October 20

Showcasing the possible with SharePoint, Forms, Flow and Teams

No way Samuel

Mark Jones (Collab365 Team) asked me if I could help him streamline his “Call For Speakers” process so that it was more automated and much easier to manage. They were using email, FB Messenger to converse with Speakers which was time consuming and delayed the launch of a Summit.

In this session I will take you behind the scenes explaining how I built a new, automated process using Microsoft Forms, SharePoint, Flow and Teams. I will show you how:

  • I developed an evergreen Microsoft Form to obtain Speaker / Session information.
  • I used a SharePoint list to approve the sessions and manage the flow.
  • I used Teams for alerts and for the Team to collaborate on the process decision points.

Although this session is specific to a Call for Speakers the process can be repeated for many business processes and illustrates how easy it is to integrate Microsoft technologies along with a 3rd party system using Flow and the REST API



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