October 20

The Modern SharePoint Online Admin Center your site collections, security access settings and you

No way Samuel

Years in the making, the SharePoint Team, we have a modern and fresh SharePoint Online (SPO) Admin Center designed to be the ultimate administration tool for any SPO Administrator.

The new Admin Center has been designed not only to have a fresh look & feel and UI aligned with the rest of modern Admin Centers in Office 365, but also to provide all the required tools and features to wisely administer and govern all the site collections available in the tenant no matter how they were created.

In this practical session I will review all the features and tools provided by the modern Admin center to keep a SPO tenant under control not only in regards of the site collections created, but also on the security settings provided that allows to keep SPO access secure at a minimum cost. We will also talk about how PowerShell and third party tools can complement the modern admin center to meet the ultimate goal: Wisely govern a SPO tenant.



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