October 20

Become a Microsoft 365 Champion

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Have you just recently started using Microsoft Teams or other Microsoft 365 applications to work remotely?
Are you a stakeholder, product owner, or project manager who is responsible for rolling out Microsoft 365 in your organization?

Are you transitioning from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams?

You will wear a number of hats in the ever-changing Microsoft 365 environment to successfully implement, manage, train and/or promote the use of all the tools available. Karen will share an outline of one way to do this citing her experience with coordinating the transition from Skype to MS Teams for a global manufacturing company. She will include her adoption plan and some examples of how to promote and train everyone. This will include ways to keep up with what’s new, coordinate the right people in and outside your organization, find the good info, and learn what will get others enthusiastic about working virtually. Karen will share information about joining and leveraging the Microsoft 365 Champion program and the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist certification.



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