What To Expect On Your Journey?

You will complete 9 modules covering 7 services in, or closely aligned to the Power Platform. You can follow our recommended 5 day self paced guide or complete at your own pace.
You will be supported by daily learning modules, an email each day to encourage and direct you as well as having  dedicated support from our coaches. 

Challenge: Day 1


Once you purchase a challenge, you'll gain access to a the Academy challenge area. This will share what's ahead and get you ready to start. 

Before you start, make sure you are set up with a suitable environment to build the solution but if you need help, it's there in the space you will have access to.

  • Starts: When YOU are ready

Learn SharePoint Data

Once you start, you'll begin to use our learning platform and  step into the shoes of the Data Manager to create the data infrastructure for the Vacation App solution. 

  • Module Length: 30 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Challenge: Day 2


As you progress, you can ask questions and get help. Just post the question as a reply to each module. 

Share as much as you can about what the problem is, where you are stuck and add screenshots where possible. This helps us to help you. 

If you get really stuck, one of our coaches may offer a 1:1 chat via Teams. Our goal is to help you complete

  • Recommended: Day 2

Learn Canvas Power Apps

Consider Power Apps as the face of your vacation app. Learn how to build an intuitive application that your staff can use to book vacations and view important information about their holiday entitlements.

  • Module Length: 50 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Create Approval Workflows

Dive into the Power Platform world starting with Power Automate. Learn how business automation can quickly improve your productivity and efficiency whilst managing people's vacation requests with approvals.

  • Module Length: 40 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Challenge: Day 3

Share Your Power App Screens!

It's check-in time! By Day 3, you will have a Power App and the first Power Automate flow. Take the chance to read our Challenge Guide (check your email) and learn how you can be awarded our coveted Solutioneer Badge!

This is also a fantastic opportunity to share about any problems AND wins along the way and get the answers you need.

  • Recommended: Day 3

Advanced Power Automate Flows

Expand on your existing Power Automate flow to correctly format date and time expressions so that your formulas can perform calculations.

  • Module Length: 30 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Build Interactive Chatbots

Dive into Power Virtual Agents using the Microsoft Teams interface to build your first automated chatbot that handles vacation requests from members of staff.

  • Module Length: 30 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Challenge: Day 4

Catch-Up Via the Reply Posts

Did you give your bot a personality? Or maybe you got creative with the communication triggers? Share what you did and posts as a reply. Get tips on publishing and improving your Chatbots via the Tips n Tricks area. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to check in and see how others have done at this stage and also share your wins.

  • Recommended: Day 4

Task Management using Power Automate

Learn how to integrate Microsoft Planner into your Power Automate flow to automatically create and close tasks when the holiday is requested and approved.

  • Module Length: 25 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Advanced Data Control in Power Apps

Learn how to use Collections with Power Apps to bring in data related to staff Leave Entitlements, allowing you to reuse the information in multiple places.

  • Module Length: 25 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Challenge: Day 5

Get Ready To Complete

You have 2 more modules to complete. Once these are done, move on to Module X (the dreaded exam!) Dont be afraid though, you can retry as you need and take as much time as required to pass. 

It's also the last day of the challenge so we'll give you all the help you need to spur you on to the finish line and earn your Credly badge! 

  • Recommended: Day 5

Create Reports & Visualisations

Learn how to turn your Leave Entitlements and Leave Request into a beautiful Power BI Dashboard, surface and drill into staff holiday analytics and create reports.

  • Module Length: 25 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Automated Notifications using Power Automate

Learn how to use the power of Power Automate in conjunction with Microsoft Teams to send out scheduled alerts and messages to the staff over Teams. 

  • Module Length: 30 Minutes
  • Time to complete: 1 Hour

Challenge Exam and Survey

You've reached the end AND made a fantastic product to boot!  

To support your graduation, we'll ask you to complete a short Exam to test your learning (this unlocks the graduation) and also a survey to tell us about your experience. What did you find easy or hard? Also share a little about your finished build. 

  • Time to complete: 2 Minutes


Graduation Exam

Successfully passing the short exam unlocks a host of benefits to help you continue your learning. 

You'll not only get goodies to celebrate and share the achievement, you will also get the chance to collect a Certificate and take part in our dedicated Graduate learning space. 

  • Recommended Course Duration: 5 Days

NB: If you don't graduate right away, you can still access the course content.

Claim Your Badge

You made it!!! Once you have graduated you will be able to claim your Credly badge. A fantastic certification to add to your CV and share in your profile on LinkedIn and more ...