October 20

Boost Company Training – Knowledge Share with Stream

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It is hard and very expensive to send users to training. Between getting behind on their day to day tasks, they have to deal with the email and phone call interruptions when issues arise they don't get to truly focus and retain the content. Online training is an easier solution as the users can block small pieces of time for the sessions but they can still be rather costly and the content is generic to train the masses and not focused on any one type of organizations usage. However, what if you could build your own training site, videos and your users are already familiar with the look and feel of the application or system the video pertains too? You can utilize Stream to provide these options to your organization and much more.

This session will be jam packed with the ins and outs of Microsoft Stream, how to utilize in the new era and classic SharePoint sites. We will begin by setting up Stream channels, uploading videos, recording videos, ensuring they are accessible to the right individuals, setup a training site and watch the magic all unfold. However, we won't stop there as there are plenty of other use cases for Microsoft Stream to be discussed and demoed like end user knowledge sharing along with the most impressive Live Events!! Come join the fun and let's figure out great ways to make training and knowledge sharing easy and impactful.



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