October 20

Why Microsoft To Do is good for your mental health

No way Samuel

We all have work to do! Work is usually made up of a combination tasks such as reading and writing emails and documents, responding to questions, thinking big thoughts, creating and sitting through presentations, making decisions, doing what others have asked us to do, delivering on objectives, and maybe if we are lucky, having weekends to relax.

Those weekends can be much more relaxing when there isn’t a niggling thought in the back of your mind that there is something you should be doing. We've all been there at times when there are too many things to do and no way to manage and prioritise them.

This is where Microsoft To Do can come to the rescue!

Did you know that just by writing down details of a task, your brain can discount it and not be anxious about it?
In this session I will show you how you can use Microsoft To Do to
– Track tasks that you need to do
– Create tasks and meetings from emails
– See flagged emails
– See Planner tasks that are assigned to you
– And how you can prioritise and complete tasks to give you a mental boost



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