October 20

Using Adaptive Cards to maximise your business processes experience

No way Samuel

Cards originated from Actionable Messages for Outlook. Through Message Cards they were rebuilt from nearly a scratch to become Adaptive Cards. Today they can be used in nearly all Microsoft tools dedicated to communication (eg. Teams, Outlook, etc.). This session will let you to learn:

  • Differences between Message Cards and Adaptive Cards,
  • How to design and use cards in real life demos,
  • How to use them in Microsoft Teams based processes,
  • What to expect from the upcoming releases and version vNext (2.0)

Process designers should make their processes as intuitive as possible, allowing their participants to take their part in the most effective way, whether this is an e-mail, Teams conversation or a task in Office 365. Usage of Adaptive Cards helps to create new channel for efficient participation in business processes.



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