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Power BI Success Path: Here's a complete Program to master Power BI and earn 5 certifications!

Our Power BI Success Path is the ultimate, self-paced, learning experience for anyone who wants to master Power BI. With our comprehensive challenges, short modules, and achievement system, you’ll be able to learn Power BI the easy way and transform your career in no time. On successful completion of all Challenges you will be awarded the Power BI Professional Certification.


What does the Power BI Success Include:

  • Power BI JumpStart Challenge: Build your first reporting dashboard based on an Olympics Dataset.
  • Power BI StepUp Challenge: Designed to be a rapid fire learning experience and build confidence and skills using the Power BI tools. 
  • Power BI SkillsBuilder Challenge: You'll step back from building your own reports, instead you'll learn some critical concepts and tactics related to real world use of Power BI.
  • The PathFinder Challenge: This is your chance to begin to specialise. Reliable, insightful data is essential for maximising the benefit of Power BI. 

Our Platinum Plan:

Get this and 400+ hours of training with our Collab365 Platinum Plan.

Your 7-Day trial includes:
  • Access to the Collab365 Academy
  • All Challenges, certifications, summits, ebooks and workshops
  • No obligations or restrictions. Cancel anytime.
  • Access to all new training and events while your plan is active. 

Unleash Your Potential with the Power BI Success Path: Become a Power BI Pro in Just a Few Hours!

Mark Jones, Collab365

Dear soon-to-be, Power BI Pro

Are you tired of feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to Power BI? Do you want to learn how to build your first report quickly and easily? If so, then the Power BI Success Path is the solution you've been looking for.

The problem with most Power BI courses is that they're too complicated and confusing. They assume that you already have a certain level of knowledge and experience, which can be frustrating for beginners.

That's where the Power BI Success Path helps because it's:

  • Targeted towards people who are complete Power BI beginners and want get started quickly. 
  • Achievement-based, so you can earn badges and certificates as you learn.
  • Self-Paced, so you can complete on your time scales.
  • Guided, so you'll never get lost or confused.
  • Challenge-based, so you can get hands-on with Power BI quickly.

And best of all, it teaches you enough to be competent in building, adapting and publishing your first reports.

Don't waste any more time feeling lost and overwhelmed. Sign up for the Power BI Success Path today and start building your first dashboard with confidence.


Mark Jones (Collab365)

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Are you ready to unlock your full potential and take your career to the next level?
  • Are you craving certifications and badges to showcase your skills and knowledge?
  • Are you struggling to get started with Power BI because you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to learn Power BI on your own?
  • Do you want to build your first report with confidence and ease?
  • Do you need accountability and guidance to stay on track and achieve your goals?
  • Have you spent countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials, only to feel like you’re not making any progress?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in a boring job with no room for growth or advancement?
Fraser Beadle COO

"When we set off on our mission to build the Collab365 Academy, our goal was to create a superior training experience that gives our members a way to learn by doing. This Success Path is the culmination of all our work to this point." 

Here's the path you will take to build Skills for A successful career using Power bI

Our Success Path consists of 4 Challenges that you can complete at your own pace. The time it takes you to finish each Challenge may vary depending on your experience and how much attention you give to it. Generally, each Challenge takes about 45-120 minutes. You'll receive a Credly badge as a reward for every Challenge you complete.


 Power BI JumpStart Challenge

The Power BI JumpStart Challenge is comprised of a set of missions that take around 90-minutes to complete and teach you how to create a report from scratch. 

This is what you will learn in this challenge:

  • Why We Care About Data
  • What Power BI Is (The 3 Main Parts)
  • How to Get Started
  • How To Apply Consistent Styles For Reports
  • Loading Data To Power BI
  • Simple To Apply Data Clean-up
  • How To Use Visualisations
  • How To Use Themes In Your Reports
  • How To Adapt Reports For Mobile Devices
  • Publishing your Report to share with Others

Power BI StepUp Challenge

This StepUp Challenge is designed to be a rapid fire learning experience and build confidence and skills using the Power BI tools.  As with our previous challenges, we won't bog you down with jargon, we will just teach the skills to help you level up. 

This is what you will learn in this challenge:

  • How To Take Data From Multiple Sources (like SharePoint)
  • How To Cleanse and Prepare Data Well 
  • How To Create Relationships In Your Data Model
  • Using Complex Visuals To Bring Stories To Life
  • How To Use DAX To Create New Data
  • Tips To Encourage User Interaction with Filters
  • Using Drill Throughs To Create A Report Hierarchy
  • How To Create & Publish a Browser Report "App"
  • How To Build A Report In The Cloud
  • Methods To Keep Data Refreshed and Up-To Date
  • How To Limit What A User Can See Using Row-Level Security

Power BI SkillsBuilder Challenge

This SkillsBuilder Challenge gives you a change of pace. You'll step back from building your own reports, instead you'll learn some critical concepts and tactics related to real world use of Power BI. These are essential if you want to continue your Power BI learning to unlock a new career.  

This is what you will learn in this challenge:

  • How To Create a Basic STAR Data Model
  • How To Get Data From File Folders
  • Expert Tips To Use When Cleansing Your Data
  • How Power Query Can Be Used to Organise Large Data Sets Quickly

Power BI PathFinder Challenge: DAX

The PathFinder Challenge is your chance to begin to specialise. Reliable, insightful data is essential for maximising the benefit of Power BI. During this challenge you will gain valuable experience and skills by getting hands-on with data manipulation. You'll pick up and practice new skills and ideas, changing and adding data using a tool called DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). 

Our aim is that you'll leave this challenge with a well grounded appreciation of what's involved in many real world Power BI roles. You'll have new skills and a thirst to learn more ... 

This is what you will Learn in this challenge:

  • Why is DAX Valuable And What Does It Do?
  • How To Create Totals Using DAX
  • How DAX Can Filter Data For You
  • What DAX Filtering Is REALLY Doing
  • The Types Of Filters We Can Apply To Data
  • How To Create a Percentage Using A Measure
  • How You Can Change What You See Using DAX
  • How The Power BI Report Filters and DAX Interact

Make your Portfolio and social media Profiles pop with these certifications:

We've carefully created our Power BI  Success Path to guide you through learning Power BI in the best possible way. It's also heavily gamified to encourage you complete each step. Upon completion of each step you will be awarded a badge to add to your personal Credly profile. To show off your new skills you can easily add your certifications to your social profiles (such as LinkedIn).  

Congrats to Matthias Blazejak who became our very first Collab365 Power BI Pro!

Although our Power BI Success Path has only just launched you can already see the success our members are having by looking at the Wall of Fame.

Another great learning experience [Power BI StepUp]! I particularly like Jon's presentation method, however, I really appreciate being able to stop and go back in the videos as that meant I could work out where I'd made a mistake or missed something

Mandy McPhail

I appreciate how you used a real example [Power BI Pathfinder] when creating the measurements and having us stop the video and see if we could work out the formula. Forced me to think and not just mimic.

Wayne Wallace

[The Power BI JumpStart] was broken up into nice bite-size elements that you could work at when it was convenient to do so. Structure in a logical way, great presenters, easy to understand and follow. Because the videos were so short, it was not a problem to watch them 2 or 3 times and pause them when needed.


The use of a logical project was really good [In the Power BI Jumpstart]. Often you see examples/tutorials that just throw data onto things. By presenting this as a real-world example it makes a lot of sense and helps the knowledge stick.

Ian Selby

Your Questions, Answered

We've tried to answer most of the questions that will be in your mind, but if not, please contact us at hello@collab365.com
Can I Get A Discount?

As you can see from the pricing, we've heavily discounted the price. Unfortunately, we can't discount any further. However, you can get the Success Path by signing up for a $1 Trial of our Platinum Plan.

How to I get my certifications?

As soon as you complete the Challenges, we will automatically email you so you can redeem your badge on Credly.

Can I Get A Team Subscription

If you'd like to train your entire team, then this is possible. Simply email us at hello@collab365.com for more details.

Can I Cancel?

Of course. The trial lasts for 7-Days and you can cancel anytime before that. If you choose to continue as a paid platinum member you can also cancel at any time.

Can I Get An Invoice?

Once you purchase, you will receive an invoice. There is also access once inside the Academy for you to download. 

Can I Share My Subscription?

With a Subscription, only your profile and you can access the Academy content. Sharing is against the terms and conditions and may result in suspension of both the account and your subscription. No refund will be offered in these cases. 

Who Do I Contact If There's A Problem

Send us an email at hello@collab365.com and we can help. 

Do I Keep My Items If I Cancel?

When You cancel, your subscription will run to the next billing period. After this period you will lose access to the Academy and your profile.