October 20

5 workhacks to raise TEAMS adoption to a new level

No way Samuel

Innovative ways of working together that promote employee motivation and brings the team closer together: with little effort, of course, but with maximum benefit. Workhacks sound exciting and they are.

Workhacks? Something like shortcuts? Not at all. Workhacks are minimal changes in the daily work routine that bring maximum benefit. The key word for modern work is collaboration.

Microsoft TEAMS is the hub for collaboration. A lot is possible, but a lot of potential is still unused. So let's bring those two together.

For everyone who wants to raise TEAMS adoption to a new level, for everyone who is still looking for inspiration to use teams, to make the work of their own department more agile, leaner and more attractive, Michael presents the five best workhacks with Microsoft TEAMS in this session.

An extra bonus of boosting user adoption with workhacks: users get to know – and love – smart functionalities of TEAMS while experimenting with fun new ways of collaborating.

Top three benefits of attending Michaels Session. You will learn.

1. …a fun way of boosting user adoption of TEAMS
2. …exciting tricks on how to experience fresh wind in your own cooperation
3. …that not every change is long and costly.



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