October 20

Introduction to Engaging User Experiences in the Power Platform

No way Samuel

Many solutions built in the Power Platform begin from a technical need and may be created by someone who is unfamiliar with user experience better practices. These solutions sometimes become enterprise-wide, due to their usefulness, without the critical focus on user experience upfront.

A focus on the user experience (UX) will help your solutions be more successful by keeping the end user front of mind. A focus on UX will increase usability as you support the end users’ top tasks, lower costs and decrease your development time as you identify problems and resolve issues earlier in the build process.

In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate:
– What makes a good user experience
– How to focus on the end user when developing solutions
– Top UX heuristics to support an intuitive, consistent, and inclusive user experience
– Implementing usability principles and better practices in the Power Platform

Walk away with an understanding of the importance of user experience in designing and developing PowerApps, Power BI dashboards, and Flows in Power Automate to help your solutions shine.”



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