Power BI Success Path: Embark on the Power BI Certification Program for Career Transformation

Welcome to the Power BI Success Path: Your Route to Power BI Professional Certification

Our Power BI Success Path is a meticulously designed, self-paced learning journey for anyone eager to master Power BI. This program, featuring comprehensive challenges, concise modules, and an achievement system, simplifies learning Power BI. By completing our carefully curated challenges, you will earn the prestigious Power BI Professional Certification.

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Curated Expertise in Data visualization and analysis

3 Challenges
57 Lessons across 3 Challenges
You will learn how to leverage Power BI and attain the Power BI Professional Certification.
Suitable for All Levels.

Power BI JumpStart Challenge: Create Your First Reporting Dashboard

Dive into Power BI with our JumpStart Challenge, where you'll build a dynamic reporting dashboard based on an Olympics dataset.

Step1: Power BI JumpStart Challenge

This initial challenge not only enhances your data visualization skills but also earns you a Credly badge certification, marking your first step towards mastery in Power BI.

Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Power BI StepUp Challenge: Advance Your Data Analysis Skills

The Power BI StepUp Challenge offers a rapid-fire learning experience designed to boost your confidence and skills in using Power BI tools.

Step 2: Power BI StepUp Challenge

This stage of your journey is about practical skill-building and earning another Credly badge, further advancing your path to Power BI proficiency.

Jon Manderville, Coach
Jon Manderville
Collab365 Coach

Become a Certified Power BI Pro with Collab365 Academy

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Congratulations on embarking on your journey to becoming a Power BI Pro. Our Power BI Success Path is designed for learners of all levels and offers a structured path to mastering Power BI for effective workflow automation and insightful data analysis.

Power BI Certification Program

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"Another great learning experience"

mandy mcphail

Another great learning experience [Power BI StepUp]! I particularly like Jon's presentation method, however, I really appreciate being able to stop and go back in the videos as that meant I could work out where I'd made a mistake or missed something.