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Command Your Inbox: Streamlined Email Management.

Trainer: Jennifer Buchholz
Date: 3rd Oct @ 3pm UTC
Location: Online, MS Teams
Duration: 90 Minutes
Cost: Free (to attend live)
Note: The Class recordings will be made available to Platinum Members.

Mastering the art of your inbox is more than just clicking and typing - it's an art form that needs strategy. Too often, amidst the clattering of keys and the rush of incoming mails, we forget to pause, reflect, and reimagine a more efficient way.

But what if there's a toolkit just waiting for you? A toolkit packed with rules, templates, search folders, and crafty subject line tricks that can drastically reduce your daily email strain.

Imagine reclaiming your time and waving goodbye to Outlook frustrations in just a mere 90 minutes. Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

  • Learn how to reduce repetitive tasks: Using Quick Parts, Steps, Autocorrect, templates and more!
  • Improve your techniques for prioritising important emails: Using views, search, folders and hashtags.
  • Learn better techniques for Email-management: Quickly clean up, learn how to ignore and use rules for streamlining the way you work with email.