October 20

Power-Up Your Document Libraries with Power Apps and Power Automate

No way Samuel

Back in the days of Classic SharePoint, requiring meta-data was an easy process: 1) upload file, 2) fill out form with metadata, 3) click button to check the file in. With the advent of modern libraries, the popup form disappeared, and the file could sit there not checked-in, or checked-in without the metadata filled in. With 12 different libraries in our home site, each with its own metadata schemas, I spent a lot of time cleaning up incorrect metadata. I needed to find a way for our staff to upload their files to the repository easily without my involvement and create a way for our staff to find the files they need in the libraries. After much research and borrowing techniques from around the Power Platform community, I finally got my solution to work.

This session will walk you through the steps to create an app that meets the following requirements:
1) file uploaded to the correct library,
2) file named according to a naming protocol,
3) title of document filled in and meaningful,
4) all required metadata filled in correctly,
5) file checked in.



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