October 20

The challenges of using the Security and Compliance Centre for Information Governance in International or Global Organisations

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Governance is always a tricky subject, lots has been written across the years, but in most organisations not a lot is ever been ever delivered. But you're different:

– You work in a large, global organisation and you have a single O365 tenant delivering awesome collaboration services to teams across lots of countries.
– You know you need to govern customer and user data.
– You can recite sections of the GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act and the Swiss Data Protection Act
– The O365 Security and Compliance Centre is your go to portal.

But with all these local regulations and individual country laws as well as your organisations global governance requirements, where should the responsibility in governing your data lie?

With you and your global team or with the local countries?

This session seeks to explore the dichotomy between global and local security and compliance requirements and articulate how and where the O365 Security & Compliance Centre's capabilities should be delivered from.

We will cover:
– The key Security & Compliance Centre capabilities for governing your data in O365
– The [significant] challenges we currently have in delivering local requirements on a global platform
– Which capabilities should be delivered globally
– What should be delivered by the local IT (or business) teams
– How you could structure, promote and deliver Security & Compliance Centre services in a global context
– What you can do to make life just a little bit easier

By the end of the session you will have a clear view of the challenges you and your team will face and clear insights into how to support your organisation in achieving these goals.



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