Power Automate STEP UP Challenge: create engaging and flexible Approvals

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This Power Automate StepUp Challenge is designed to build on skills you have already learned in the JumpStart. It's quick, to the point and above all, builds more skills and confidence using Power Automate. You'll build the MOST common use case for a flows - An Approval.  Lean how to configure them, make them flexible and start to build real confidence in your automation abilities.

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After you complete the Challenge, you'll be able to build flexible, meaningful Approval flows that are  developed to meet your organisations needs! 

... learn how to customise Approvals, create alternate pathways in your workflow & add Teams chat's to your flows. It's WAY more achievable than you think...

... once you've graduated you will be able to add this to your Skills Porfolio:

What is the Power Automate StepUp Challenge?

The Power Automate StepUp Challenge is comprised of a set of short lessons (all between 5 and 10 mins mostly) that take about 90-minutes to complete. It teaches you that you have the skills to build complex automations no matter what your start point. You'll take a real life example and add a dozen or more new skills to your portfolio using practice steps to create a working Approval solution. 

You can start taking the Power Automate StepUp Challenge within minutes of registering.  


We've built the challenge to be fun and rewarding so you can expect to pause for thought and to ask yourself questions along the way


Normal courses have low completion rates. Most people pass our Challenge! We'll also be adding more soon!

What do I need to have set up to take the challenge?

If you are wondering, "Can I do this challenge?" ... the answer is YES. And the setup you'll need is really easy
No Previous skills necessary

We've built the Challenge for anyone to follow along with, so you don't need to be an expert. As this is the second step in our Power Automate journey (after the JumpStart) it helps to have competed that challenge first. You can jump right in here though so long as you knowing how to start a Power Automate flow and how to add Actions.

PC or A Mac

To follow along with the building aspects, you will need access to a browser, and the ability to access the Power Automate designer. So long as you have a Microsoft 365 licences, It's very easy and 100% free. We also show you how to get a free licence, just in case. 

(optional) Microsoft 365 Tenant

To get the most out of the Challenge, you'll want to practice building and using applications. You'll do this via the Power Platform.  You can get access to Microsoft 365 including the relevant Power Platform licenses as part of a free M365 Developer Licence. There's also a very cheap paid alternative called a Microsoft Business Basics licence (around USD $5pcm). Or, you can use your own Microsoft 365 Tenant. 

Here's what some of the recent graduates from the StepUp Challenge thought ...

I am delighted with the learning experience I am getting from this course!

The use-case project is applicable to any type of business entity so the learners can easily use it to implement any business solutions

Conceptually simple but the practical example was a great learning aid

I particularly enjoyed learning about the integration of so many systems in one example

Simple, watch and do, this approach is easier to digest

At Collab365, we believe that learning is far more successful and enjoyable if you 'learn by doing'. During this training you will learn by building a functional Solution.

What skills will you gain on this Challenge?

This StepUp Challenge is designed to be quick, to the point and above all, get you new skills and confidence using Power Automate in no time.  We won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach you what you need to know. 

Challenge Lessons:

  • Combine Forms, SharePoint & Power Automate to create a great workflow solution
  • How to interact with SharePoint lists using Flows
  • How to store and use data from outside your flow 
  • How to avoid common errors in your flow when using data from elsewhere
  • How to create Approvals in your flow and how they work
  • Tips to ensure your Flows don't suffer from poor performance 
  • How to be sure you build flows the RIGHT way
  • How to customise Approvals to match your needs
  • How to create branches in your flow to meet complex needs
  • How to create Teams chats 'on the fly' from your flow

All Graduates Are Awarded The StepUp Challenger Certificate (Value $7)

We've partnered with Credly to offer certifications, meaning you will be able to show-off your new skills on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Being able to prove you've built a completed Power Automate Application adds immediately credibility to your professional profile!

Can you see yourself on here?

Every single graduate is added to our "Wall of Fame" in the Academy. This is your chance to show off your new Power Automate skills.

Collab365 Wall of Fame

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a refund?

We're absolutely positive you will love all of the content included in this Challenge, however, if not contact us within 3 days of your purchase and we will issue a refund.

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At the moment, only individual passes are available. Please contact us at hello@collab365.com if you'd like to discuss the purchase of more than 5 passes.

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