers in a dedicated Space within the Collab365 Academy.

What do I need to take the challenge?

No Previous skills necessary

We've built the Challenge for anyone to follow along with, so you don't need any previous skills. Knowing a bit about Excel or being a bit 'technically minded' is really helpful but we'll give you what you need along the way.

A PC and Mobile device

To follow along with the building aspects, you will need access to a browser, and the ability to download the Power App app from either the Microsoft, iOS or Google Play stores on your mobile device. It's very easy to install and 100% free. We also show you how, just in case you're unsure. 

Microsoft 365 Tenant

To get the most out of the Challenge, you'll want to practice building, sharing and using applications. You'll do this via the Power Platform. If you don't have access to a Microsoft 365 Tenant, you can get access to Microsoft 365 including the relevant Power Platform licenses with a Microsoft Business Basics licence (around USD $5pcm).

Cindy vasey | Compliance Program Manager at AWS

"I loved the idea that I would build something real-world"

I took the 5-day Challenge to explore the Power Platform's full potential quickly. In addition, I loved the idea that I would build something real-world that taught me all of the significant services. The Challenge was nicely paced, with tasks to do each day, and I loved the idea that Collab365 were on hand to support me.

This training includes:

  • 10 hours study time
  • Access to the Collab365 Academy
  • Watch on Desktop or Mobile

Meet your Trainer:

Matt Weston MVP

Matt Weston MVP

Matt has presented at all of our recent Collab365 Summits. He always over delivers for his audiences and is one of our "go to experts" when we need help.

Matt also proved his skills by building out our entire Speaker on-boarding flow for our summits using Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint.

Frequently Asked questions:

What is the 5-Day Power Platform Challenge?

The 5-Day Power Platform Challenge is a hands-on training program where you will build a fully functional vacation-booking app using Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, SharePoint, Planner, and Teams. The sessions are pre-recorded and scheduled daily at 4pm UTC, accompanied by live chat support from our Collab365 Team.

Is the Challenge really free?

Yes, the Challenge is completely free to join. However, certifications are available to Platinum members upon successful completion.

What if I miss a session?

Don't worry! You will have 7 days to watch the recordings of each session. This allows you to catch up at your own pace.

Do I need any prior experience with the Power Platform?

No prior experience is needed. The Challenge is designed for beginners. Knowing a bit about Excel or being technically minded can be helpful but is not required.

What do I need to participate in the Challenge?

You will need access to:

  • A PC and a mobile device with internet connectivity.
  • A Microsoft 365 tenant (you can use your own tenant or purchase a single month of a from Microsoft. A Business Basics License should suffice).
  • The ability to download the Power Apps app from Microsoft, iOS, or Google Play stores.

How do I join the Challenge sessions?

After registering, you will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to join the sessions. Simply click on the link at 4pm UTC each day.

What kind of support is available during the Challenge?

Our Collab365 Team will be available in the live chat during the pre-recorded sessions to answer your questions and provide support. You can also connect with peers and coaches in the dedicated Challenge Space within the Collab365 Academy.

How do I get the certification?

The certification is available to Platinum members. Upon successful completion of the Challenge, Platinum members will receive instructions to redeem their certificate on Credly.

What if I can’t keep up with the daily schedule?

While it’s best to keep up with the daily schedule, you have 7 days to access the recordings and complete the tasks at your own pace.

Can I share the training materials with others?

No, the training materials, including videos and eBooks, are for your personal use only. Sharing them with others is not permitted.

What happens after I complete the Challenge?

Upon completion, you can choose to become a Platinum member to receive the certification and gain access to more advanced resources and training opportunities.

How do I access the Challenge Space?

You will be given access to a dedicated Space within the Collab365 Academy after you register for the Challenge. This Space allows you to interact with other Challengers and get support from our coaches.

Can I complete the Challenge at my own pace?

The sessions are designed to be watched daily, but you have 7 days of access to the recordings. This allows some flexibility to complete the Challenge at your own pace within that time frame.

What if I have technical difficulties during the Challenge?

Please ask questions in the Challenge Space within the Collab365 Academy.

Is there a deadline to register for the Challenge?

Yes, each cohort has a registration deadline. Be sure to register before the deadline to secure your spot in the next Challenge.

What if I don’t want to continue after the Challenge?

There's no obligation to continue after the Challenge. However, we believe you’ll find the experience valuable and may consider joining our Platinum membership for continued learning and certification opportunities.

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