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  • GET CERTIFIED: Earn 2 Credly badges by taking our 2 Power Platform Challenges.  
  • COMMUNITY: The Collab365 Academy is a very supportive community, accessible as a mobile app. 
  • HUGE LIBRARY: You will gain immediate access to 200+ hours of training and 108 Ebooks in our Library. 
  • IN-DEPTH LEARNING: Our 22 half-day Workshops allow you to go deep in to the core concepts you need to know. 
  • BE INSPIRED: At both Solutions Days we teach you how to build 12 Microsoft 365 Solutions. 
  • NEW TRAINING: We've already scheduled new Workshops and started to develop new Challenges. With this Plan you get it all! 
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Microsoft don't stand still! To stand a chance of keeping up with everything they release you need training. Example: We've already booked Microsoft's Mark Kashman to deliver 2 new Workshops on Viva and Microsoft Lists. 


We've already pencilled in 3 more Workshops up until January. You automatically get every workshop as it's launched.


Challenges are going to become the heartbeat of the Collab365 Academy. We're planning full coverage across the Power Platform, Teams and SharePoint. 


We're also going to be launching other events which could include solutions days, live sessions, user groups and conferences. 

Mark Jones, Collab365
Becoming a Platinum Member removes all the friction of buying everything we put out, week in, week out. Instead, you will be given access to an exclusive area in the Academy where you can choose to attend an event or take a challenge. All training is available on-demand.
We've got big plans for the Collab365 Academy in 2023. We specifically deliver training in formats that keep you engaged and ensure you complete. So, no "boring courses" here!

That's right! You get 90 hours of on-demand Workshops immediately to learn everything you need to know about Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform! Outside of Black Friday, each Workshop retails at $197 so today's offer means you're getting incredible value.
VALUE: $3,546

SharePoint, Teams and Viva! Creating a Modern Teams-First Employee Experience Intranet

This 5-hour workshop recording teaches you how to create a complete Intranet and employee experience platform using SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and Viva!

what will you learn?

Designing SharePoint sites and Connecting Hub sites.

Managing Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Document Libraries.

Teams-First: What it means and how to build an intranet using Teams and Team Sites.

Integrating SharePoint into Teams. 

Viva Connections

Viva! Integrating the SharePoint home page and navigation with Teams.

Viva Connections

The future of Viva - other modules coming soon.

Keeping it simple - governance and information architecture.

The basics of SharePoint and Teams security.

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This workshop was presented by Geoff Ables MVP in November 2021.


Build content into your Microsoft Teams Communication Strategy

During this training Mark Kashman (Senior Product Manager, Microsoft) covered all of the latest developments with Modern Lists, Files, Tasks, Pages, Spaces and much more - all using Teams & SharePoint. He also covered aspects around Microsoft Viva!

what will you learn?

Share rich information to communicate quickly. Accelerate onboarding and learning. Discover and engage with news and conversations.

Use OneDrive to manage files individually efficiently and with others across essential apps like Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, Planner and OneNote.

Explore Microsoft Lists and how to use them in Teams. 

Introduction to Microsoft Viva. In particular, we drill into Viva Connections and how it can benefit your organization.

Understand how to keep staff engaged and kept up to date by using SharePoint news. Scale the reach of your story with automatic news distribution and promotion.

Discover how to publish news and pages on a schedule. Learn about the new web parts and updates to the core set. 

Design an effective Intranet using Home Site and SharePoint Hubs.

Update on Microsoft's immersive mixed reality experiences, including Spaces.

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Mark Kashman

This workshop was presented by Mark Kashman, Microsoft in May 2021.


How To Govern And Take Back Control Of Microsoft Teams 

How To Create Bullet-Proof Strategies To Manage Governance, Adoption, Change Management And Compliance For Microsoft Teams! In this workshop, Jasper explains why you need a governance and compliance strategy.


Why a governance strategy is important and what problems it will solve?

What topics are part of a governance strategy? For example: Templates, naming policy, expiration policy, guest access, teams policies etc.

What is adoption & change management?

What topics are relevant? For example: Information protection (sensitivity label & DLP) and Information Governance (Retention labels & policy)

Why is an adoption & change management strategy important?

What topics are part of an adoption & change management strategy? For example: Awareness, communication, success criteria, audiences, training & measurement.

How you can be compliant while working with Microsoft Teams?

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This workshop was presented by Jasper Oosterveld MVP in March 2021.


Supercharge your team's collaboration & comms with Microsoft 365

This workshop recording helps you and your team define a collaboration and communication strategy that best uses the Microsoft 365 toolbox to create a hyper-focused, effective and efficient working team!


Awareness of the tools and features in Microsoft 365 that help you save time.

The different collaboration tools and when to use them (including OneNote, Planner, Teams and OneDrive).

How to define your strategy for communication and Collaboration.

How to plan and setup your Microsoft Teams for success.

Master Modern Workplace skills around meetings, tasks, brainstorming, co-authoring, note-taking, communications and inclusivity.

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This workshop was presented by Tracy van der Schyff MVP in August 2021.


Master Power BI Fundamentals in 5-hours

This workshop is ideal for people who want to get started, or build on their Power BI knowledge.


Power BI Introduction and Workspace Setup.

Designing, Transforming and Connecting to your Data.

Planning for Time Intelligence & Data relationships.

Report-building basics.

Advanced Features.

Publishing and sharing your reports.

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This workshop was presented by Nick Brattoli MVP in June 2021.


Save 60 minutes a day by using Microsoft 365 more effectively!

This workshop recording teaches you tips, tricks, shortcuts and methods to automate tools such as Microsoft Office, Teams, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner and more!


Microsoft 365 Introduction including licensing, web, desktop and mobile access. 

Introduction to MyAnalytics Dashboard, Digests, Insights Outlook add-in and inline suggestions. 

How to form new habits to improve productivity. We also look into the psychology and fear behind the tech.

How to stay up to date with the new technologies and keep ahead of the unstoppable learning curve.

How to take control of your time, be more efficient / less stressed and make the technology "work for you", not the other way around.

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This workshop was presented by Tracy van der Schyff MVP in August 2021.


Power Automate for Beginners

Get OnDemand access to this 4 hour Masterclass to learn how to get more done in less time, so you can work on the tasks that are important to you and your organization!


Automate repetitive business tasks using Power Automate Flows.

Work with triggers, actions, conditions so you can fine tune your workflows.

Integrate with the different cloud services in order to connect your apps together seamlessly.

This Masterclass is interactive so there will be time allocated for you to ask questions.

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This workshop was presented by Ahmad Najjar MVP in September 2021.


Power Apps for Beginners

This online training teaches you how to get started with Canvas Power Apps.


Power Platform architecture and a little bit about the history before Power Apps.

Power Apps types, main features and understanding the parts of the Power Apps Studio.

Discover the most used controls and how to use them. Buttons, galleries, labels, text inputs and more...

Variable types, when and how to use them and learning about built in functions (Power FX).

Components and grouped controls, what they are and when and how to use them.

Connecting to and using the business data you need for your Power App.

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This workshop was presented by Ahmad Najjar MVP in May 2021.


Mastering And Working With Data In Power Apps

This 5-Hour Workshop suits anyone who has a basic grasp of Power Apps but wants to understand further how to manipulate data from multiple data sources.


How to query data from multiple data sources, including SharePoint Dataverse and SQL.

Manipulate data from within the Power Apps User Interface, including how to bind data to galleries.

Update data whilst ensuring data integrity is maintained.

Performing more advanced functions and operations on your data (including delegation). 

Slice and dice data: Working with Filter, Search, Lookup, Sort and Distinct functions.

Work with "Patch", "Remove" and "RemoveIf" functions. 

How to merge data from multiple data sources.

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This workshop was presented by Ahmad Najjar MVP in May 2021.


The 8-Hour Workshop That Teaches You How To Become SharePoint Power User

Matt Weston MVP covers everything you need to know to become a proficient SharePoint Power Users (see the agenda below).


Understand where SharePoint fits into the overall ecosystem, especially its relationship with OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Forms and Stream.

Learn how to create new sites and the process behind them. 

SharePoint Lists and Libraries are at the heart of every successful implementation. 

The single most confusing part of working with SharePoint is understanding permissions. 

Discover which type of SharePoint site is right for your needs. 

To make your lists and libraries more manageable and easier to maintain, you need to have a good working of Site columns and Content Types. 

 To become a proficient Power User, you must understand how to use Web Parts on your pages and publish and schedule new pages.

how to become a sharePoint power user Workshop

This workshop was presented by Matt Weston MVP in August 2022.


The Ultimate Guide To Setting Up Teams And SharePoint For Project Management

Create A Project Management Environment With No More Than A Business Standard Licence. No External Providers, No Third Party Apps, No Problem!


Introduction to MS Teams/SharePoint within M365

What is a project? Do I really do ‘project management’? 

What are the ingredients of a great project management environment?

Build your PROJECT HUB in SharePoint 

Keeping projects simple – the Kanban approach to projects 

Using Microsoft Planner 

Adding automations to reduce repetitive tasks

Project reporting with Power BI

This workshop was presented by Lynzie Cotton in November 2022.


The 5-Hour Workshop That Finally Teaches You Why Microsoft Syntex Will Be A Game-Changer

Learn how Syntex can "auto-magically scrape" content from your documents!


Introduction to Microsoft Syntex

Setting up Syntex

The End-Users Experience

Content Processing 

Understanding Licensing

Syntex Roadmap

Introduction to Microsoft Syntex Workshop
Kevin McDonnell

This workshop was presented by Kevin McDonnell in November 2022.


The 5-Hour Masterclass That Teaches You To Design Power Automate Flows Like The Pros

This Masterclass is full of advanced techniques for building scalable, fast-performing, responsive and robust Power Automate Flows. If you can spare the time, the payback you will get will be huge.


Working with JSON & XML

Using Solutions and Connection References

Using Concurrency to Improve Performance

Integrating with Power Apps or Power Virtual Agents

Calling Child flows effectively

Implementing Error Checking / Correction

Advanced Power Apps Workshop

This workshop was presented by Paul Stork MVP in November 2022.


The 5-Hour Masterclass That Teaches You How To Architect Power Apps Like The Pros

This Masterclass is full of advanced techniques for building scalable, fast-performing, responsive and robust Power Apps that your end-users will love.


Working with Dates and Times

Leverage Flows to Process Data

Build Offline Power Apps

Managing Large Data Sources

Build Responsive Power Apps

Troubleshooting Performance

Advanced Power Apps Workshop

This workshop was presented by Paul Stork MVP in October 2022.


How to get started with Power Automate

This beginner-level Workshop will teach you how to take your first steps into Power Automate. You will follow case studies based on real life businesses to not only learn Power Automate fundamentals but also learn how to solve problems you might find in your business or team.


What is Power Automate, and how can it be used to help you automate your work?

What are Triggers & Actions, and understand why they are essential in Power Automate?

Learn how to capture different types of data to use within your Flows.

How to get started building Power Automate Flows?

Understand how to structure Flows to make them easier to support and maintain.

Explore how to use validation and conditions to control the process in your Flows.

This workshop was presented by Jon Manderville Collab365 in June 2022.


How to get started with Microsoft 365 (even if you know nothing about it)

This workshop teaches you the amazing opportunities in Microsoft 365, quickly. It can help increase your business efficiency by showing you multiple ways to improve productivity and remove manual tasks.


How to tailor your Microsoft 365 licence to what you need, not what you are told you must have

How to enable enterprise level IT for Everyone using the services inside M365

How you can collaborate so much better with teams, partners and customers

What you can do with the 'Virtual Swiss Army Knife' that is Microsoft 365

How to use the right tool for the right job to avoid issues during your business growth

Learn about how to move from preparing to use M365 to exploiting all it has to offer

This workshop was presented by Matt Weston MVP in 2022.


Master The Dataverse with 4 Power Platform Apps

This workshop gives you the skills to solve four common and potentially expensive business problems using Dataverse. All four solutions require no coding skills. Microsoft Lists are great but can only take you so far before they become a bottleneck to your business.


How to create an Issue Reporting App using Dataverse for Microsoft Teams for safe and secure storage

How to leverage the functionality of Power App Portals to create external Customer facing sites

How to integrate Apps with Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics & more using the Dataverse to host your data

How to use Model Driven apps and the Dataverse to create a scalable Sales CRM App for your business

How to use a Canvas App integrated with the Dynamics 365 for Sales, the Dataverse and Excel to create a Financial Forecasting App

What the Dataverse is and the different apps that use it, along with some Governance best practices

This workshop was presented by Geoff Ables MVP in January 2022.


Build 3 low/no code Solutions & Save Hours!!

This half-day workshop (presented in Jan 2022) helps you build 3 REAL solutions using the Microsoft 365 "Power Platform" to help supercharge your business by removing time consuming processes.


How to manage and track important contracts or policies with SharePoint & Power Automate

How to build a robust and secure inventory management solution using Power Apps and the Dataverse

How to think about the productivity gains you can make and exploit what you already have in Microsoft 365

How to quickly and efficiently Onboard new employees using MS Lists and Power Automate

How to select the right tools in Microsoft 365 to solve even more common business and costly problems

Why using Microsoft 365 can save your business more money than you'd imagine if you explore it just a little further

This workshop was presented by Geoff Ables MVP in Dec 2021.


  • Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Syntex 
    Kevin McDonnell MVP
  • Dataverse for Teams: Extending Teams with Apps, Bots, and Flows
    Paul Stork MPV 
  • Build a staff solution using Dataverse, Power Apps and more  
    Mark Stokes

More coming soon ...

Power Platform Challenge
VALUE: $97
How About taking part in a hands-on Step-By-Step Challenge Where You Build Your First (Or Next) Power Platform App In 5-Days? No Coding or experience required. Earn your Solutions Challenger Certificate! 
At the end of this Challenge, you will have built an entire vacation-booking app using Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents, Teams, Planner and SharePoint!  
Christian Buckley, MVP and Microsoft Regional Director
Solutions Day took place on January 18th and showcased the 'art of the possible' by demonstrating how Microsoft's Power Platform can help to solve six real-world problems.
VALUE: $247
  • Architect A Learning Management System (LMS) With The Power Platform And SharePoint
  • Create Microsoft Teams Provisioning Solution To Allow For Better Governance!
  • Develop An In-House Staff Vacation Request App (And Not Spend A Fortune On Licenses)
  • Build A Buffer Clone To Automate Your Social Media Marketing In The Power Platform
  • Create A Site Check-In System To Improve Your Organizations Safety Responsibilities
  • Craft Rich Power BI Dashboards With Your SharePoint List Data
Don't take our word for it, have a watch to see what other 365ers think of our content...
We've also seen a lot of members gaining recognition outside the Academy by passing one of our Challenges. See the Wall of Fame below.  
Get all of the recordings from Solutions Day (Aug 31, 2022) to learn how 6 everyday, "no-code" solutions are built using the Power Platform, SharePoint, Teams and Azure AD. 
VALUE: $247
  • Creating a document archival process with SharePoint and Power Automate
  • How to create, manage and inspect your Inventory using the Power Platform
  • Automate weekly team reminders of upcoming due dates with Power Automate
  • How to build a Vacation Booking solution in the Power Platform
  • Managing your User accounts with the Power Platform
  • How to build a Time Recording Application in Power Apps
VALUE: $47
Our Power BI JumpStart Challenge is really popular. In its first week of launch, we've welcomed over 250 JumpStart challengers.
The Challenge is designed to be hands-on, quick to complete (under 2 hours), fun, engaging and not bore you to tears. You are awarded a Credly Certificate for proving your success when you graduate.

We're also going to be planning these challenges over the next 3 months: 

VALUE: $188
Power BI StepUp Challenge
Power Apps StepUp Challenge
Power Apps JumpStart Challenge
Microsoft Teams JumpStart Challenge