October 20

From Zero to Hero – how to successfully apply Microsoft Adoption tools to your project

No way Samuel

It has been common knowledge for a long time, that the rollout of a technology tool or solution is more successful and drives higher ROI if it gets widely adopted by the business. Since the release of Microsoft Teams a few years ago, the topic “Adoption & Change Management” has enjoyed renewed focus. Microsoft has invested heavily in the creation of fantastic content to drive Adoption. The treasure trove of Microsoft Adoption tools can be found at https://adoption.microsoft.com/. It is free and there is plenty!

In a perfect world, we could apply all of them, but in the real world of resource, time, and awareness constraints it is important to know to pick the right tools to be successful. So where should one start?

During this session, Antje Lamartine is going to do a deep dive into the key Microsoft Adoption tools, the key aspects of Change Management, and provide examples when to use which Adoption tool based on her many years of experience accompanying technology implementations. You will walk away with her top 3 pro tips that will help you become your organization’s Adoption hero. Your manager will thank you for the increased ROI you will have helped achieve!



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