Unlock The Full Power Of Microsoft Outlook And Finally Achieve Inbox Zero!

Overcoming Inbox Overwhelm: Inbox zero and workflow prioritisation – Part 1 in the Inbox Overwhelm Series will help you transform how you manage your emails with Microsoft 365. Discover expert strategies to achieve Inbox Zero and streamline your daily workflow.

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1.5 Hours Recording


Mini - Workshop


Jennifer Buchholz

What you'll learn:

  • Effective Task Batching: Develop skills to manage tasks effectively and minimize distractions.
  • Smart Email Features: Discover underused Outlook features like Clean Up, Delay Send, and Search Folders.
  • Integration and Automation: Leverage Microsoft 365 tools like Power Automate and Teams for seamless workflow integration.
  • Efficient Inbox Management: Techniques to reach and maintain Inbox Zero for stress-free email handling.
  • Advanced Email Sorting: Learn to categorize, file, and prioritize emails for easy retrieval and response.
  • Microsoft Outlook Mastery: Utilize Outlook's full capabilities for enhanced productivity and collaboration.
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Inbox Management:

  • Achieving and maintaining Inbox Zero
  • Efficient email sorting and categorization
  • Reducing email clutter with Clean Up
  • Outlook Features and Tricks:

  • Utilizing Delay Send for strategic email timing
  • Leveraging Search Folders for quick access
  • Customizing notifications to reduce distractions
  • Productivity Strategies:

  • Task batching for focused work
  • Prioritizing tasks with color-coding techniques
  • Effective use of calendar and scheduling
  • Microsoft 365 Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrating with Teams and SharePoint
  • Automating tasks with Power Automate
  • Using Power BI for data-driven decisions
  • This training includes:

    • 1.5 hours of training
    • Access to the Collab365 Academy
    • Session Resources
    • Watch on Desktop or Mobile

    Thoughts from the Collab365 Team:

    With the constant stream of emails, meeting invites, and notifications, managing our inboxes has become a task in itself. It's time to declutter and regain control with Microsoft Outlook.

    This isn't just about sorting emails; it's a revolutionary shift in how you manage, prioritize, and act upon your tasks and communications.

    If you've ever felt buried under a pile of unread emails, you're not alone...

    We've had countless professionals reach out for a solution to their overflowing inboxes. So, this masterclass is designed and delivered to be your ultimate guide. It combines the best strategies and techniques to help you master your inbox.

    You might be thinking...

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    "I've used Outlook before, whats different now?"

    Well, it's not just about using Outlook; it's about mastering it. Think of it as the difference between having a messy room and an organized one. It's the same space, but how you use it changes everything.

    This Outlook Productivity Masterclass isn't just a guide—it's your blueprint to maximizing the potential of Microsoft Outlook.


    This masterclass, led by digital communication and organization expert Jennifer Buchholz, is a comprehensive guide to mastering Microsoft Outlook and enhancing productivity within Microsoft 365. Over 1.5 hours, attendees will explore effective strategies to manage emails, tasks, and communications efficiently. The workshop covers practical techniques like achieving Inbox Zero, utilizing advanced Outlook features, and integrating Microsoft 365 tools for streamlined workflow. Attendees will leave equipped with actionable knowledge to transform their email management and overall productivity.

    Meet your workshop host:

    Jennifer Buchholz

    Jennifer is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, coach, and engaging geek. Jennifer Buchholz has worked in higher education, training, and development for over 20-years. When she realized that traditional methods weren’t helping her students thrive—she founded Excel & Flourish in 2012.

    Based in Milwaukee, Excel & Flourish helps organizations and teams improve productivity and reduce frustration with Microsoft products through fun technical skills training.

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    Purchase this training only:
    Get immediate access to this training content with a one-off purchase.
    $7.00 $97.00 93% Off