October 20

The SharePoint Business Analyst

No way Samuel

The session for the SharePoint guy or gal who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere else in the world of SharePoint. You may work with end users, manage sites, help others or meet with users discussing their business needs and documenting how to build a SharePoint project that fulfills their needs.

Perhaps you have to test, assist others with figuring out what they want from SharePoint or help manage a project move along and coordinate everything happening among all stakeholders.

Requirements, improvements, architecting, UAT, support, governance, security, basic administration, and power-user development all seem to fall into this “job title” that is one step short of a “SharePoint jack of all trades”.

After working with SharePoint for over 12 years, I am happy to share a remarkable accumulation of tips that will give you a jump start in making every project SharePoint project or site you work on a success



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