October 20

​​​​​​ARM Your Azure Infrastructure In 60 Minutes

No way Samuel

Microsoft Azure is an amazing platform and in a few minutes we can create an complex infrastructure, but if this is not done in a proper way, we end-up with a disorganized Azure Subscription. In 60 minutes, this session shows you how to generate ARM Templates for consistent and repeatable deployments and how you can automate the deployment of your Infrastructure. We will also touch in some more advanced techniques to push your ARM templates to the next level. You will be amazed for the amazing capabilities that we have in ARM templates.
During a demo-dependent session we are going to check how Azure DevOps can help us, using Azure Repos to control the versioning of ARM Templates and Azure Pipelines to deploy then. In just 60 minutes we are going to create a full ALM experience for your Azure Infrastructure.



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