October 20

Top Teams tips to help you work from home

No way Samuel

The need for many of us to start working from home has arrived quite suddenly. However, using Teams can make the transition from office to home/boat/garden shed/loft much easier.

Join this session to learn some great tips including:

  • how to set notifications in Teams,
  • how to make sure you have the correct equipment to run great meetings from home, to keep you productive while you work from home, and make sure you get the job done.
  • working with Files in Microsoft Teams,
  • how to use the Do Not disturb in Teams,
  • best practice advice for how to run meetings in teams, including background blur, when to be on webcam etc.

I have collected input from a lot of different people for this session, to hopefully help you work better from a remote location, wherever that may be!

So join this session and let’s make remote work a success together.



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