October 20

Building chatbots without a single line of code

No way Samuel

Staying in touch with customers is a must-have for companies. Chatbots are one of the ways that allows enterprises to fulfill that need. Customers can often find them publicly accessible on web sites, waiting to advise and help on making a choice, searching the right offer or solving other issues. Chatbots are also a good solution for employees to find answers to their questions too! We used to think that building a bot requires development. With Virtual Agent this is not true anymore! If you want to learn more how to create a chatbot without a single line of code, join this session!

You will learn:

  • What is Virtual Agent for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform
  • How you can build your own chatbot
  • How you can integrate that chatbot with Common Data Services/ Dynamics 365
  • How escalate form chatbot to a real employee
  • How you can embed chatbot on your company’s public website/ intranet

Well designed and operating chatbots can save you hours on solving simple customers’ problems and answering the most common answers. New tool for Dynamics 365/ Power Platform is for sure something you be more familiar with.



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