October 20

Caching and SharePoint – What Works, What No Longer Works, and Where We Are Today

No way Samuel

Caching is a critical variable in the SharePoint scalability and performance equation, but it's one that is oftentimes misunderstood or dismissed as being needed only for large scale/large site scenarios. In this lively and fast-paced session, we'll build an understanding of the caching options that exist within the SharePoint platform: object caching, BLOB caching, page output caching, and SharePoint's Distributed Cache service. We'll examine each option, discuss how it works, identify how it can be controlled, and cover common pitfalls that may impact its use. We'll also clarify if and how each option works (or doesn't) in SharePoint Online and the important implications that are carried. Those who attend this session will leave with the knowledge needed to understand and make the use of caching in their own SharePoint environments, whether those environments are on-premises or online.



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