October 20

Cool and Exciting Ways to Use Forms to Engage Users

No way Samuel

Many believe the new Microsoft Forms is the replacement for InfoPath and other form tools. However, that could not be further from the truth and I am so glad that it is. The new Microsoft Forms can increase user engagement by creating a fun and easy way to get users to provide information and learn about their company. Forms is not only the new survey replacement but it has an additional type of form called Quiz, yes I said Quiz!!! Excited yet? I know I am, as many individuals will take a quiz or fill out a survey if there is a competition involved and, or some type of reward. Forms brings all of that to the table and more!
Forms has created an engaging results overview and an option to post the results of your quizzes. Who doesn't like to see their name at the top of a scoreboard? If you're an organization that has external consultants, partners, clients, etc. well no fear as you can set surveys & quizzes to be internal only or allow for external users to participate. Just think of ALL the possibilities! Come join this session and let's explore the many ways Microsoft Forms can help improve user engagement throughout your entire organization and who doesn't love easy User Adoption methods!!



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