October 8

The Power Query Editor – Having your cake and eating it too!

No way Samuel

You: a skilled, experienced analyst who is used to solving problems with Excel, but wants to explore what Power BI has to offer.
This webinar: A conversation where we examine how to use the Power Query Editor to prepare data for use in both Power BI and Power Pivot (within Excel 2016).
You have spent many years developing your expertise in Excel, and along comes Power BI and you wonder “do I have to quit using Excel and switch over to Power BI?”
Absolutely not! You can continue to use Excel and take the dive into Power BI, a task made easier because there is one tool that both have in common: the Power Query Editor (PQE).  You can use the PQE to prepare data to use in Power Pivot within Excel 2016, where you can create pivot tables using multiple worksheets. You can then load the same data into Power BI, and create visual reports with it. Or publish it to the Power BI Service so others can use the data that you have prepped.
If you want to follow along during the webinar you will need Excel 2016, the Power BI Desktop, and an account in the Power BI Service (you can use “My Workspace” if you only have a free account).
Experience within Excel is assumed, but no experience with Power BI is required.
Join us to find out why your mother was wrong when she said you can’t have your cake and eat it too!



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