October 20

Going External with SharePoint Online

No way Samuel

Collaboration doesn’t always take place inside an organization. Sometimes you need to share content with people outside the organization (such as partners, vendors, clients, or customers). And its so easy to do. Just hit the Share link on the folder or document and fill out the dialog. But wait! There are at least four different options for entering the names of the people I want to share the document with. And each of those options have different settings that I can enable/disable. And sometimes I don’t even see the Share link. It can be really confusing and intimidating. How do I know I’m doing it the right way.

In this session we’ll review each of the options available in the sharing dialogue and explain when each should be used. We’ll also discuss the settings available for each option. And finally we’ll review how Global and SharePoint administrators can disable or limit external sharing for certain sites or for the whole tenant.



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